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How to use Ubersuggest SEO Tool Effectively With 3 Easy Tactics

How to use Ubersuggest SEO Tool Effectively With 3 Easy Tactics

What is Ubersuggest?

It is evident from the data that Google is the most used search engine in the world. With search share of as high as 68%, the search behemoth seems to dominate the search business. As such, keyword research does play a vital role in every marketers’ day to day activities. Though we have a lot of SEO tools available on the internet, there are only a few of them which are really helpful. Ubersuggest SEO tool is one of these tools which is used to perform keyword research. As the name says, it provides much more than just suggestion on keywords.

Ubersuggest SEO tool

Ubersuggest opening

Ubersuggest is easily available on the website titled –

Let us do an in-depth analysis on the tool to be used as an effective SEO tool. Before we discuss the three best tactics that can be employed to work with the tool, lets dig in deeper to understand its core functions.

How does Ubersuggest work?

Using Ubersuggest doesn’t require you to have any expertise or whatsoever, only simple steps to follow – Type in the keywordsselect the language & source.

 Ubersuggest SEO tool

Ubersuggest language selection

It would be easy to understand with an example, let us take ‘laptop bags’ as our search words.

Following this, click on the drop-down icon and select the language you wish to use. I have chosen English/USA, similarly, this can be done to select the source as well. This is where the tool differentiates from other keyword search tools, Ubersuggest provides search from various sources such as different verticals. These are web, images, news, shopping, video and recipes. So, for a keyword like ‘laptop bags,’ if we choose shopping as the source, the number of suggestions would be different. Hence, a perfect option to get keywords related to search words. Following this, we can click on the ‘suggest’ button to get the desired results. There is a select all keywords option which can only be used once we have results for all the suggestions. Now that we are proficient with the tool’s basic functions, let us move ahead with the key tactics that can be used.

  1. More Keywords
  2. Get New Ideas
  3. Get New Niches

More Keywords

Ubersuggest SEO tool

Ubersuggest suggestion list

The core function of the tool is to suggest keyword and here we have 277 keyword suggestions to choose from. Ubersuggest takes your keywords and extracts suggestions by adding a word or two in front of it. For example, from the top ten results, it adds ‘for men‘ and ‘for women’, which are very relevant given the context of keywords. This further adds on to words in alphabetical order starting from a through z. This can be observed in the screenshot. Given the extensive list, we can actually compare the keywords which have higher traffic and bids in Google keyword planner to have an estimation as well.

Get New Ideas

Ubersuggest SEO tool

Ubersuggest dell

One of the free benefits from a free available tool is its ability to offer ideas openly. Here Ubersuggest is a treat to watch, it provides us as many ideas as possible from the keywords you type. Another feature that can be utilized is the option to expand keyword searches further to have more ideas. In this example, we have laptop bags and upon expanding one of the searches we get ‘laptop bags dell‘. Now this is a great option for a blogger who wants to get more ideas and use variations in the content.

Ubersuggest SEO tool

Ubersuggest Dell India

It doesn’t end here, the suggestion can be further expanded. Here we can further choose ‘laptop bags dell India‘ to get more specific search results. It would fetch 7 more results, now consider the number of search options available with 277 suggestions, each of which can which can be further expanded to more specific a minimum of 5 to 6 suggestions. Hence, a total of more than 1500 results just for the search term ‘laptop bags‘. Fantastic isn’t it?

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Get New Niches

Ubersuggest SEO tool

Ubersuggest benefits

In addition to hundreds of keyword ideas, the tool offers much more than that. It can also help us tap the untapped. Hence, for someone who is looking for niche markets can use this more frequently to get more information. Upon typing ‘benefits of‘ in the search box it provides 280 suggestions. Since most of the internet is flooded with blogs depicting ‘tips’ and ‘benefits’ of the product or service being offered, it made sense to use the search in this way and we have hundreds of more suggestions.

These 280 suggestions when further expanded would give extensive list to look for any niche markets.

Another Cool Feature

Ubersuggest benefits

Ubersuggest select all

Ubersuggest has a wonderful option to copy all the keyword suggestions. Using the same example of ‘laptop bags‘ the suggestions which are displayed can be selected by choosing ‘Select all keywords‘ option as seen in the screenshot.

Ubersuggest select all

Ubersuggest Get

Following this, we would see that all the suggestions displayed at bottom are highlighted. On the right hand side of the screen there are two options to choose from that are ‘Get‘ and ‘Clear‘.

Ubersuggest select all

Ubersuggest – Copy

Upon choosing ‘Get‘ option we see another window which pops up on the screen. This is from where we can copy and paste our list of populated keywords. Often marketers don’t find relevant keywords on other search tools, but here we have a holy grail of a search tool, which not only provides an extensive list but a relevant one. This list can be further used in a spread sheet for analysis and reporting.

Benefits of Ubersuggest

  1. Unlike other free tools available, Ubersuggest saves a lot of time on keyword research. You type in the search box and copy the fetched results.
  2. It provides an extensive list of hundreds of keywords with all the permutations and combinations of each alphabet.
  3. It allows keywords to be easily copied to other applications such as Microsoft spreadsheet or the MS word document.
  4. Despite its ability to fetch hundreds of results, Ubersuggest is extremely fast and can be recommended to every marketer doing keyword research. There are no hassles such as time lags etc.
  5. Ubersuggest also provides an option to choose the sources such as web, images and shopping to name a few. This not only narrows the search but helps us find the suggestions which are related to search items and yields more relevant suggestions.

In its entirety, the tool offers a range of offerings which cannot be ignored if you are serious about your keyword research. Hope this piece of information helped you to know how to use Ubersuggest SEO tool effectively.

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    Nice post about Ubersuggest tool.this tool is very useful for new blogger..
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