Aditi Technologies Leveraged Social Media Marketing To Achieve Over 10,000 Views In 2 Months

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Aiditi techAbout Aditi Technologies

Aditi Technologies founded by Mr Pradeep Singh in 1994 is a Outsourced Product Development and Cloud Services Company headquartered in  Bangalore, Karnataka, India.  It offers IT outsourcing services to organisations, independent software vendors and enterprises. This comprises cloud computing technologies such as Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services, Salesforce and Rack space. 

Business Objective Of Aditi Technologies

  • Main business objective was to highlight the working culture at ADITI and at the same time search & reach out to budding  and new prospective talent through the use of social media platforms.
  • Establishing Aditi Technologies as a thought leader in the field of social, big data and cloud enterprise.
  • Positioning of ADITI technologies as a geeky and cool working place.
  • The main challenge  here was how to showcase Aditi a strong B2B technology based company as a dynamic & cool working place.
  • To create awareness about Aditi Technologies as a strong Cloud Computing Solutions leader.
  • To share achievements and success stories of employees and the company.

Approach / Strategy Adopted By Aditi Technologies

  • The strategy was to make the brand live and active on 3 important social platforms: Facebook, Blog and Slideshare.
  • Facebook page was always active with regular updates, sharing articles, white papers from companies Blog and Slideshare channel.
  • Lot of targeted paid FB ads were used so as to insure that the communication reaches new and relevant fans.
  • Exclusive and unique application were created for Facebook, which would assist in positioning of the company as a cool working place and at the same time helping in acquisition of new talent. Applications like WELCOME App, CAREERS App, LEAD App and Culture at Aditi App helped in keeping the users engaged.
  • The Welcome App talked about who, how and what the Co. is all about. A video was integrated with the app showing how the new employees are welcomed in the Co. Whenever a new fan came on the Companies FB page they automatically landed on the welcome app.
  • LEAD App stands for learning, engagement and development. It is an initiative and an open training platform of the Co. where its employees share their  expertise on respective domains with their peers. Presentations of various training modules and details of upcoming events were embedded and shared in this app for easy accessibility of fans and to maintain their interest.
  • One of the most interesting application built was Work culture App. Here an e-book which can be flipped as a physical book was embedded in a Facebook app. The objective was to showcase the Work Culture at Aditi Technologies. The users were given the facility to expand the e-book to full size and go through the entire process starting from how the company hires, trains, first day of work, a typical Saturday, etc.
  • Careers application helped the candidate to apply for a job in Aditi right from Facebook in a hassle-free way. Some of the features were: Users having the option to choose the job by function, location of the job and apply for the job right from Facebook by uploading his resume. All the current openings of the Company along with the details were listed here. The added advantage was that the HR manger could add/delete a position and that would change in real time.
  • On Slideshare the presentations of the company that discussed about the brand, area of work, etc. were shared. The channel was constantly updated with PPTs. And videos and it was made SEO friendly.
  • Blog was exclusively used for sharing articles on Enterprise Social, Cloud Computing, Big Data etc. The blog was designed in a manner to make it social media and search friendly.
  • The blog was populated with articles from Aditi Technologies employees on a regular basis.
  • The articles were tagged with appropriate keywords. Then they were segmented as per separate categories so as to facilitate search and navigation for the users.
  • The articles were shared on different social networking sites. The users had the options to share, like or tweet the article on any social site.
  • Various plugins were added on the blog to make it more friendly to users, for e.g., most read and shared articles in the past 1 month, 20 days etc.

Results Achieved By Aditi Technologies

The results were far reaching. Most of the objectives that the co had set were on the path of achievement. The results are highlighted as below:

  • Within a 2 months period the number of fans on Facebook reached from 0 to 8000+, Aditi was buzzing and lot of users were applying for jobs in the company. Most important factor here was the relevancy of the fans joining the FB page. Thus the objective of engaging the right audience was achieved.
  • Slideshare channel witnessed more than 10,000 views within a 2 months period. This was accompanied with huge number of downloads and embedding of the case studies. All this happened as the quality of the shared content was unique and interesting.
  • Traffic on the blog also witnessed a massive growth. Within 2/3 months of operation it crossed over the 25,000 page views mark. Monthly page views of the blog were also rising consistently.


  • Integration of exclusive applications on the social media platforms help out in not only getting more relevant fans but also in actual conversions.
  • For a campaign to succeed, careful synergy of different social media platforms is a must as in this case where Facebook, Slideshare and Blogging were used.
  • Integration of training and testimonial videos helps in getting across the right message to the right target market.
  • Constant up-gradation of unique and interesting content not only helps in engaging the users but at the same time increases the no. of shares and imprints.
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  1. Nikhita Reddy

    This post shows how Aditi Technologies used social media to the fullest. Good description and learnings are explained in a clear way. This post gives a perfect example of how social media marketing can transform one’s business.

  2. Indrajit Goswami

    One of the best case studies, so far I’ve read. Well done.


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