A Beginner’s Guide to Quora Marketing & Promotion of a Website

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Did you ever think that Quora would become a marketing platform known as Quora marketing?

Well, yes!

Quora has 500 million monthly active users which makes it a perfect content marketing platform.

Quora is considered to be the favourite Content Marketing platform for new age marketers. People think that it’s just a “questions and answers” site, but you’ll be amazed to see its potential as a marketing tool.

Quora is an excellent way to build credibility and thought leadership. 

Before we go on to evaluate the efficacy of Quora as a content marketing platform, let’s have an overview of how Quora is viewed among the web community.

What is Quora?

What is Quora?

What is Quora?

Quora is basically a knowledge sharing platform, where you can get an answer to your query directly from its users.  These Quora users are either:

(i) Experts in the field, the query is related to or

(ii) Have experienced something similar or

(iii) Are somehow related to that field.

Obviously, you can’t validate the authenticity of every answer given on Quora. Nonetheless, the answers given on the platform are quite interesting, informative and useful.

Furthermore, Quora has introduced several features to evaluate the authority of the contributors, based on the number of views they get on their answers, which indicates the popularity, relevance, and usefulness of the answers given by them.

Prime Features of Quora Marketing

Worldwide Quora and Reddit are known for intelligent discussions on different topics. Since it’s a public platform, marketers also use Quora for offering useful information, eavesdropping and influencing public opinion

All the three things mentioned above are extremely important activities of marketing. Furthermore, Quora is used by the masses and is, therefore, the preferred destination of modern marketers around the world.

Here are some of the features of Quora Marketing:

1. Following Topics

This feature helps you to follow the desired topics of your choice. When you sign in to your Quora account, you get a list of topics to choose from. You can also follow topics from the questions itself.

2. Add Answers

Quora allows you to add answers to share knowledge of your particular niche with the audience. When you click on to the question, you will get to see an “Answer Box” that allows you to answer the question and give the community the relevant content.

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3. Answer Request

This feature of Quora gives you the ability to request an answer for a question from the experts of a particular niche. You can simply go to the question and click on “Request”.

You will get a list of people who have written on that topic. Select the person that you want an answer from and send the request to him/her.

4. Quora Inbox

Quora Inbox gives you provides you with a list of messages from individuals who follow you in Quora.

When a follower wants you to answer a specific question, they will send you the request in the form of an invite and that will show up in your inbox. The decision to answer the requested question depends on you.

In this article, we will discuss how can we use Quora effectively for digital marketing and promotion.

Why should you use Quora Marketing Strategy?

Quora Marketing Strategy

Quora Marketing Strategy

Quora is solely a content marketing platform that is based on knowledge oriented content. This feature makes it a perfect content marketing platform for knowledge sharing.

Here are some of the finest reasons to use Quora Marketing.

1. Massive Content Reach

As mentioned earlier, with 500 million monthly active users, Quora is the only content marketing platform with massive reach. It gives access to huge audiences and moreover, it is absolutely free.

By writing great answers you can easily get a lot of followers. Taking those followers to your website is a good way of creating some brand loyalty and making your brand more visible.

If you continue to write great answers, your content will be shared with countless readers via Quora feed and digest.

2. Qualified Lead Generation

When it comes to lead generation, Quora is more of a long-term investment. Building authority and trust on Quora might take a little time. But once it is done, you are benefitted from a secure loyal reader base. Then you can depend on Quora to generate leads for you.

3. Networking

Quora does not run on its own, it does have editors who short-list the best-written answers on various topics and then republish them other authoritative websites like Forbes, Inc etc.

You can certainly take advantage of this opportunity to get featured on some prestigious websites. This will showcase you as an expert and will help you in your networking efforts.

How to Use Quora Marketing?

How to Use Quora Marketing?

How to Use Quora Marketing?

Though Quora is categorized as a question & answer site that is similar to Yahoo answers, it has far more features than Yahoo answers.

If used with a Quora Marketing Strategy in mind, it has the potential to meet both your short and long term digital marketing objectives.

We don’t have an exact figure available about the existing number of Quora users, but we can have a fair idea of its popularity by the mere fact that there are around half a million topics on the site and it attracts millions of views per month.  Many brands are using Quora Marketing as their secret marketing weapon.

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You can use Quora Marketing in the following ways:

(i) To educate

(ii) To inform

(iii) To engage through interesting stories

(iv) To eavesdrop or to get the pulse of the market

(v) To influence public opinion

There are many features that Quora offers for creating your brand space online. In fact, Quora with a vast audience can very well be used as a content marketing and lead generation platform along with a perfect Quora Marketing Strategy.

Let’s discuss how we can use Quora as a content marketing platform.

How to Create your Profile on Quora?

To start with, you can sign up for Quora using Facebook, Google+ or your email. When you set up your profile, you can mention topics you’d like to contribute to. 

It will help you get the right feed. Profile content is very important as the first 50 characters of your profile are displayed as a tagline above your answer.

Your tagline is the only information about you that most of your readers are going to see. So, make sure that your website and the brand name appears at the beginning followed by the social media accounts of your organization.

To create a professional profile on Quora, follow these steps:

Go to Profile page >> Knows about, and then add your experience and expertise there.

You can also add details here about your employment, education, and location, etc.

Create your Profile on Quora

Create your Profile on Quora

Quora has many features that enable you to establish your authority in your preferred niche. For example, you can be the “Most Viewed Writer” in a specific category based on the total number of views your related posts have got. 

The profile dashboard also gives you an overview of your total answer views along with last month’s answer views, which again helps to build your authority.

Creating Profile on Quora

While answering a question, make sure that you’re including some links to your website, blog and your social channels.

Create Topic Specific Short Biographies

Quora allows you to create topic-specific short biographies as well, which reflects your authority or experience in that discipline. 

For example, if the question is related to depression and its treatment, your answer with a short bio as a psychotherapist or a depression counsellor will add to your authority.  You can edit your short bio while writing an answer.

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How to Answer Quora Questions to Drive Traffic to the Website

Drive Traffic to the Website with Quora

Drive Traffic to the Website with Quora

As mentioned earlier, Quora is a great content marketing platform and with Quora Marketing, you can drive huge traffic to your website.

1. Select questions that have enough views & followers

Writing answers to the questions will fewer followers and views is not a profitable action to take. Always select the question that has a considerably good number of views and followers.

To find the right questions, use the search bar. Look for short phrases and keywords that match with your blogs. Then browse through the questions and topics related to it.

To make sure that you answer the right questions, choose the most recent questions or questions with more than 1000 views.

2. Choose a Question that matches with one of your Blog Post & Add the link

This is one of the best content strategies to use share your blog posts. Choose a blog post that you would like to share. Now find a question on Quora that matches with your blog post.

Write an answer to that question and link it back to your selected blog post. This will increase the traffic on your website.

While linking a blog post to the answer, make sure that the blog post has sufficient information for the readers to digest. This will make your answer less sales-oriented and increase your value as a writer.

3. Provide advice through your answers & link it back to your blogs

Most of the Quora members look for advice via answers. Thus, ensure to answer questions in a helpful as well as non-promotional manner. Use your experience while offering the right advice.

This will give them a voluntary reason to click on the link of your blog post. Use personal pronouns like “I” or “Me” to create a personal touch. Don’t forget to include any relevant images or videos.

4. Measure the traffic & ROI with Google Analytics

After writing answers on Quora & adding the links to your blog post, now comes the time to track the results of the Quora Answers. You can track the results with the help of Google Analytics. Here are the steps that you should follow:
Step 1: Login to your Google Analytics and go to the Reporting Tab.

Click on "Acquisition"

Click on “Acquisition”

Step 2: Under the “Acquisition” section choose “Social” and then click on the “Network Referrals”.

Acquisition<Social<Network Referrals

Acquisition<Social<Network Referrals

Step 3: You will get to see a list of Social Networks there. Click on “Quora”.

Click on "Quora"

Click on “Quora”

Step 4: When you click on the Quora section, you’ll see a list of pages on your website and the traffic that is generated from Quora.


Quora Marketing has emerged as one of the most engaging platforms for sharing knowledge and conducting discussions on your desired topics. The community has steadily been growing for the past couple of years with millions of topics to discuss on the platform.

It has the potential to bring qualified traffic to your website, because people use Quora to ask questions, get “specific” information, read interesting stories and find solutions to their “specific” problems.

It’s unlike Facebook where people flock to share pictures, update their statuses and catch up with their friends.

As a beginner or an expert marketer, you can use Quora to educate, inform, engage through telling interesting stories, eavesdrop (to get the pulse of the market) and influence public opinion.

Hopefully, you must have understood what is Quora Marketing and the key concepts of a Quora Marketing Strategy.

Identify the stage of your buyers’ journey and use Quora accordingly.

Over the past years, content marketing has made a remarkable position in the world of Digital Marketing and proved its worth by delivering the desired results. Looking to get in-depth knowledge about content marketing? Join our Certified Digital Marketing Course.

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