TUI India Got 17 Million Hits VIA Social Media Marketing (Instagram)

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About TUI:

Largest travel company in Europe TUI is the largest travel operator in ...

TUI India is part of the TUI Group, one of the world’s leading leisure travel companies, with presence in over 180 countries. In India we started operations in the year 2005.

At TUI we ensure that you always travel with a smile. Whether it is a holiday tour in India or an International vacation, we guarantee you a quality experience. We are committed to creating a perfect travel experience for you and with our numerous partnerships with world-class hotels, resorts and airlines, we are able to provide you with great  deals. Moreover, we are able to craft your holiday experience with unflinching customer support. So come and explore the world of TUI and join its league of happy customers!

TUI’S Business Objective:TUI

  • The prime  motive of the company was to creatively instill a thought through Instagram that”TUI India is the only one which is enriched with the expertise to showcase the places and attractions which are missed on the regular itineraries.
  • Through this campaign , the users more given an opportunity to explore exclusive destinations in a more innovative manner.
  • Generate leads through innovative manner.
  • Increase mass market reach.
  • Brand Awareness.

Strategy Adopted by TUI:

TUI UNVEILS THE SECRETS through Social Media – The execution of the campaign focused on INSTAGRAM.

36 countries were tagged in total on the world map on this account. The world map was spread across a grid of 12 square.

The campaign includes the insight on the unique and unexplored gourmet guide,history and different cultural celebrations to encourage engagement and organic traffic.

Initially showcased exceptional places around the world, then TUI moved to focus to food and lesser known sports. The @TUIscover the secrets handle was followed back by significant bloggers, resulted qualitative attractions and references.

Campaign Details:TUI-discover your smile

Organized photo contest, the Instagram community was invited to post their most memorable photo accompanied by the hashtag #discoveryoursmile.

The chosen unique four would win a holiday with TUI India.  As an initiative to promote the brand TUI showcased some best posted pictures from the contest on a live stream at one of the main streets in Berlin city center.

Not all the responsibility lied with the influencers , TUI has taken the responsibility to generate the most creative and extremely engaging photo campaign for the followers at the start and during the campaign.

34 followers were chosen for the campaign and were asked to post their unique holiday pictures from their holiday experiences that brought smile and excites them.

Achievements/Results:TUI Instagram

In total TUI achieved almost 3800 followers in a month and more than 5550 Instagrammers posted their pictures to participate in the campaign,which reached to the huge score that is 17 million people.

Targeting only those influencers who already have a reliable audiences becomes the best strategy to reach the consumer organically.

Influencers operates as one of the  groups who reach the  variety of consumers across the large demographics and in turn narrows down to users with very niche interests, all with one aimed approach.

Select those influencers who have a great count of followers (audiences) best suited to reach the potential customers. Apart of adding viral component , creating a buzz a fear of missing out also encourage the high engagement level.

With an astonishing opening , TUI INDIA earned an all organic jump-start; the campaign received 158 likes on their Instagram’[email protected] TUIs cover _the_ secret world map.

Numerous noticeable travel bloggers and official accounts such as Malta UK, , comprise the 105 followers on the Instagram.

With this innovative social media service (Instagram) TUI India managed to build a functional app , which created higher  engagement level.

With travel being one of the most sparse content on Instagram, TUI India managed to create a sporadic content strategy.


  • By asking to share  the most memorable moments, the most valuable moments spend with their close ones is the best way to cheer up your target customers.
  • Through this Social Media Campaign the objective of the company to showcase those unique, unexplored, offbeat culture, history, celebrations, sports are conveyed in an innovative manner which are somehow and somewhere missing from the regular itineraries.
  • Considering Instagram as the social medium is an outstanding idea to create a link between the customer (followers) and the company as more than 300 million monthly active users uploading 70 million photos and videos daily.
  • The idea of TUI of putting money and resources behind creating campaign is to appeal the photo- crazed consumers in order to create brand awareness.
  • PHOTO CAMPAIGNS outshine much when there are followers at the reins rather than driven by brands alone.
  • It is important to keep in mind that on social media, there is a lot of competition and influencers lost interest in a very short span. Creativity and Strategic execution are the main pillars behind every successful campaign.

Image Credit: TUI INDIA, Social, Spotlight_TUI_Article

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