Webinar Recording: The Discipline of Customer Acquisition via Social Media

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The foremost question which arises is how Social Media is having an impact on the discipline of customer acquisition? Want to solve your query on this? Get a learning through the below Webinar led by Mr. Mohit Garg, Product Manager, Adobe:

This session conducted on discipline of customer acquisition via social media talks about, how social   media works to generate revenue and what is the importance of effective content, to generate the  required data. This session also includes the various questions and their answers given by Mr. Mohit Garg who is product manager – Adobe social.

In today’s competitive marketing we have to acquaint customers to get stability in the market, so customer acquisition is the toughest job in marketing, and to with a sustainable rate. Customers can be acquired through different channels like email, search, display, Social media and mobile. A disciplined way to promote yourself is the key to it, by discipline it means following a process. Like for email, there must be an email format or for any blog posting there is a format.

Social Media Is All About Conversations And Network

Rightly said in social media everything depends on the conversations. The conversation makes different from the mass marketing, in conversation there are listen conversation, influence conversation and generate conversation. Gaining customers’ attention through social media needs focus and a dedicated campaign in a right way, if happens results will be with you.  This includes sharing relevant content, responding to the customer queries. These strategies will bring a multiplier effect on your website traffic.

Social media, mainly includes content and data; we create content which generates data.

Content – Few interpretations which need to look at while creating a good content.

  • Type of social platform: You need to decide which social platform you want to choose, do you want to choose all of them, or you want to work on few specific platforms. It depends on the brand type you have, whether you have a B2B brand or a B2C brand.
  • How often you post: This is important to understand that you need to post frequently, keeping in mind about the quality of the content. But here you must need to have the right balance of regular posts, which includes talking to your viewers regularly and regularly connected with them.  After all this you find the suitable time for your promotion of your campaign, but remember your post must speak about your campaign.
  • What kind of contents you post: This includes the kind of topics you are posting, which is in trend now, are you talking about those topics which are most liked by the viewers. You cannot post randomly as per your own choice without looking for the interest and preferences of your viewers following you. If you are not doing that, you are missing an opportunity as well as your followers.
  • The way you optimize your content: Here you must know that what will be the best social platform for your post, what kind of content you will put in, what type of post you will use. Your post must target your audience, if your company is running any discount campaign; post should be related to it. Any other type of post will become a blockage for your campaign.

Data – The data which is generated by your contents, what are the things to measure and how to measure them.

  • KPIs you measure
  • How your post impact on your conversation
  • How your fans share their impact on the conversation
  • Do you have the tools to measure them correctly

Few important questions which were asked and answered during the webinar

Q1. Will be there any increase in customer acquisition via social media?

Mohit:  In 2013, 13% of the customers were acquired, where 52% customers acquired with facebook, 43% with LinkedIn, 43% with company’s blog, 36% with twitter, 15% with Google plus and 9% with pinterest. As per the current ratio it will keep on growing in the near future.

Q2. Which tools are used to measure social media?

Mohit: For measuring social media you need to first build your KPIs, what you want to measure. If you are looking to measure your revenue, you have to look what part of your activity you want to measure, because will your post will not generate revenue for you.  The ideal tool for measurement will be your online score, with the help of web analytics you can do the same; you can also check your revenue by looking at the number of visitors visited your website.

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  1. Smita Pawar

    A perfect webinar to learn the right way of discipline over social media. Most importantly discipline should be kept when an angry customer is not satisfied with your product or service. The situation should be handled with care, keeping in mind that the customer shouldn’t lose interest in your sales but give it another thought of visiting your website again to make purchases.

  2. Clinton in 2016

    I have read so many content on the topic of the blogger lovers except this post is truly a pleasant post, keep it up.


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