Data Science Master Courses

Certified Data Science Courses

Who learns Data Science?

Existing Data Analyst35%

Experienced Professional (non-IT domain)28%

Programmer/IT Professionals26%

Student (B.E, B.Tech, MBA)11%

Data Science Master Courses

Combo Offer: 5 CoursesData Science Master Program (Specialization using Python)

List of Courses:

  1. Python Programming Basics (10 Chapters) – Self Study Course
  2. Statistics Foundation (15 Chapters) – Self Study Course
  3. Data Science using Python (18 Sessions) – Instructor-Led Live Classes
  4. Data Science using R (15 Chapters) – Self Study Course
  5. Tableau (3 Sessions) – Instructor-led Live Classes

Price: ₹ 64,900 ₹ 34,900 + GST*
(Special price available for students)


This Data Science Course program helps to create a strong foundation for Data Scientists to enter the challenging field of AI. This data science training is curated to enable participants to gain an understanding of data by exploring, analyzing and visualizing. The participants are guided to develop hands-on skills using Python as the major programming tool. The self-paced statistics foundation, coupled with applied statistics as part of the Machine Learning course is an excellent way to equip oneself with the Statistician bent for the role of a data scientist.

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Duration: Minimum 21 weeks

Combo Offer: 4 CoursesData Analytics Master Program (Specialization in Excel, PowerBI)

List of Courses:

  1. Statistics Foundation (15 Chapters) – Self Study Course
  2. Analytic Techniques using Excel and PowerBI (15 Sessions) – Instructor-Led Live Classes
  3. VBA Macro (4 Sessions) – Self Study Course
  4. Tableau (3 Sessions) – Instructor-led Live Classes

Price:₹ 44,900 ₹ 24,900 + GST*


This data science online course program is curated for people who own data as part of their functional roles or are in the roles of enabling data-based decision-making. The key capabilities that the participants will acquire by doing this data analytics course is getting proficient with the fundamental of working with data using the basic and advanced features of Microsoft Excel. This Data Science Course also covers the utility of the Business Intelligence tool, PowerBI for powerful visualization and story-telling.  This allows to import data from different sources, create mashups between data sources, and prepare data for analysis.

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Duration: Minimum 18 weeks

Build Your Foundations For Data Science Courses

Complementary Online Self Study Course

Python Programming Basics

Overview: The Python Basics course is designed for programmers (who use other languages) and non-programmers to get familiar with the basic programming syntax, data types and building blocks of programming using Python.

This course is compulsory for all data aspirants who want to learn Data Science using Python and do not have a programming background.

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Price:₹ 4,900 ₹ 0

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Complementary Online Self Study Course

Statistics Foundation

Overview: The Statistics Foundation course is designed for all aspirants who wish to work with data & acquire a data science certification. Knowing the concepts of Statistics are key to being a data analyst/data scientist, irrespective of the tool or language to be used in the process.

The course covers topics ranging from descriptive statistics, probability, distributions, estimation, hypothesis testing, inference to regression.

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Price:₹ 4,900 ₹ 0

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Specialization Courses

Paid Online Instructor-Led Course

Data Science using Python

Available Batches:
Sunday(Morning), Satarday (Morning)

Weekly Learning Hrs:
3 hours (Class time), 7-10 hours (Project Time)

Price:₹ 34,900 + GST*

The Data Science Specialization course is thoughtfully designed to allow learners with a programming background to make a transition into the analytics industry with the required skill-set, using Python programming language. Post completion of the program, learners will be prepared to devise solutions for real-time problems in the industry.

The course has a mandatory end-of-the-course project called a Capstone Project. The end of the course projects are created to offer complex problems to students so that they can experience an integrated experience of the complete Data Science problem solving, end to end. Students who pass will also get an online data science certificate for course completion.

Duration: 18 Weeks

Paid Online Instructor-Led Course

Analytic Techniques using Excel and PowerBI

Available Batches:
Sunday(Morning/Afternoon), Saturday (Morning/Afternoon)

Weekly Learning Hours:
3 hours (Class time), 5-8 hours (Project Time)

Price:₹ 24,900 + GST*

Overview: This Data Science Course is curated for people who own data as part of their functional roles, may it be Sales, Marketing, Operations, Logistics, Finance, Supply-Chain, HR or are in the roles of enabling data-based decision-making. The key capabilities that one will acquire by doing this course is get an applied know-how of working with data using the basic and advanced features of Microsoft Excel, Business Intelligence tool PowerBI for powerful visualization and story-telling, SQL to be empowered with working with data and importantly, Statistics, in order to apply correct inferences from data.

Duration: 15 Weeks

Paid Self Study Course

Data Science using R

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Price:₹ 15,900 + GST*

Overview: The Data Science using R course is designed to allow learners start with the introduction to R, that too in a very hands-on learning style using R Studio. The participant will learn about the libraries along with applied statistics and machine learning concepts and applications. Post completion of the program, learners will be prepared to device solutions for real time problems in the industry.

Self-Paced, Average Estimate 15 Weeks

Paid Online Instructor-Led Course

Introduction to Tableau

Available Batches:
Saturday & Sunday

Weekly Learning Hrs:
6 hours Class time

Price:₹ 5,000 + GST*

Overview: Tableau is a rapid BI software. This course will introduce the learner to the tool that provides great visualizations, allows to connect to data, visualize and create interactive, shareable dashboards in a few clicks. Ease of use makes it easy enough that any Excel user can learn it, but powerful enough to satisfy complex analytical problems.

Duration: 2 weeks

Our Promises to participants

Extensive Hands-on Assignments & In-depth Capstone Projects
These data science courses are designed and delivered to offer a very hands-on learning style. The weekly assignments designed specially for our data science programs use different types of data sets to allow exposure to a variety of problem solving techniques/scenarios. The Capstone Project provides an ample opportunity to learn end-to-end approach to solving a data problem. All this helps us make our courses from among the best data science courses.

Industry-Relevant Content with Systematic Delivery
The courses are revised and refreshed following an agile methodology based on feedback from the participants and updates in the industry. This maintains a high quality curriculum for our Data Science Courses and keeps the learner abreast with what is required in the industry.

Individual Attention & Collaborative Learning
The data science program strives to strike a balance for anyone interested to learn data science in providing a platform for collaborative learning alongside personalized attention. The classes are delivered in groups of students. Brainstorming alongside online Q & A community create a perfect environment needed to nurture a Data Scientist for the business world.

There is a great focus on the individual, where each participant has a Program Coordinator for the entire length of the learning journey. The students also receive individual feedback on their assignments and Capstone Projects. Participants have the opportunity to stay connected and sharpen their skills post this data science course completion through internal competitions.

Job Ready
These data science trainings are designed make a learner job-ready with a strong focus on continuous learning through weekly assignments for each of the topics studied. Learners are exposed to various platforms like Kaggle so that they can begin building their profile in the early part of the learning itself. The Capstone Project with variety of problem areas offers an opportunity to become familiar with the most common problems of such operational verticals.

The Industry Insight Interviews and Webinars provide a peek into the challenges the industry is solving today. Through comparison analysis, many data scientists have said that we have crafted great online data science certifications.

Why build career in Data Science Domain?

Artificial Intelligence field is continuously growing
– The share of jobs requiring AI skills has grown 4.5x since 2013
– Global revenues from AI enterprise applications is projected to grow from $1.62B in 2018 to $31.2B in 2025
– An average salary increase of Data Scientists was about 25% in 2017
Source: Forbes

Building Skills for Hot Data Science Trends
– Self-service BI tools, such as Tableau, Qlik Sense, Power BI are becoming much in demand
– Machine Learning using Scikit-learn, Deep Learning using TensorFlow are rapidly claiming ground
– Specialized machine learning and data-specific roles top the list of emerging jobs
Source:, LinkedIn, ToI

You can fill the Gap in the AI Skills Crisis
– Focus on younger generation: Increase resources for digital, math and technical education
– Retraining and upskilling current employees
– Experienced professionals who can marry tech with the required soft skills
Source: Forbes
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Industry Experts Speak

Ravi Vijayaraghavan

Creating a talent pool in India with Practical hands-on experience in Analytics and Data Science is the need of the hour. Platforms like Digital Vidya are critical to filling this gap.

Ravi Vijayaraghavan
President and Head – Analytics and Decision Sciences

Lovekesh Vig

Digital Vidya has a very important role in getting the word out from the industry’s perspective. Initiatives like Digital Vidya will hopefully help to plug the gap between academia & practical skills.

Lovekesh Vig
Senior Scientist

Ambuj Kathuria

Digital Vidya is doing a great job of bringing people from diverse set of experiences to one platform for creating the best of Data Science skill pipeline.

Ambuj Kathuria
Head – Data & Analytics

Akshay Sehgal

Digital Vidya is doing a great job at bringing data analytics to the rest of the world!

Akshay Sehgal
General Manager

Naresh Mehta

Good to see Digital Vidya becoming increasingly more involved in covering data science vertical, look forward to collaborate with DV to help shape this industry.

Naresh Mehta
AVP Data Science & Analytics

Digital Vidyarthis Speak

Faisal Hussain

Deputy Manager / Enzen Global Solutions Pvt Ltd

It was really an interactive Data Analytics training experience. It will surely help me in starting up my analytics career.

Utathya Ghosh

Data Analyst / Right Relevance

Really peaked my interest in Tableau. It is a fun tool and the presenter did a great job to help me learn. Presenter has good knowledge of subject and works well with students.

Amit Kumar Sinha

General Manager / Leela's Foundation For Education & Health

Came to know new and advanced technical knowledge about Excel and Power BI platform.

Hareesh Kumar

Software Development Engineer / Mcafee(Intel Security)

The attachment with Digital Vidya is memorable.Thanks

Dhanashree Bagal

Associate Software Engineer / Accenture

It was good learning with digital Vidya. The whole team is supportive. Trainer was able to answer almost every asked question.

Nanddeep Nasnodkar

Sr. Software Developer / Remote Software Solutions

This course gets you started from very basics, makes you think and solve the assignments, and suddenly you find yourself doing Data Analytics all by yourself!

Ranjan Kumar

Map Analyst / Lionbridge Tech

I would like to sincerely offer my thanks and gratitude to Digital Vidya for providing me with the most efficient and relevant mentors and course materials to learn Data Analytics and R. I would specifically like to mention weekly assignments during my course tenure to learn R were the best.

Vani Ananthamurthy

Business Operations Senior Analyst / Accenture

I was looking for customized content and I found the same in Digital Vidya. Content is structured and well planned. Classes were very interactive and trainer’s presentation skills were very good. People who are new to the subject can also understand clearly. Thank you so much!