Toyota Australia Leveraged Facebook To Reach 7.6 Million People For Prius Test Drive

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About Toyota Australia

Toyota Australia is a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation based in Japan and focused on the manufacturing of Automobiles, luxury vehicles, commercial vehicles, engines since 1937. Toyota Motor organisation is one of the world’s biggest vehicle producer. Toyota directs its company globally with 50 overseas production companies in 26 countries and regions. Toyota’s vehicles are marketed in more than 170 countries and regions under the Toyota, Lexus, Daihatsu and Hino brands. 

Toyota Motor Corporation Australia is known by its trading name Toyota Australia founded in the year 1958 in Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia for which Mr. Kennath Hougham was the leading forces for getting Toyota established in Australia. Toyota Australia is sponsored by Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Engineering and Manufacturing Company Limited’ which provides operational assistance to Toyota manufacturing affiliates in Asia, Oceania and the Middle East, from its base in Thailand. In the year 1958 Toyota Land Cruisers were imported by Thiess Toyota for the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric scheme. In the year 1963 assembly of Toyota vehicles begun by Australian Motor Industries (AMI). Over 58 years in Australia, Toyota has grown to be one of the leading automotive companies in Australia. In the year 2014, Toyota was the highest selling brand for the 12th year in a row with a market share of 18.2%.Toyota Australia Prius

Toyota Australia Business Objectives

Toyota Australia’s future business success is fundamentally connected to their ability to successfully transition to a sales and distribution business. During 2015-16, they continued to implement their central business transition program, as well as two other key programs aimed at strengthening their future business model. Companies focus for 2016-17 is to continue to deliver a smooth and respectful transition. To grow company’s market share they wanted to revitalize their approach to customer engagement’ so Toyota Australia approached facebook to boost the number of people arriving at the showroom for a test drive of Toyota Prius.

Toyota Australia’s President, Dave Buttner says “The organization has made significant progress on a number of key items throughout 2015-16. Toyota prepares to cease manufacturing of cars in Australia by the end of 2017, a lot of work is being completed to manage our exit, proceed business as usual and develop our future business model. Our aim is to ensure our transition to a national sales and distribution company is as smooth as possible.”

Strategy Adopted by Toyota Australia

Toyota Australia has implemented a kaizen idea in their production which means ‘continuous improvement’ and it is what guides Toyota Australia in the belief that there is always a better way and it is the key principle that guides them in their commitment to delivering more to their customers and do a constant improvement in everything they do.

Toyota Australia, not Just promise quality in their production but they test a car’s quality in temperatures that push every part to its limit during development. Torturing it with intense heat to examine its stability and performance capabilities and also seeing how it responds to sub-zero temperatures, as they let snow accumulate, melt and re-freeze throughout its body, and inspecting the effects of heavy and fine powder snow entering the cabin or under the hood.

To build safer cars, they collect information from original vehicle accidents to investigate their cause as well as the extent and nature of the injuries sustained. This process is called “pursuit of real safety”. Comprehensive crash-test investigation conducted at Toyota’s full-scale testing facilities helps them to design cars that can withstand a variety of collisions, and also lessen the injury to pedestrians. In pursuit of real safety, they not only focus on the vehicle but also research human driver behavior that may lead to an accident. As these tests, covering the impact of drowsiness or abstraction, present risk even in a controlled test course environment, they developed one of the world’s largest, and most realistic, driving simulators.

Toyota Australia employs many technologies to help avoid accidents, but sometimes they’re unavoidable, and that’s where their passive safety features can help. Like high integrity cabin which uses a body structure that is strong and does not deform easily. They have developed a comprehensive range of advanced active safety features. Fast acting, computerized systems that automatically stimulate in crisis driving condition to help improve control and handling when it’s most needed. It’s what drives them to perform over 1,500 crash simulations each year with actual Toyota vehicles, and to their developing high-level injury-simulation software that estimates harm measurable with conventional crash test dummies which is also a genuine commitment to new solutions today, for a better tomorrow with their being first to market a hybrid, and to now having sold over 3 million Toyota hybrid cars worldwide.

Results Achieved By Toyota Australia

Toyota Australia after pre-launch of its all-new Prius, the automotive brand used Canvas, carousel and video ads on Facebook and Instagram to reach over 7.6 million people and increase the number of test drives by 69%. As one of Australia’s leading automotive companies, Toyota is committed to quality, safety and innovation. By just meeting global measure, Toyota endeavour to exceed them by creating cars that are at the forefront of technology and style. Far from just a technology trendsetter, Toyota Australia is obliged to sketch cars that emphasise energy conservation technology, without compromising on performance. This dedication is reflected in the all-new fourth-generation Prius, a car that consolidates the striking design and an excellent driving experience with the latest developments in hybrid automotive technology.

Toyota Australia sought to solidify its position as a leader in the hybrid vehicle market and to reassert its expertise in the eco-automotive industry. It wanted to champion the features and benefits of the fourth-generation Prius to drive qualified traffic to its website and to keep its viewers involve with the brand throughout the launch campaign. Ultimately, the Organisation wanted to increase awareness of all-new model and to incite action by getting its target audience to book a test drive.

To create intrigue in the first weeks of the launch, the campaign took advantage of Canvas as a new creative space in a feed to tell an in-depth visual story about the Prius’ innovation. Later in the campaign, broader media buying championed the new model’s various features and industry-leading technology assure high repetition and reach. The inventive not only established an aspirational feel for the fourth-generation Prius but also helped to reinforce Toyota’s credentials in the hybrid space. eventually, the mobile-led campaign succeeds broadcast-level reach among its target audience over the course of the campaign.

Testimony On Toyota Australia’s Success From Facebook Ad By Chief Marketing Officer, Mr Brad Cramb

Toyota Australia’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. Brad Cramb said “Rather than visiting a dealership, people are researching and exploring cars in their feeds. Facebook and Instagram gave us the possibility to talk instantly to our audience and to express the innovation of Prius to different consumers in a way that still used a qualified layer of targeting”.


Toyota Australia used immersive storytelling on Facebook and Instagram to show how the all-new Prius is “driven by innovation”. Its combined campaign delivered the subsequent results in 7 weeks between February–March 2016 i.e., 7.6 million people reached, 13 points lift in ad awareness, a 2X increase in Prius website traffic and 69% increase in Prius test drives was achieved.

Image Credits: Toyota Motor Corporation

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