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Confused about how to pick right marketing strategy and tools? Want to grab a complete understanding on the same? Then have a look on below Webinar led by Mr. Cohan Carlos, CEO, Selasdia.

Q&A During Webinar With Cohan Carlos

Q- Can you please elaborate the application of marketing organisation tools for SMBs? For as mall and medium business which are the kind of tools which makes sense to invest in or tools which are free but still useful to the marketing organization?

A- There are a few useful tools which don’t cost anything. The first one Google analytics. So you will find that in the presentation as well we discussed there is a free version of Google analytics which helps you look how many visitors have visited your website and where they are going. You can also get free version of various social listening and interaction tools as well. Hootsuite and tools like that probably have free versions that can be used for a limited period of time or with volume limits. You can use these for listening. very often the platforms themselves like facebook provide solutions. Facebook has an analytics tool which lets you calculate which of your posts on facebook have had the most interaction, which of these have been extremely liked by the people for which it was shared etc. you can find out on facebook itself. And now twitter has started providing its own analytics, which you can use. For search engines, to see your content’s performance on SEO you can use google analytics, but unfortunately for anything more than that you have to use paid tools. So like if you want to get a unified customer review who are likely to buy and want to reach out to them, you have to use paid tools.

One of the tools related to finding and identifying influences on Twitter is twtrland, this tool allows you to find out who are the influencers in a particular subject matter area in a defined geography. For example if you want to find out project management experts and influencers in US, twtrland will tell you who are those on Twitter. so, there are number of tools in social media and out of social media used for listings and automation.

Q- What is the difference between interactive marketing and content marketing?

A- One of the basic thing that lot of the B2B marketers have been wondering about is how to best utilize the inbound traffic. Now the inbound traffic has many blares. You have your CRM assistance, your partner network, your distributor network and your customer. So you are talking about ECIM and social TRM where you are getting a lot of influencers who might not be also buyers. So these are all the inbound channels. But content marketing is soft of influencing the inbound marketers in a positive way to engage them into a conversation. So again this is more of all the avenues of input data that comes in and how you are engaging them. It’s a channel vs a platform.

Q- What is humming bird algorithm and how it has made things difficult for digital marketers?

A-  So, couple of months back Google updated the algorithm and that update was called humming bird algorithm. Now before that there were two other algorithms update, one was panda and the other was penguin. Penguin update was essentially to penalise sites that have taken links from other websites which are not of quality and panda update was to penalise websites which have great volume of content but not quality of content was not good. So those were the two key updates before humming bird update which had impacted a lot of sites. With the hummingbird update we are still to see the impact on ground and what’s the approach but fundamentally what humming bird algorithm says is that the directional approach Google is taking. To share with you fundamentally what we initially used to do was, we used to put keywords and get websites and find out the information about those keywords. But each one of us when searching on a search engine like Google we have a question for which we want to get an answer. Like what is the score of Rajasthan Royal, etc. What Google is saying is that we can directly give you answers to your questions. Rather than you putting keywords then visiting websites the looking for answer, if your query is more like a conversational type of question we will be able to give you a more accurate answer. So after humming bird update that is where Google is seeing the direction and not only at their end but also at the end of the searchers. It says when you create content on your website, if your content is more conversational in nature and your content tries to answer the questions visitors are likely to ask then you are going to get better rankings on Google. So rather than just stuffing keywords in different parts of webpage, make your page such that you are answering the questions of your visitors. So that’s what fundamentally humming bird algorithm is all about.

Q- The Choice of SCO vs SCM and social media marketing budget? The questioner runs a fashion brand and would like to know the proper budget allocation between SCO and SCM and social media.

A- Typically if you are a fashion brand, the way you need to optimize for your budget for your SCM and SCO is by analysing from where your traffic is coming from. So is it your SCM traffic resulting in more conversions or is it your SCO’s or your organic searches are resulting in more conversions. So at the end of the day if your goal is to increase conversions you should be putting more money on the sources where you are getting more conversions in the traffic. It differs from brand to brand, product to product and industry to industry.

So my suggestion would be to look up your analytics and finding which source is leading to more conversions and put your money into that.

Another thing you can keep in mind while choosing between SCO and SCM especially if you are starting from scratch is the time when you start expecting results. For a new sites typically it takes more than 6 months when you should start seeing results from SEO but in SCM it is done only in a few days. This could be the first criteria and second one would be your objective.

Another way to look at it is utilising your analytic tools like attribution modelling. It will provide you an insight into which of the resources are actually resulting into converting. So irrespective of your paid traffic or your organic or your referral search, it will give you good insight for providing answer to where to put your money into. At plumb5 we provide a very unique attribution model with a base on engagement which provides you the context, the ability to gauge the intent of the user on the website. The attribution model is something you should be looking at to identify the media distribution and based on that you can decide your budget.

So, when someone starts getting traffic the attribution becomes a challenge as well as a very important element. SCO is long term but SCM is fast, but if you can do SEO it will do far more conversions in the long term. The second element is in terms of what is your objective. Like social media, unless there are very few specific elements of that is not going to result in very high conversions to begin with. While it can help you to create credibility, can help you to create initial branding and the final conversions but don’t rely on social media alone to drive traffic which converts to real customers. So that are few elements you need to consider when you are starting fresh in terms of making a decision between these three areas otherwise once you are into it, as Pawan shared in terms of your ability to measure your ability to execute where the results are coming will definitely guide you in your future decision making process.

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