William And Flora Hewlett Foundation’s Education Program Leveraged Google Analytics To Archive Performance Data

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Google Analytics is a freemium web analytic service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. This service was launched by the Google in 2005. Google analytic is the most widely used Web Analytics service on the internet. Google analytics can identify poorly performing pages. It can also help in identifying where visitors came from, how long they stayed and their geographical position. It also provides more advanced features, including custom visitor segmentation. Google analytics e-commerce reporting can track sales activity and performance. The e-commerce report is useful tool to know about the site’s transactions, revenue and much more.

WFYou must have heard about The William And Flora Hewlett Foundation’s. The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation is commonly known as the Hewlett Foundation. It is an American Private Foundation, established by Hewlett-Packard co-founder William Redington Hewlett and his wife Flora Lamson Hewlett in 1966. The foundation was established to promote the well being of the humanity. The William And Flora Hewlett Foundation’s helps people build measurably better lives. The William and flora Hewlett foundation leveraged Google analytics to archive performance data.

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation funds project in education, global development and population, philanthropy the environment and the performing arts. It is a major investor of Open Education Resources. Open educational Resources are freely accessible, openly licensed documents and media that are useful for teaching, learning and research purpose. It can be used freely and reuse at no cost. It is the leading trend in distance learning domain. It includes full courses, courses materials, modules, textbooks, streaming videos, tests, softwares and any other tools materials or techniques used to support access to knowledge. With the growing population, education needs are also growing. OER plays a very important role in this.

The Foundation wanted to know the pros and cons of the Open education Resources. For this they require a uniform,OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA accessible tool to understand the performance and usage of the many OER websites that receives their support. Hewlett Foundation was facing many challenges because there was lack of standardized benchmarks for a small number of websites that receives the foundation grants. Some of them were using Google analytics while others have implemented their own strategy.

In order to resolve all these issues William And Flora Hewlett Foundation approached Lunametrics.

Lunametrics is a certified partner of Google analytics, Google Tag , manager Consultancy and digital marketing consultancy. The company offers variety of services including consulting and training. Lunametrics has a long history of success which we will see in this. Lunametrics used their expertise to cater to the challenges faced by Foundation. They installed two sets of Google analytics code on each site a single roll up account across sites so that William and Flora Hewlett Foundation can track all of the Foundation Grantees. Lunametrics also created an additional account to track the performance of the sites separately. In order to save Hewlett time o reporting Lunametrics set up a quarterly reporting system. Lunametrics also used Custom Reports to make the foundation aware about the emerging trends.

Using Google Analytics has given us a window into those insights and we’re glad to have Lunametrics to guide us.

By Mr Kathy Nicholson, A Program Officer at the Hewlett Foundation

Below Pointers will give you more insight How The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation has leveraged Google Analytics in the direction Of Luna Metrics


  • Measure the Web analytics Of selected organizations.
  • Provide Organisations with the data to maximize performance of their websites.


  • Not Only Single summary account to view an aggregate of all web Analytics, But also separate accounts for each individual website
  • Use multiple Google Analytics tracking codes on each website
  • Usage of Google Analytics API and custom reports to reveal key insights.


  • Reliable measurement  for funded organization
  • Uniform Measurement criteria across the sites
  • Archive of Reliable, Bench-marked Performance data.
  • State of the art websites that help improve education for all

Image Credits: William And Flora Hewlett Foundation

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