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Top 3 Web Analytics Trends 2017: What Experts Expect?

Top 3 Web Analytics Trends 2017: What Experts Expect?

With fewer marketing channels, web analytics was easier back then. Since the ways in which we analyze data are continuously evolving so are the web analytics trends.

“Analytics without application to an actionable strategy is meaningless”- Mike Grigsby

This year, most of the trends evolved around new analytics tools, system integration, emerging platforms, big data, and predictive analytics. It is expected that 2017 will be a revolutionary year for web analytics industry.

Top 3 Web Analytics Trends in 2017

We’ve compiled top Web Analytics Trends 2017 that will dominate this time!

Vyshak Venugopalan, Principal Solution Consultant, Adobe Systems Incdata analytics trends

1. Automated data science and machine learning solving for the huge demand and supply gap that exists for data scientists

Let’s admit to the fact that in this industry, there is a big demand and supply gap which exists for data scientists or decisions scientists. It’s time to think about how automation can help bring average business users to the forefront of digital analytics. I would like to see more and more automation and machine learning algorithms which kind of does a virtual analyst function for organizations so that insights are readily available to everyone automatically elevating their status and overall analytics outlook.

2. Moving away from vanity metrics, acquisition only analytics

People pretend to be data driven, but they are still doing reporting vs actual analysis. High time to move from what’s happening kind of questions to why exactly is this happening? How can I stop, start, when to stop and start, what if I do this vs that, what will happen if do /don’t do this? This can happen by moving away from the vanity metrics as I call them (PV, users, bounce, visits, unique revenue, bookings etc.), and focusing on calculated metrics and moving away from focusing on the top 10 items in every report vs unearthing deep down insights which help in action which drives results. The weight age given to acquisition analytics in the industry is alarming, I would like to see the focus shifting to customer intelligence in 2017.

3. New measures and best practices to focus on the problem of data democratization

Data is fun but unfortunately limited to a few who gets it right. Data needs to transform its shape, size, presentation and appearance when presented to different stakeholders.

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I would like to see the industry adopting new tools and techniques to make data available to everyone in the form they want, as an app, as an excel sheet, as a pdf document, as a slide deck etc. and not limited to a web application which is sacred and known to have a steep learning curve (read analytics here).  It’s high time to move away from one analytics vertical team who does the work vs champions in every department/function in the organization, supporting data democracy and faster actionability.

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Prashant Kumar Pracheta, Head of Analytics, CarDekhoprashant

Top 3 Web Analytics Trends in 2017:

1. Lack of expertise & training

Nowadays and coming future, web analytics or digital analytics skill set is expanding towards. Now candidate should have knowledge of R, SAS and Big Data concepts. So would like to see these types of good training available easily in the market.

2. Individual User Tracking vs Aggregate Tracking

Currently most of the companies tracking all the metrics & KPIs data on an aggregate level. Customer experience is very important for each business. To make better customer experience, we would need to shift towards individual user tracking so that we can personalize the customer experience for better results.

3. Machine learning and deep learning

Machine and Deep learning will play a bigger role in taking predictive analytics into the mainstream in 2017 and beyond.

Rajeev Sharma, CTO & Co-Founder, GreyBox Technologiesrajeev

Here are 2 Web Analytics Trends I believe will dominate in 2017:

1. A/B testing

A/B Testing with Analytics tools like Google Analytics that will help take a data-driven decision hoping this will be better than other 3rd party solutions since it will be based on Google Analytics / tightly integrated with Google Analytics. Google Analytics is coming up with Optimize, and it’s exciting.

2. Machine Learning 

Another important area where an Analytics tool can drastically improve is by learning through patterns, one great example is Session Quality Score that we can soon see in GA, predicting the likelihood of a visitor making a transaction (purchase) on your site or app. The metric then makes it possible to remarket to those visitors deemed high-value.

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    Kalyan chandra   /   Reply

    AI (artificial intelligence), IOT(Internet of Things), Analytics & Cloud based crms are going to dominate global marketing industry in 2017. Some organisations like IBM are already initiated massive research through their dream project like watson analytics & artificial intelligence.

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