“United Airline Loses its Stake Over a Viral Video”: Case Study

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Unitedairlines_logoIn the global village of internet where every information easily reaches a large group of audience we have barging eyes back on the ‘United Airlines’.

United Airlines Viral Video: Case Study

Many of you must have taken in notice the “United Breaks guitar incident” which was a protest song created by a Canadian Music band. Earlier also United Airlines has been in the news for its poor customer service and being insensitive towards its customers feelings in 2008. A passenger’s guitar was broken badly though he had already mentioned the importance of the guitar in his life. Not only this, he found the guitar broken at the end of his journey and did not receive any compensation for the same.

Therefore, he released a video song demeaning the brand for its deeds. So, now you know what an unhappy customer could do to you?

Following this incident, the shares of the company went down badly and people bad mouthed the brand. People have not totally forgotten that incident yet that another one has regained limelight. On the 9th of April, a video was released by a passenger wherein another passenger was brutally dragged and was taken out of the airplane due to overbooking. I still remember reading the earlier incident while I was studying in IIM, Lucknow and it was also taught in Global B-Schools like HBS. Amalgamation of the whole situation is difficult to anticipate. But the video went viral and since then the shares of the airlines have went down by 4%, giving a huge push by knocking almost a billion dollars off its value. (Source: theguardian).

The brand is to face a downfall again and would definitely need really strong PR to overpower this incident with a winning enthu. The CEO of the company apologized three days ago, saying that,”the incident was truly horrific.” In today’s time where people are so active on social media and know how to make use of it, how can a brand escape social embarrassment when in notice?  As video goes viral in minutes and score millions of views on it. Share your views through comments about how brands can handle such situations with grace and still be able to maintain love in the eyes of the people.

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