Rising Demand Of Digital Marketing Among Professionals

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The demand for digital marketing industry is exploding with 40% growth rate while other industries are struggling with a mere growth of 5 to 10 percent. The strong foothold of digital transformation in the Indian marketplace has made things obvious. Digital marketing career was almost non-existent 5 years back. In fact, the internet users were merely 1 percent in 1995 as compared to 43% in 2015. Also, a major shift in the digital marketing jobs is seen. It was a 15% growth in 2015 whereas it was reported to be 75% in 2016 as per the PRCA report and Holmes report.

Source: www.biz2credit.in

Source: www.biz2credit.in

With the growing digitization, there are enormous opportunities for nearly everyone, be it a marketing or sales professional, young entrepreneur, student etc. There has been an ever increasing demand of digital marketing among professionals and students.

Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing

As per Times of India, there was a demand for digital marketing jobs for as many as 1.5 lac jobs in the year 2016. There are various job opportunities in the field of digital marketing career ranging from technical and analytics to skilled professionals and experienced digital marketers.

How To Trace Digital Marketing Opportunity

People are now getting familiar with the importance of digital skills and they can feel the digital revolution but the area of struggle is to identify the hurdles stopping one from building a career in digital marketing. Pradeep Chopra, CEO, Digital Vidya explained two main reasons because of which they are not yet able to become a digital marketing professional.

  1. Have half or no knowledge about the real opportunities in the field of digital marketing.
  2. The failure in the successful execution of digital marketing campaigns.

With the growing trends, it is clearly visible that there is a huge demand for skilled digital marketing professionals. Digital marketing has been included in the curriculum of many academic institutions like IITs and IIMs. Capture

There is hardly any doubt about the pool of job opportunities in the field of digital marketing. As on 1st May 2016, on one of the famous job portals, Naukri.com, there are as many as 12,292 jobs for digital marketing.DMO-button

Relevancy Of Digital Marketing

The demand for digital marketing is high. Here are few professional areas where Digital Marketing comes to rescue.

1. Sales Professionals

The ABCD of Selling a product has changed in the past few years. Sales professionals are actively taking up digital marketing courses to learn the new know-hows, the techniques, and to grab new opportunities.

For entry level sales professionals: It opens up different opportunities for fresh sales professionals if they consider doing a course in digital marketing. These Digital Marketing courses help them to build digital marketing skills for a successful career in the same.

For senior sales professionals: By taking up digital marketing courses, senior sales professionals are accelerating their career growth. Digital marketing course has many important roles to play in a sales profile. For instance, a sales professional can pitch upon Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn in order to engage with his/her customers.

Source: www.eduonix.com

Source: www.eduonix.com

2. Marketing Professionals

Marketing on billboards versus marketing on Facebook, What will you prefer? Well, smart people will opt for marketing via Facebook ads. In the past 5 to 6 years, there has been a drastic shift in the way we market our products. We have gone digital. This is the reason digital marketing is one of the most looked upon skill for a marketing professional who has something to do with communication, PR, and media. Doing a digital marketing course not only helps in increasing their salary exponentially but also opens up new career doors.

3. IT Professionals

A huge number of students and professionals belonging to IT and Tech background are opting for digital marketing courses as they see the ever-increasing importance of the digital skills. Many of them are taking up digital marketing as a career. The reason being, if IT professionals, especially the client servicing people are aware of the know-hows’ of digital media, they are more valuable for their organization. The need of the hour is to integrate IT solutions with digital media.

Debraj Dutta, an IT Sales Professional who opted for Digital Marketing course from Digital Vidya said ‘My current role expects a complete sales cycle from lead generation to closure and account management. Responsible for India domestic business I need to do mass mailing and other relevant options for marketing purpose. This seeded the idea of experiencing Digital Marketing to leverage on online tools and get optimal results. Thus, ventured into learning Digital Marketing.’

Source: www.slideshare.com

Source: www.slideshare.com

4. Entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs, customer acquisition is always a priority. Without leveraging digital media, customer acquisition will be a herculean task. This is the reason many business owners and entrepreneurs are taking up digital courses. Accordingly, digital marketing is one of the most critical skills every entrepreneur needs to acquire today.

5. Students

Digital marketing is one of the best direction for them, both long-term as well as short-term prospects. The kind of salary and role offered in the digital marketing industry is one of the major attractions for students. Digital Vidya, Asia’s leading Digital Marketing Training Company, has conducted digital marketing training programs at various academic institutions including IIMs and IITs since 2009.

Various Players in Digital Marketing

1. Digital Vidya

Asia’s leading Digital Marketing training company and the first to launch Social Media Marketing Workshop Series in India is dominating the marketplace. As of April 2016, Digital Vidya has contributed to the success of over 12,500 professionals representing 6,200 organizations across 25 countries through 750+ digital marketing training programs.

They are the official training partner of Microsoft India and Google with an aim to train their agencies and partners. People are also accelerating their career growths by taking up the customized Digital Marketing/Social Media Workshops for corporations.

2. Digital Academy India

This Digital marketing training institute offers courses like Certified Programme in Digital Marketing (CPDM). Headquartered in Delhi, Digital Academy India was established in the year 2012. Digital Academy India delivers online instructor-led classes. They are pioneers in offering in-depth knowledge, along with hands-on gained knowledge and experience. They have become big players with regard to digital marketing training institute in the marketplace within a short duration of time.

Among the aforementioned online training institutes and companies, there are Simplilearn, UpGrad, and AcadGild too which are education platform for professionals wherein huge numbers of people are enrolling in.


Source: Dot Com Infoway

The digital marketing course duration ranges typically from one to six months, and the courses include certifications like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) certificate course, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) certificate course, Mobile App Marketing course, Web analytics certificate course, and many more opportunities waiting for you.

Mayank Kumar, Co-Founder, and MD of UpGrad says 1.5 lakh jobs were available in the digital marketing space between January 2015 and February 2016, going by the openings visible on various online recruitment sites. Of this, 55% of the demand comes just from the IT sector, while e-commerce and Internet companies account for 10%. Seeing these trends, it is becoming prominent that the share of e-commerce will rise as they become increasingly dependent on digital marketing.

Though digital marketing spends in India still account for less than 10% of the total ad spends, but in 2015, digital marketing spends jumped up by 35% as compared to that in 2014. Still not clear with if digital marketing fits in with you or not? Get a better clarity with this article on why you should opt for digital marketing course!


The need for digital marketing among professionals is speeding up and benefitting both, digital marketing industry and professionals. If you are still struggling with your career both in terms of getting a kick-start or accelerating your already established career, digital marketing skills are all you need. Go for it now!

You are just a click away from opening new avenues to your career.

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