Weed Pro Used Inbound Marketing Tricks To Achieve 100% Hike In Sales Qualified Leads

by | Aug 4, 2014 | Case Studies, Inbound Marketing

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About Weed Pro:

Weed Pro Lawn Care serves the Cleveland,Columbus metro zones, and the suburbs of Ohio. Their prime focus is on giving wonderful client experience by being proactive and distinguishing potential issues with your grass, and giving answers to their customers. The group of Ohio’s guaranteed grass specialists make use of the most elevated nature of ecologically sheltered garden mind items and instruments.

Business Objective:

Their mission is simply keeping their customers landscapes look crisp and fresh, and provide an incredible customer service. They won’t stop until the customers are fulfilled by their yard. Nevertheless, giving the best grass mind items available, the also give a few additional services in their packages without any extra charge.

Strategy Adopted by Weed Pro:

In 2011, Weed Pro faced issues in bringing out  natural web movement and  positioning themselves naturally under optimized lists. They caught wind of promoted yet glaring strategies like pivotal word stuffing, yet needed to be advertisers of legitimacy. In the awakening of concentrating on PPC advertising for the larger part of 2011, they knew Internet showcasing can be improved.could improve Internet showcasing.Furthermore, they joined hands with Hubspot to overcome their difficulties. The strategy adopted by them is as follows:”

  • Hubspot’s all in one product made it simpler for advertisers to track the full lifecycle of a lead, in addition to this, it served to convey a more valuable and brought together encounter for the client.
  • The SEO tools served to improve their landing page so that  they could be found by prospects. Hubspot taught the group about the diverse kinds of profitable content to be distributed, by utilizing the Blogging instrument or different offers.
  • Utilizing Calls to Action on the  substance offers, Weed Pro currently noticed 2x more deals of qualified leads passing through their pipe.
  • The IT staff at Hubspot helped them instantly with any issues or inquiries they had about the product, and the Hubspot Training stayed up with the latest new peculiarities and how to utilize the product in a better way.
  • A free guide was made and publicized by making a landing page, and published on blogs. The guide was imparted over social media channels and email fragmented leads were created in minutes.

Results achieved:

They have executed some phenomenal inbound systems and accomplished extraordinary results.

  • Accomplished 230% increment in income
  • Sold more than 300% bundles
  • Accomplished 100% increment in deals qualified lead volume


They have used the best possible resources available to them and made the most out of it. Also, have identified their weaknesses and have overcome them with the help of Inbound Marketing. Furthermore,they were always open to learn something new. This made them taste success in a short span of time.

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