What Google is Doing To Be A Search Giant?

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What Google is Doing To Be A Search Giant?

Before Getting into this topic let’s talk about search engine and there different types.

What is search engine

To know about the search engine, I took help of a search engine which filtered the set of available information depending upon my search keyword.According to Wiki “A web search engine is a system based on software and is designed to search the desired information on the world wide web The search results are can be presented in a line of results referred to as search engine results pages (SERPs)”. The information can be a mix of web pages, images or any other file. Some search engines mine data available in open directories or databases. Search engines maintain real-time information by running different algorithm on web crawler unlike Web Directories which are only maintained by human editors.

So let’s talk about different search engines which are most popular 

  • Bing – Microsoft came up with Bing as a Google’s competitor in the year 2009.  so it is a default search engine in Microsoft web browser. The team who created Bing has been thriving to make it a better and effective search engine but it as of date it stands a far lagging competitor to Google. Bing search engine provides nearly all the services provided by Google which includes image web, video search and maps.
  • Yahoo! –Both Yahoo and Bing are not giving a tough fight to google but they are a competitor to each other in the field of Search Engines. As per the latest report published on net market share, yahoo has a market share of about 7.68%. Yahoo holds its position among most popular free email providers but has not been able to convince its users in the area of search engines.
  • Baidu – Like their own twitter China does have its own search engine. Baidu is a Chinese search engine and was founded in Jan 2000. It is made to provide results for images, audio files and webs pages. It also has the Alexa ranking of 4 (A ranking by Alexa Internet that provides commercial web traffic data and analytics). Baidu also provides some additional services like maps, cloud storage space and others.
  • AOL – it is one of the top search engines in world with the market share of 0.59 %. AOL was bought over by Verizon Communication and was started way back in 1983 as Control Video Corporation and renamed to America Online in 1991 and AOL Inc in 2009.
  • Ask.com – Initially known as Ask Jeeves and founded in year 1995, It is known for proving the search results in question answering web format. In fact, it is a community of question and answers. Here you can expect to get answers for questions and it integrates huge amount of archive data to answer the questions. As a result of method followed by ask.com for search results, we cannot get as good results as we can get from Google, Bing or Yahoo. If due to the limited resources, their resources don’t have the answer than it asks help from certain third party search engines.
  • Excite – Neither as popular as its competitor nor a known name like another search engine. And even I was unaware about it before I got to know about it while doing some research work about this topic in detail. Excite is termed to be an online service portal. It provides bunch of services along with search engine like email, news, instant messaging and other updates. Excite was launched in the year 1995.
  • DuckDuckGo – It is a popular search engine gaining its popularity and known for protecting user’s privacy. DuckDuckGo have partnered with Bing Yahoo and Yummy in order to generate search results for its user base. It was founded by Gabriel Weinberg in the year 2008. Its revenue model is based on the revenues coming from Yahoo-Bing search alliance network and Affiliates.
  • WolframAlpha – Its results are based on facts ad data about that query and it is a computational search engine. WolframAlpha does not gives list of documents or web pages as search results. And hence it is also known as Computational Knowledge Engine launched in 2009 and based on Mathematics.
  • GoogleGoogle is the market leader in the search engines. It is found by Larry Page and Sergey Brin . It has some unique and useful features which other do not have. now we will try to find why it is leader and what features it has.

Market share of the search engine

Source- Netmarketshare.com

So as per the discussion above and the market share details shown in the above chart by Netmarketshare.com you can easily sort out the most trending and dominating search engine in the market which are Google, Yahoo and Bing. And out of these three it’s no rocket science to state that Google leads the race by far. Now the question is why Google is the dominant player in Market

Now the question is how google became leader
 Ever thought why most of the people is Googling nowadays, Google is like air to some people.

Google is improving their Algorithm in order to make their search result better. Google is changing their algorithms on daily basis.

So as per the pie chart you can see globally Google is leader in search engines than Bing, Baidu, Yahoo and others. So let’s find out what are the features of Google which are making Google better and different than others. In The below table you can find out the difference

Different Features of Bing, Yahoo and Google:

Features Bing Yahoo Google
Books No No Yes
Finance yes yes yes
Map Yes No Yes
Timer No No yes
 Language Translator Yes No Yes
Search in different languages No No Yes
Flights No No Yes
News Yes Yes Yes
Voice Search No No Yes
Movies near me Yes No Yes
Dictionary lookup Yes No Yes





These are the few features of the search engines. From above table you can find out what are the basic difference of the three major search engine. Availability of all the major features, makes Google more than a search engine, and of course leader in the search engine market.

Now for better understanding I search different queries on different search engine, now let us see the results

  • Now a days Olympics is a hot topic, so let’s ask out the “fastest 100m record”




Here you can see the result, all the search engines are giving result. Did you notice the change?

Some of you might have not noticed it. The difference is, in Google, for getting a result you don’t have to open a link which is not in the case of Bing or Yahoo.

Another factor is Google is showing in how many second you got your answer.

  • What happen when you ask a procedure to Google, for example “How to bake a cake?”

Let us see the result




Google is showing you the whole procedure in the top most result with picture, here there is no advertisement on the top instead of that the advertisement is on the right side of the result. In Bing You can see the advertisement on top and then the procedure without picture in search result. In Yahoo you have to open the link to learn the procedure and like Google, they also have advertisement on right.

  • Let us ask another question to search engine: “What is the height of Deepika Padukone”(She is an Indian film actress) these are the following results.


Now can you find out the difference?

Bing is showing height of Deepika with other actors and in the right you can see the Wiki of the same actress.

For getting answer in Yahoo you have to open the link and in some cases people need instant result they may not find it very useful

But when you Google the same question you will get the same result like Bing with Wiki on right and some of the Sites also where her songs are available.

If you noticed Google is also providing those queries, which is related to the actress, which people are looking for.

  • Now if you search an organization suppose “Flipkart” then what will happen let’s see


Hope you can notice the difference now. Google is showing the result with advertisement on top, what they are selling with price on right and their brief also. All these are not shown in Yahoo or Bing.

With the help of “search algorithms “Google is making their search engine better than others.

All The above factors and there are more factors, which are making Google number one in the Race of search.

Pic credit: google.com,yahoo.com,bing.com

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