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Remarketing is one ideal source of reaching your prospective clients, who approached you but switched to some other competitor. Wish to know how it can done and how you can let them revisit you? Then look into the below webinar led by Manuj Bajaj, Business Growth Consultant.

Q & A During Webinar With Manuj Bajaj

Q- If you have a B2B company and their ad revenue model is attached to this particular site, then how can we design marketing strategies for it?

A- If you are working in a B2B environment, then you have 2 objectives. The first one is to generate leads and then may be to generate some revenue to recover some process. Is that correct assumption? Yes. So, the primary objective is to generate leads because that is what is going to drive your business ahead and then secondary objective would be to get some more ad clicks and to get more ad revenue depending on what your ad model is? Either it is CPC model or it can be a CPA model. There can be multiple strategies defined. For B2B lead generation objective, if a person has come to a website and has not generated the lead and based on the behaviour now at the time spent by the number of pages that this guy viewed and probably the section this guy viewed, you can follow him back and tell him to come back to your website and generate the lead. So, that was to do remarketing for the primary objective of the website.

Now, depending on what kind of revenue you are generating for every click, in that case your objective would be to understand whether the cost of acquiring the customer is lower than getting the revenue of the ad click. Let’s say, the cost of acquiring the customer is Rs. 2 and you are getting Rs. 10 for every click then it makes all the sense. The people who are interested in your product and services, they can always be brought back and they will either fill up the lead form or they will end up clicking on the ad. So, this is something which you will have to test and then optimise and scale up. So, there is no clear black and white answer to the question but there are lot of gray shades here in between.

Basically, you have to understand whether your remarketing campaigns are giving you customer acquisition cost or business acquisition cost, which is lower than the CPC revenue or CPA revenue that your site is getting. So, this was basically to answer your second query. With this both parts of the question have been answered.

Q- Do you think remarketing is helpful for a B2B portal as compared a B2C portal?

A- Yes, absolutely! I have been seeing fantastic results for my clients but cannot share the reader review. There are excellent results, both for B2B and B2C companies. If you are not doing remarketing you are actually losing lot of money and leads.

Q- How does a product company can get maximum returns from the remarketing technique? Secondly, what is the best tool for product based companies to purchase, such tools and the impact conversions and effectiveness of the campaign?

A- This question has multiple questions in it. You have to understand very clearly that is the selling price is higher than the cost of the acquisition? Then, it is a profitable venture. If the selling price is lower than the cost of the acquisition of the customer, this means that the customer, i.e. the customer who is ready to pay; however, I am not talking about web traffic or CPC or CTC but cost per acquisition of the customer, but if the cost per acquisition of the lead is lower than the selling price, then it is a profitable venture and then you can go day in and day out to repeat this process.

You have to basically see and strive that a company may have multiple product and the cost will vary from product to product and you may have to work with different strategies for different products as far as re-marketing is concerned. So, certain sections or certain categories of products could give you higher margins to play around it and some other sections and categories will give you lower margins to play around it. So, if the cost for sale is profitable then implement that strategy for 24*7 round the year. For the sections it doesn’t work out positively, do not do remarketing or digital paid marketing for them but instead focus on SEO or other kinds of campaigns may be email campaigns. There are 2 strategies which will tell you what exactly is happening on your website. Apart from Google Analytics there are tools like Kissmetrics, Mixfunnel etc. that can actually start doing activities; for example if you go to Flipkart, Amazon or other such sites, the very product you are seeing there, are multiple ways in which they are trying to connect with you. Not just on the display network they are trying to connect with you but will also show the ad of the same product on Facebook as well.

There may be other platforms like yahoo network or through emails where they will show you the exact product with 10% discount. How do they mange it? They do it by using multiple tools such as customer.io, eloqua or market for doing remarketing through emails. They are also using advanced tools such as kissmetrics and other to manage these things. If your company is really huge and also the profitability, then you should use multiple tools. You can start attracting multiple people at multiple locations attracting their attention. Based on what your ROI or profitability is the tool(s) must be used. There is no limit and you can use as many tools as required. There is nothing like a cheap or expensive tool. Even if you are selling Rs. 5 product and you are able to push 1000 or 2000 products at Re. 1 margin, it is still better than selling a product with selling price of Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 100 margin with 10 units in 1 day. So you have to see what is working and you cannot get a yes or no answer right now without looking into the campaigns. You have not seen what is the profitability, margin which you can play around. The first objective would be to attain a break-even point and then achieve profitability. That is the principle that one has to follow.

Q- If the user has claimed the browser, then our cookies which are counting the number of the remarketing list will be removed and the number will also decrease not reaching 100 this way. So, still will we be able to do remarketing?

A- Let me just tell you the probability of the cookies removed. I can assure you that less than 4-5% knows about the cookie system in this particular webinar and we guys are hugely more technical than the rest of the world. So the probability of getting a cookie removed is somewhere between 0-2% and may be sometimes a little higher when you are targeting very high technical programmers or such a community. But for the rest of the world rest assured your cookie is going to stay with them unless they had a virus attack or they have crashed their hardware. So that percentage would be very low.

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