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Top 9 Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social Media Monitoring: What is it? Social Media has changed the face of customer relationships. Consumers have become so accustomed to online communities that it’s often their preferred go-to for communication, even with companies. When they have a good or bad experience with a product or service, they want to share it with everyone, not […]

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Webinar Recording Of Social Media In 2015- Trends, Tips And Tricks

Social media is one such domain that is always in the state of dynamism. It is here that the question of being socially connected, updated and well-read is the reason why not in individuals but also professionals rely highly on these platforms. Moreover, with the ever changing fast paced world, the changes in social media […]

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7 Facebook Tips For Strong Business Presence Online

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We humans are the only creation of nature that builds relationships, that build society for itself and engages in business. In many societies of the world, individual human is superseded by the larger society he lives in. Relationships are at core of human existence. By the very same logic, relationships are at the core of […]

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6 Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Can Take A Toll On Business Health

Traders and business owners understand the importance of social media role in their business and aware of the kind of impact it can make in brand and product promotion. It is quite obvious that these business would make some mistakes in their social media strategies during first few years of their business. However, eventually they […]

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Top 6 LinkedIn Tools For Assured Success In Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn, the most popular social media channel for career and business, is widely used by companies of different sizes. LinkedIn helps to network with professionals, vendors, and customers. This channel is also used to track marketing campaigns effectively. Here are top 6 LinkedIn tools to ensure success in social media marketing. 1. LinkedIn Pulse LinkedIn […]

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2 Simple Tips To Design A Robust SMM Strategy

Social Media is a two way communication between the organisation and its prospects rather than being  a one way talking as is the case with traditional marketing -in advertisements, pamphlets, bill boards etc. Because of its inherit different nature from the traditional marketing methods, social media marketing strategies have to take into account a lot […]

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Van Heusen Leveraged Social Media Marketing To Ensure Brand Visibility Of 20 Million Users On Linkedin

About Van Heusen Van Heusen, a premium apparel brand for men, women and youth, is promoted by Madura Fashion & Lifestyle – one of fastest growing apparel companies in the retail sector in India. Van Heusen, the number one dress shirt brand in America, is India’s top dress shirt brand now. Van Heusen brand, famous for […]

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4 Social Media Marketing Tips That Can Highly Increase Your Profits

Social media became an integral part of our business and personal relationship nowadays. Research studies shows that, Americans spent more time in social media when they go online. Let us go through some of the real facts about social media users. 86% people believe that social media is an important part of their business. 88% […]

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7 Tips That Must Find A Place In A Robust Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social  media marketing became an integral part of modern business of all sizes.  Let us look at some real facts and figures. 80% of small business owners prefer Facebook to connect with brands. 46% of online users  do check on social media sites before making a purchase online. 58% people do access social media everyday. […]

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