Times Now Created 400 Million Impressions During 2014 Elections

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IMG_20150804_134434About Times Now:

A 24-hour English news channel Times Now, is situated in Mumbai and aired all over in India, United States and Singapore. Their Editor-in Chief is Arnab Goswami and Sunil Lulla is their current CEO. Times Now was the very first news channel  in India to be broadcasted on mobile devices (Reliance Infocomm Network). The channel was co-founded by Times Global Broadcasing Company Limited, a joint-endeavor of The Times Group in 2006.

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Elections were to be held on the World’s greatest majority rule government this year 2014 where out of 120 crore Indians, 81.4 crore were qualified voters in which there were 10 crore new voters. More than 5000 applicants represented to 84 political gatherings, battled for 543 seats to lead the democracy and run the nation.

More than 563 million Indian subjects were included in the arrangement of the new government and cast their votes in the elections How-Times-Now-generated-over-400-million-impressions-during-the-Election-Week-5

Times Now needed to catch this memorable minute and present it to bigger group of onlookers covering each component related with the elections, for example, what the individuals were contemplating the elections , to have a more impactful transmission of between native messages and perspectives all through the nation to advantage the Indian vote based system in having the best conceivable government.


  • To become the No.1 channel across all platforms throughout the Election Result week and on the Result Day.
  •  To attain most viewership on air and most interaction on social media.
  • To attach with the worldwide audience through our initiative to travel go on Times Square on might 16th.
  •  To make sure that the most correct Election results are disclosed on time.
  • To integrate numerous social media assets and reach out to maximum audience.


Twitter was utilized to contact the intended interest groups since, this News channel, Times Now has a colossal gathering of people cover with online networking platforms. Online networking was utilized to increase the effect of the battle driven by the TV. On air content were made with the assistance of Twitter suppositions, consistently making cross stage content combination.

A tremendous buzz was made on Twitter over the checking week from May eighth onwards with hashtags like #PollofPolls, #MegaExitPolls, #Results2014, #ModiSpeaksToArnab, #May16WithArnab,#Modiat7RCR and #TimesNowatTimesSquare  inclining in India & Worldwide, which was accomplished through a blend of pre occasion seeding and discussion drivers.

Case in point, for the Modi meeting, Times Now had under twelve hours to make a buzz subsequent to the story softened up the morning and the airing was at night. So they verified that enough discussion happened around the hashtag by making vines from the scene to manufacture foresight, utilizing pictures and quotes; and pushing out tune in updates.

Likewise, on the fifteenth, to make brand review and drive viewership, they ran a challenge requesting that individuals let them know their perspectives on the issues which would be tended to on counting day.

The challenge got monstrous reaction with the hashtag #May16WithArnab inclining worldwide for both the days. Over the battle they focused on be getting hashtags which were easy to utilize, simple to embed in discussions and above all were pertinent to the news of the day.


Times Now additionally twitter updates accessible to individuals by means of SMS through the TimesNowLive handle for every real occasion like way out surveys, numbering days and government arrangements.

News were likewise regularly updated on Facebook and Google+, again with the same hashtag to look after congruity. This was likewise shown on screen, to drive greatest review.

A selective election application was released by Times Now so as to bring out live feeds and feature substance of all the election programming while allowing viewers to connect with one another and the channel. An immersive second screen experience was made for the viewers of Times Now through this that prompted a lot of engagement.They likewise made the decision scope accessible on Youtube as a Live encourage and a piece of the race center made by Google particularly for the occasion. Likewise, to advance remain solitary occasions E.g.  meetings, breaking news and so forth vine features were deliberately utilized all through the operation.



Over six days there were more than 10 hashtags drifting worldwide with #May16WithArnab and #Results2014 both being top patterns worldwide for both fifteenth and sixteenth May.

• More than 100 hashtags drifted between  the 90 days of span on Times Now.

• 400 million+ potential impressions were created by Times Now hashtags on Twitter amid the Election results Week.

• Times Now itself earned more than 3.8 lakh followers over the elections period.

• Times Now application got more than  one lakh downloads in two weeks with more than 1.5 million  online visits on the application, moremore than 3.5 lakh views on live encourage & 4.5 lakh + views for videos

• The application was the highlighted application on Android devices , Windows phones and Apple mobiles for the campaign  week

• 4 lac+ individuals signed in on the Times Now’s Live YouTube updates to watch the results  day scope live

• 1.5+ million perspectives on Times Now’s YouTube channel  in a time span of 15 days on video  feeds made around the campaign.

Image Credits: DSIM, Times Now

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