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Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips that will Grow Any Business

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Scott Cook (Co-founder of Intuit)

A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is — it is what consumers tell each other it is.” – Scott Cook- Marketing is all about connecting business with their audience in the right place and at the right time, and below given Digital Marketing Tips will guide you know how to connect with your audience at right place & time.

The right place of Marketing 

Offline marketing is not as effective as it used to be 12 years ago.

Time spent online doubles in a decade. People are spending twice as much time online than they used to spend twelve years ago.

Market is digitally fuelled, and today’s right place of marketing is on Internet.

Digital Marketing Tips

source: consumers-ofcom-org-uk

As per stats- Users, who in 2005 used to spend 9.9 hrs online per week were spending 20.5 hrs online per week in 2014, and with exponential upraise in the use of Smart-Phones and Tablets, ratio is constantly increasing. 

Digital Marketing : any form of marketing that exists online, and channelized through internet.

Digital marketing is persuasive and powerful. It ensures conversions and gives result, but if you are new to online marketing, it can be quite hard to know where you ought to focus first.

Content concerning digital marketing tips and tricks are available everywhere, and I’m sure that by now you would have read so many internet marketing content that you’re befuddled and not sure of what you need to do for your kind of business.

Whenever you have doubts like this, it is imperative to take a step back and create a stepwise plan.

Top 10 Digital Marketing tips and tricks given below will aid you make a result-oriented digital marketing strategy for your kind of business- Either a Startup or an Established B2B or B2C Business. 

10 Digital Marketing Tips

1. Understand your Goals, make Strategies & Use Tactics

To create and effective online marketing plan, knowing how goals, strategies and tactics differ each other, is imperative.

  • Goals are the overall result that you hope to accomplish
  • Strategies are blending of technical and emotional intelligence that let you make maneuvers befitting according to goals
  • Tactics are actions that you take to execute strategies for achieving goals

Once you know exact difference of these terms, you can conduct marketing campaigns with more adaptability, and in result-oriented manner. 



To create revenues of Rs. 15,000/day


Convert people through effective conversion sequence


Spend a fix amount of Rs. 1,000/day for Facebook Ads

2. Know Difference between Inbound Marketing & Digital Marketing

Two of the most confusing terms that sound similar and primarily exist online are Inbound Marketing & Digital Marketing.

Both of these use digital content for their target-audience to consume.

So, what does actually create the difference? – Push & Pull Marketing Tactics 

Inbound Marketing blends pull marketing tactics

It uses online content to attract their target audience and ultimately convert them as loyal customers. Inbound marketing utilizes digital marketing to attract audiences by providing internet-marketing assets that are helpful to them.

Digital Marketing blends both- Push & Pull marketing tactics

Push & Pull both marketing tactics come under Digital Marketing domain. Push tactics come under Digital Outbound that puts message directly in front of any people, does not matter message is relevant and helpful to them or not. Digital Inbound blends pull tactics that attract target audience through creative digital marketing assets like blogs. Blending of Pull and Push technique is one of the most preferred digital marketing tips for beginners experts advise.

3. Know Assets & Tactics of Digital Marketing that Suit Your Business

Digital marketing is a kind of umbrella term under which all kind of internet-marketing efforts fall.

An efficient marketer knows about all the assets and tactics that are best fit for their kind of business and amongst best digital marketing tips and tricks, this one always needs preference.

From websites to digital advertising to online brochures and inbound marketing, such a wide range of assets and tactics are there for you, which you need to explore, intelligently.

Here is a quick briefing of some of the most powerful digital marketing assets & tactics:

1.) Assets

  • Your Website
  • EBooks & Whitepapers
  • Blog Posts
  • Interactive Tools
  • Infographics
  • Social Media Channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.)
  • Online Brochures & Lookbooks
  • Earned Online Coverage (PR, Reviews, Social Media)
  • Branding Assets (fonts, logos, etc.)

2.) Tactics 

4. Use Separate Tools & Techniques for B2B & B2C Businesses

  1. Digital Marketing Tips

    source: forbes-com

Digital Marketing tips comprise effective strategies needed to build out buyer personas for all kind of business in any industry.

However, strategies vary with the form of business-

For B2B Business

  1. Strategy should be centered around lead generations and end goal should be to speak to a salesperson
  2. You need to have strategy that converts quality leads for your sales people
  3. Use websites and business-focused digital marketing channels like LinkedIn

For B2C Business

  1. Strategy is based on price points of your products, and end goal is to attract people
  2. You need to convert visitors of your site without indulging with any salesperson
  3. Pay attention on powerful CTAs (Call-to-Actions) and use channels like Pinterest & Instagram

5. Pick a marketing channel that fits with your business objective

For small-budget startups, picking one marketing channel to channelize marketing campaigns would be one of the most prudent tips for digital marketing.

Do not spread yourself too thin and just try to make things simple, at least for the moment.

Once your campaigns start giving you revenues, you can shift gear for other marketing channels. In long run, sticking to one marketing channel can create destructive effects too, as if that marketing channel suspends your account or changes its rule, your business will drop out of sight immediately.

  • At Starting Stage of your Small Business- Use one Marketing Channel
  • Once you see positive results are coming- Simultaneously start using other marketing channels 


  1. Use Facebook marketing with the minimum budget you have
  2. Have a ROI goal in your mind
  3. Once you reached your ROI goal, hire experts who can manage Facebook Marketing
  4. Move on to Google Adwords Marketing
  5. Now use both simultaneously

6. Target your end customers by understanding them

Knowing your end customer is most essential part of online marketing that is one of the most conversion driven Digital Marketing tips as well.

Having tools, techniques and strategies to break through noise of internet and let you reach to right people is prime purpose of Digital Marketing. You can do this when you know who the right audience is.

Once you know the right audience, you can use customized tactics to convert them that optimize conversion and ensure more revenues.

  • CRO Tools  like Kissmetrics & Google Analytics are effective in knowing right audience for your business
  • Sales Automation Tools like RSS Readers let you be more responsive in targeting potential customers
  • Creating a buyer persona is another powerful way to understand your customer

Once you know your right customer, you can channelize marketing campaigns that are more resonating and more influential.

You can customize your campaign that is more likely to produce positive ROI.

7. Analyze Your Competitors, and use tools that ensure conversions

Studying maneuvers of competitors and analyzing their marketing tactics are must for successful digital marketing campaigns.

This lets you know and learn tactics that are ensuring results in your niche.

You will get to familiar with tools and channels that ensure results for your kind of business.

It is not stealing at all; it is just learning from those who have come before you and running successful campaigns of same business.

For competitive Analysis of Content Marketing

  • Try to use BuzzSumo as this lets you know about content that is achieving lots of shares for a given keyword
  • Identify top performing piece of content available online and then try to produce something more engaging and appealing

For Paid Traffic Marketing Channels

  • Use PPC intelligence tools such as SpyFu to study PPC search ads
  • This lets you know Adwords activities of your competitors

For organic-search as marketing channel

  • Use tools like SEMrush as they let you know about keywords that are bringing lots of traffics for your kinds of businesses
  • Competitive analysis of Google organic-search keywords let you identify high competition keywords that ensure ROI

8. Use befitting content for different stages of marketing

Content Performance is one of the most effective ways that generate leads.

The kind of content you create is directly proportional to your audience’s needs at different stages.

Creating buyer persona is primary step that lets you identify your audience’s goals and challenges associated with your kind of business.

By using effective content-mapping at different stages, you can generate leads & ensure conversions:

Awareness Stage

  1. Blog Posts
  2. Infographics
  3. Short Videos

Consideration Stage 

  1. EBooks
  2. Research Reports
  3. Webinars

Decision Stage

  1. Case Studies
  2. Testimonials

Using befitting content marketing channel at different stage of your buyer’s journey, you can optimize conversions and ultimately revenues.

9. Know How People are Interacting with Your Brand

With offline marketing, it is almost impossible to exactly tell how people are interacting with your brand. You can know this only at the final stage of your buyer’s journey.

With Digital Marketing or Online Marketing, you can effectively know the exact number of people who have visited, explored and practiced your page.

Digital Marketing lets you identify behavioral trends and patterns of your potential customers at each stage of marketing.

  • Use Digital Analytics tools like HubSpot, Google Analytics, etc. to know people’s behavioral tendencies
  • Use Attribution Modeling that blends right tools & technologies to trace customers’ behavioral patterns from their very first digital touchpoint with your brand
  • Analytical analysis of customers’ behavior lets you connect dots between marketing & sales that decide annual growth rate of your company
  • Analytical tools lets you make more informed decisions, for example:
  • Analytical-Tool Result: Organic search is driving only 10% of your website traffic
  • Change in Strategy: Now, you spend more time on SEO to increase that percentage

10. How long Digital Marketing takes to Give Positive Results

Best benefit of Digital Marketing: You can see results much faster compared to offline marketing.

Measuring ROI is also quite easier with Digital Marketing.

Exact time that your online marketing campaigns need to give positive results depends entirely on the scale, effectiveness and impact of your Digital Marketing Strategy.

Within first six months of your campaign, you can start seeing results- But you need to build powerful buyer personas to know your customers’ needs, and then dedicate your marketing team to create quality online content that- attract, engage, influence, persuade and convert.

  • Include paid advertizing in your digital strategy as it lets results come even quicker compared to other marketing strategies
  • For long-term sustainable success, it is highly recommended to focus on building organic reach using Assets and Tactics of Digital Marketing
  • Know the exact budget needed for marketing campaigns of your kind of business:
  • Cost of your Digital Marketing Campaign is directly proportional to kind of visibility you want
  • If you use inbound tactics like content creation, SEO and SMO, you do not need a very big budget for this at all
  • With outbound marketing such as purchasing e-mail lists and online advertizing, there is a considerable expense
  • In outbound tactics, budget varies according to the competitiveness of Keywords


Blending mobile marketing at right time in your digital marketing strategies will also aid in ensuring positive ROI.

Once you combine befitting marketing channels with Assets & Tactics of Digital Marketing by using adept strategies, you achieve your goal.

Now, you know who your customer is and have clear insights about your goals- Therefore, stay assured that your digital marketing campaign based on aforestated digital marketing tips would make money for you.

Want to master Digital Marketing Tactics and their implementations- Join Digital Marketing Certification course to be a certified Digital Marketing Expert.

Are there any digital marketing tips that you’d prefer to share when it comes to creating an effective digital marketing plan? Kindly let me know in comment section below!

Enjoy boosted sales & optimized online presence!


Engineer by Education, Marketing Influencer by Profession, and Creative Writer by Passion- Shivendra is involved in Branding, Advertising & Consulting in the domain of Digital Marketing over the years. He relies upon his Digital Marketing learnings and uses the creative DNA for composing blogs that have the applied zeal to engage, entertain and inspire the readers- to Connect- Convince- Convert their target audiences via different digital media channels.

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