Top 15 Social Media Tools that Marketers Must Include in SMO Campaigns

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          I assume, as a marketer, you would already have a powerful online presence on social networks of your choice.

I also expect that you’d have a befitting marketing plan for your social media campaigns.

 That’s why– What I’m not going to include in this Article are:

  • How to make social media plans that suit your kind of business
  • How to build accounts on different social media platforms
  • Basics of Social Media Marketing & Branding

What I’m going to discuss…

  • Details of powerful Social Media Tools that can be a game changer for you
  • Information of the tools that let expert marketers handle all their social media accounts dexterously
  • By the end of this article, you will get to know about Social Media Tools that aid in:
  • Social Media Posting
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Medial Analytics
  • Content Discovery
  • Email Marketing Management
  • Powerful Lead Generation and so on

                Before going into the details of top 15 social media tools, let me take you through a list of some of the most powerful tools— classified according to their specific social media abilities:

  1. Social Media Management Tools

  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer
  • Post Planner
  • SproutSocial
  1. Social Medial Analytics Tools

  • Wiselytics
  • TrueSocialMetrics
  • Simply Measured
  • Google Analytics
  1.  Social Media Campaign Tools 

  • Heyo
  • ShortStack
  • Tabsite
  • Woobox
  1.  Content Creation Tools 

  • BuzzSumo
  • Scribe
  1.  Visual Content Creations Tools

  • Creative Market
  • Canva
  • PicMonkey
  • Illustrator
  1.  Content Finding & Saving Tools 

  • Alltop
  • Listly
  • Google Drive
  1.  Content Sharing Tools 

  • Shareholic
  • AddThis
  • ShareThis
  • SumoMe
  1.  Social Media Productivity Tools 

  • Evernote
  • Wunderlist
  • Todoist
  • LastPass

Now, wait is over!

       Let’s go through following Top 15 Social Media Tools that you need to pay heed upon to let your SMO campaigns be successful:

  1. Hootsuite1-hootsuite-source-hootsuite-com

Powerful social media tool to monitor Twitter hashtags and other key phrases.

      It lets marketers make lists of leads to analyze, organize and track what’s trending in their field that help in making quick, effective and result-oriented decisions.

     Hootsuite easily manages Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, WordPress accounts of marketers and alleviates their workload quite efficiently.

  • Hootsuite lets you track problems your leads are facing.
  • Hootsuite lets marketers track as many hashtags and key phrases as they want.
  • It provides a competitive analysis that lets your sales pitch be contemporary to your lead.
  • Hootsuite ensures adept management of all the social media platforms for marketers at affordable and competitive prices.
  1.  Buffer 

Buffer is an effective social media management tool to schedule posts and interact with visitors and followers.

It allows you to post or share to all your social networks in the easiest possible fashion. Additionally, its scheduling ability differentiates it from other social media management tools.

With the advantages of Buffer, marketers can post to social networks when followers are more likely to be on a particular social platform.

 By posting according to a pre-chosen time-slot, Buffer saves time of marketer.

  • Buffer provides a smarter way to share as sharing an article can just be done by using a button.
  • Buffer also offers interactive and useful mobile apps for Android and iPhones smartphones.
  • Once you add your content to buffer, you can easily choose your social accounts you want to post and Buffer will complete the whole process adeptly.
  • Offers basic analytics features too in its free versions.
  1. LinkedIn Features3-linkedin-source-linkedin-com

LinkedIn, as the most powerful and largest professional network includes some of the best feature-tools, which act as best in breed social media tools and ensure desired outputs for marketing professionals.

  • ‘How You’re Connected’ feature- Lets you know how you are connected with your prospects or leads. With 1st, 2nd, & 3rd degree connections, marketers can easily know how far someone is from their networks. It has a diagram that updates you with connections, linked to leads you are viewing.

           ‘Get Introduced’ button aids you have a foot in the door of someone you wish to  acquaint with.

  • ‘In Common With’ Feature- To start on the right foot and build a strong rapport, this feature lets marketers know what skills, groups or networks they have in common with their prospects. It lessens cold call feel of talking to a new prospect for very first time. By hovering over things that you have in common with your prospects, you can communicate in a fashion that is more specific. 

LinkedIn also has ‘Skills & Expertize‘ feature, which lets you know your leads’ areas of expertize in a well-organized manner.

  1. is a powerful Social Media Relationship Management Tool that lets you know about your supporters in your Twitter community

It lets you know about those who retweet, mention or favour your content. is a great time saver for small businesses, it drives traffic, increases number of followers, enhances engagement in quickest possible time.

It includes monitor engagement list that lets you interact with people who are talking about your business. It also lets you manage multiple profiles and schedule posts.

  • It offers its core features free of cost and its pro plan is also affordable.
  • It offers full reporting features and you can monitor and manage multiple profiles.
  • It lets you stay updated with analytics details of your Twitter account through its Twitter Analytics.
  • It lets marketers focus on their influencers and customers in more targeted manner.
  1.  ManageFlitter


Tracking followers can be quite difficult for marketers without an efficient tool, and ManageFlitter does this for them. It also lets you track people; you follow.

Following a lot of people and having so many followers can easily let you miss important details. Interacting with right people can also be quite hard, and in such scenarios, ManageFlitter aids you as one of the most efficient Social Media Relationship Management tools.

 As a Twitter follower tool, ManageFlitter gives analytical details of your followers, and it lets you unfollow those who do not follow you.

  • It has White List feature that lets marketers make a list of people who they’d never like to unfollow as they are of great interests.
  • This lets you follow same people who follow businesses related to your field.
  • It manages multiple accounts simultaneously and lets your business grow on Twitter.
  • ManageFlitter includes awesome analytics that let you track performance of your marketing campaigns.
  1.  LastPass

LastPass ensures top security across all your social media networks.

It is quite easy to use and you will never need to remember more than one password.

LastPass also secures passwords of email accounts.

It efficiently works in browsers and mobile devices and guarantees security.

LastPass has the ability to generate complex passwords that can never be hacked by hackers.

  • LastPass remembers passwords for marketers so that they can do other important works.
  • All your password-problems are resolved by LastPass in quickest possible time.
  • LastPass fills every password automatically for marketers at their different social networks.
  • LastPass fortifies all your social profiles and other accounts and its services are quite affordable to.
  1.  Twitter Lists 

Twitter itself includes lots of social media tricks and tools, and Twitter-Lists are one of those features.

Twitter Lists let marketers quickly connect with people and follow trends in the easiest possible manner. It offers a simple way to users to categorize all the essential stuffs and view them in separate timeline.

Marketers preferably use Twitter Lists to monitor their leads from one location. It lets you stay updated with your leads and their specific details, which help in channelizing more target-oriented campaigns.

  • Twitter Lists let you track topics your leads are currently interested in.
  • You can easily find Twitter Lists on your Twitter homepage toolbar, add can enjoy its amazing feature sets.
  • Twitter being a real-time social media network lets you meet your leads immediately, and Twitter-Lists aid the process by letting you monitor your lists efficiently.
  1.  Edocr 

Edocr lets marketers publish and share their content free of cost to their customers.

It lets you create e-books that you can share with your potential customers who want to know about your services and products.

When visitors of your sites download and read e-books, Edocr lets you connect with them through different channels and convert them into loyal customers.

Once you use Edocr, you will get listed in Edocr directory that lets you be more searchable, additionally it lets you follow readers of your e-book that aid in lead generation.

  • Marketers can link their Edocr profile with Google+ that lets Google list them as Author, which adds more value to their branding campaigns.
  • Edocr lets you embed a document viewer on your site and it also improves SEO of your content.
  • As a document marketplace, Edocr lets you earn money by selling your documents too.
  • Edocr is growing with rapid pace and now it has almost 100,000 users.
  1. HubSpot Social Media Tool9-hubspot-source-hubspot

HubSpot social media tool lets marketers track and analyze everything that is happening on their different social media profiles.

It provides analytics about the results of different social media efforts done by you in one setting. It lets you use ‘Engaged Contact’ feature that tells everything about your leads. HubSpot is an excellent social media tool for all the leads that are in your sales funnel and can be converted into customers.

It lets you view your past posts of Facebook & Twitter that aids you in analyzing analytics of past marketing campaigns.

  • HubSpot Social Media Tool lets you publish to all the social media networks from one place.
  • It also aids with monitoring and reporting of all social media profiles that let you analyze social media ROI.
  • It lets you schedule your post and also gives you suggestions regarding best time to publish content to optimize your social media campaigns
  • HubSpot ensures more meaningful conversations with your leads that guarantees conversions.
  1.  MailChimp 


MailChimp provides effective and result-oriented email marketing and newsletter services.

It lets marketers send better emails and sell more stuff.

MailChimp sends around 4Billion emails per month and manages all the issues that you may face while sending emails to different clients.

For efficiently channelizing small businesses, it is must to have your own email contact database as this lets you find out more about your potential customers. MailChimp alleviates the whole process and lets you send emails as per demographics that suit your business.

  • MailChimp includes advanced analytics and reporting features
  • It includes powerful automation features that let your email get to right people at right time
  • MailChimp offers flexible designs that let marketers create customized campaigns
  • It lets you connect your store and channelize lead-oriented marketing campaigns
  1.  Canva

Canva is the powerful social media tool for visual content creation.

Visual content created by Canva are effective in driving highest engagement on different social media networks. Your visitors and followers like high quality visual-content that persuade them to do what you want them to do.

To add more visual content in your social-media posts, Canva is best for creating high-quality images that suit your budget too.

  • Canva offers templates that help marketers look like a great designer.
  • You can get templates of preset dimensions that help create various visuals in quickest time.
  • Professional images only cost around 1$ while several other images and photos are available for free.
  • Canva lets you design presentations and social media graphics with attractive and beautiful layouts.
  1.  Do Share 


Do Share lets you do what Buffer doesn’t.

With Buffer, you cannot share onto Google+ profile, but with Do Share, your problem gets resolved.

Additionally, Buffer lets you manage all other social networks too. With its help you can share and manage posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook,, Google + and so forth.

Generally, social media management tools do not have the efficiency to integrate with Google+ profile as Google has not released an API for its Google+ profiles.

With a Google Chrome extension, Do Share allows you to do this adeptly.

  • With Do Share, marketers can write and schedule their Google+ posts quite easily.
  • Do Share is only tool that works for personal Google+ profiles and Google+ pages with equal amount of efficiency.
  • It supports automatic number of public posts and it lets you share links to Google+ from any tab in Google Chrome.
  • Do share lets you save your draft for now that you can edit later as per your convenience.
  1.  Feedly 

Feedly is a powerful content find and saving tool.

To ensure effective social media campaigns, it is significant to share content created by others along with your own content.

Feedly is very effective in locating and saving content that marketers can share later.

People prefer to invest in you if you share their content as this lets them invest in you. Having a list of websites and blogs that you wish to be in constant touch to read and share their content is going to be quite fruitful for you.

Feedly helps you manage lists of numerous sites and their content in the easiest possible manner.

  • Feedly reader is best alternative of Google Reader.
  • The Feedly reader app takes RSS feeds from different blogs and sites you wish to keep on top of and then it arranges them in an easy to read manner.
  • It also lets you save articles, or else you can immediately share that to different social networks.
  • Marketers can easily use Feedly on their browsers and mobiles. 
  1.  Agora Pulse 

Agora Pulse is one of the most powerful social media management tools.

It manages Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts in one place and also provides detailed analytical reports of all the social networks.

Agora Pulse aids marketers by saving their time and increasing productivity of their marketing campaigns.

Compared to Hootsuite, Agora is a little costly, but it is more robust and very good value for money.

  • Agora includes auto moderation tools, competitive analysis, full reporting, scheduling and a lot more.
  • Offers a lot of Facebook features as it includes Facebook page apps to aid marketers conduct contests, quizzes, sweepstakes and so on.
  • Compared to other social media management tools, Agora is easier to learn and implement.
  • User-interface of Agora Pulse is comparatively cleaner and more intuitive that ensures befitting social media engagements for marketers.
  1. Google Analytics15-google-analytics-source-google

GA is necessary tool for all those who have a website or blog, or need to manage websites or blogs.

      Google Analytics is a free enterprise analytics product that accurately tracks performance of social media marketing campaigns and tells exact information regarding conversions on your sites.

 It lets marketers know how many hits they have to their sire, who are the actual visitors, origin of visitors, time spent by them and other specific details like their possibilities to be converted into customers and so on.

  • Efficiently tracks website traffics related to different social networks
  • It includes real time statistics and custom dashboards features along with inbuilt social media analytics
  • GA lets you know everything that can tell you how your social media campaigns are making a difference
  • There are other analytics tools like Crazy Eggs or Wiselytics available, but GA is always the most preferred one


Before you start searching for a tool, you need to know what you are trying to achieve from your social media campaigns.

These 15 Social Media Tools are powerful enough to automate any SMO campaigns. They ensure high ROI in quickest possible time– You only need to use them prudently by knowing their abilities and specifications.

If you have any thoughts and suggestions to share, kindly leave them in comment section below!


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