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Email Marketer’s Key to a Healthy Subject Line

Email, ever since its inception, has been the subtly effective leader as a marketing tool. Amidst the plethora of communication tools available, there is nothing out there to challenge its effectiveness and its existence. Email is here to stay! Looking at it from the marketer’s perspective, it offers immense value in terms of returns on investment and […]

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6 Creative Ways to conjugate Social Media and Email Marketing

Social media marketing and Email are like Cheese & Asparagus They are both effective in their own area; however, together they are the house on fire, they are powers which will help in exceeding the marketing goals. One can integrate social media and email into three most convenient & profitable categories: Integrating Strategically; Integration of […]

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4 Major Factors That Affect Email Deliverability

     -     Oct 5th, 2016   -     Email Marketing   -     1 Comment   -    , ,

EMAIL marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of doing marketing, this has been well proven in the past and which still holds true that it provide the maximum ROI (Return on Investment). This fact is well accepted in the industry and that’s why almost all the major brands take up to EMAIL marketing […]

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10 Smart Ways To Do Profiling Customer’s Data

Let’s start with understanding profiling; profiling is nothing but recording and analysis of a person’s psychological and behavioral characteristics. Profiling data can be used to predict their capabilities and categorize. We can get to know psychologically by directly interacting with customer and behavioral aspects by observing, asking close people with a customer. So let’s quickly […]

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8 Tips To Excel In Email Deliverability

Shooting out bulk emails without knowing whether it’s reaching user’s inbox! If your emails aren’t getting delivered, then email marketing is a total waste of time and money. You’ve read all the tips about eye catching subject lines, open rates, attractive image content, strategic email landing pages. But let’s look at the email marketing from […]

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Deep Blue Sports Used Email Marketing To Achieve 36% Email Open Rate

About Deep Blue Sports Deep Blue Sports is a combination of 3 brands particularly focusing on diving, fightwear and supplements industries. It mainly specialises in retail market for outdoor sports. Its target customers are those who are interested in high quality sports products used while practicing the sport. Business Objective(s) of Deep Blue Sports: The […]

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4 Email Marketing Tips For Successful Email Campaign

If you are busy finding the reasons for the failure of your last email campaign, this blog is probably for you. This blog discusses 4 very important email marketing tips that one may have not come across earlier. These 4 simple to use email marketing tips may prove a saviour without costing a huge amount. […]

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5 Email Marketing Misconceptions That Harm Your Business

     -     Aug 4th, 2014   -     Email Marketing   -     0 Comments   -    , ,

Many of the businesses don’t opt for email marketing, due to the misconceptions surrounding email marketing.Email Marketing is one of the most preferred channel for online marketing, which has been in the marketing industry since a long time. Here, are a few misconceptions which highlights the actual facts. 1. Not Profitable Almost, all the working […]

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Fusion People Leveraged Email Marketing To Achieve 60% More CTR

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About Fusion People: Fusion people are global recruitment specialists. They specialize in recruiting for Construction, Property, Engineering, Industrial, Financial Services, IT and Training industries.Fusion people include 200 people working across Middle East, UK, Europe and Australia.It is one of the topmost 50 UK’s recruitment firms and provides services for both candidates-looking for work, and companies seeking […]

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