9 Ways to Boost your Keyword Research

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Hitting the right cord with the keyword is the first step to serve your advertisement to the right audience. Hence, it is very important that the advertiser uses the most relevant keyword that can take the business to higher rank in digital marketplace. To facilitate the users with the best possible results for their google search, advertiser must follow the below mentioned tips to boost their Keyword Research.


  1. Look for Niche topics related to your business: 

    Instead of looking for keyword ideas directly through Keyword research tool(Googe Keyword Planner), advertiser must identify words/topics related directly or indirectly to their business. Example: A high end window seal manufacturer who deals in plush push windows, modern art painted window seals would think of advertising on real estate websites but that might not help coz all home buyers may not be able to afford expensive window seals, it is a luxury and not a necessity.  Instead someone interested in buying luxury cars or someone looking for high-end expensive furniture may want to use this service.

  2. Look for Long tail of your Keywords: 

    Their are 3 types of Keyword – Head, Body and Tail. Head keywords are usually one word keyword and have high search volumes but really low conversions. For example : Shoes. Someone  searching for shoes might be looking for school shoes, casual shoes, running shoes, walking shoes. Hence head keyword don’t convert well. Body keyword are 2-3 word phrases which gets decent search and are more specific than head keyword. Example: Running shoes, school shoes, party shoes. These are not brand specific so investing on such keyword might help your competition as well. Tail keyword are long with multiple words which is usually specific. Example : Running shoes for 10 year old; golden shoes for baby boy. Even though they don’t get much search volume, they attract relevant audience and the chances of conversion is high. It is recommended to have a mix of body and long tail keyword in your keyword bank.

  3. Urgency Keyword:

    Use urgency Keyword as they might be of importance to people who are in emergency needs. Example : Instead of cake or cake delivery, people wanting to deliver cake at 12 in the night might ask for cake delivery at midnight or cake delivery same day and will also be the ones who are ready to shell out more money.

  4. Use Google Wild Card suggestion:

    If the advertiser is looking for terms to fill up the beginning or the middle of the keyword phrase, then Google Wild Card can help. You can use an underscore character anywhere in your search query to get suggestions for searches that fill in that blank.Example: Best_running shoes. Google wild card suggest Best women running shoes; best minimalist running shoes

  5. Speak their language: 

    It is imperative that correct language is used. Similar/same words have very different meaning in different places, hence keyword should match to the language precision of the location targeted. Example : In the United States, a biscuit is a soft fluffy “bread” dough baked to golden perfection. In the UK, a biscuit is more of a sweet treat which would generally be called a cookie in the U.S. A One of the simple way to obtain information on local terminology is to use the keyword tool from Google.

  6. Focus on Modifiers:

    modifiers  will make it easier for customers who are looking for specific purpose to come to your website. Example: People looking for best price will key in modifiers like cheap, on-discount whereas people looking for uncommon things will key in modifiers like unique, exclusive while they are searching for the product online.

  7. Focus on Special Needs: 

    If the Keyword helps the customer get to the website offering solution to special needs, the user might be ready to convert. Example: People with large feet will go to the website advertising shoes for large feet, people looking for plus size clothing will search accordingly and the website advertising the same will get more traffic from relevant customers.

  8. Use Geo-targeted search terms for Local search: 

    If your business is local, it will be easier to drive traffic to the website by adding Geo-targeted keyword for search.Example: If you are running a coaching center in Jamshedpur, your ad should say “best coaching center in Jamshedpur” instead of “Best coaching Center” to have more traction to the relevant customer.These keywords might have less search volumes, but they are highly targeted and more likely to convert.

  9. Optimize for things that don’t exist:

    When customer searches for services/information which is hard to achieve, then putting up an article which burst the myth will drive more traffic. Example: If somebody is searching for weight loss in a day, so if the article gives a heads-up on the reality check, it will help. 

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