Kulwant Nagi, the Fatehabad Blogger who is pursuing Million Dollar Dreams

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Kulwant NagiKulwant Nagi hails from a small town (Fatehabad, Haryana). He completed his formal education in government schools in his city itself. Later, he spent 3 years in Ambala city for diploma in electronics and communication. Continuing the stream, Kulwant completed bacheor’s degree in electronics and communication in 2010.  

During bachelor’s degree, he prepared for the GRE and TOEFL exam to get admission for masters in USA. Luckily, he cracked both the exams and got admission in 6 reputed universities in USA, having Rochester Institute of Technology, New York offering him $16,000 scholarship.

Later, he found that his father didn’t have money to afford his education fee, so he dropped the plan to go to USA and started his first VLSI verification job in December 2010. Kulwant always wanted to have a high paying job. So he selected VLSI as his dream job as payout in this industry was 5 times higher than the normal jobs. Soon, he found himself exhausted in the job, so decided to quit job in June 2011.

Digital marketing has changed his life completely. From being a normal guy from a very small town to getting featured in Hindustan Times, digital marketing has opened many doors for me.

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How did you decide to become a blogger? Was it a thoughtful choice?

Kulwant Nagi: This just happened by chance.

Back in 2011, I was doing MLM with a company. Someone suggested me to start a blog to collect online leads, and finally convert them into my potential business partners.

I started a blog with the intention to share MLM and network marketing tips. Soon I started getting more interest in blogging as compared to MLM stuff.

So in January 2012, I stopped writing about MLM and started writing about blogging at my blog BloggingCage.com

I am a big thinker. When I do any thing in life, I do it with full dedication. So I was confident that one day I will make it a big blog.

Becoming a blogger was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

What experience did you carry when you started your first blog KulwantNagi.com?

Kulwant Nagi: Starting a blog is easy. Buy a 100 Rs. Domain name, a cheap hosting, and a good looking theme, and you are done.

But nurturing it and making it a brand takes countless efforts. When I started, I was not good in English. I used to write wrong headlines, wrong paragraphs, many grammatical mistakes, and no knowledge of marketing.

For me first 2 years were just learning years. I spent sleepless nights to understand what other bloggers were doing, what books they were reading, what type of headlines they were writing, what was the style of their writing and many other things which are the core ingredients to become a good blogger.

So, I had zero expertise of blogging when I started in 2011.

What triggered you to start BloggingCage.com within a short span of 4 months after launching KulwantNagi.com?

Kulwant Nagi: I wanted to be more focused towards blogging rather than writing stuff about MLM. So, I decided to stop writing that stuff and shift my total focus on blogging.

But the confusion was, whether to write on KulwantNagi.com or start a new blog. I pinged one good online friend of mine and asked his suggestion. He suggested to start a separate blog for the blogging tips. So, BloggingCage was born in January 2012.

If you were to list top 5 reasons for your success as a blogger, what would those be?

Kulwant Nagi:

  1. My mindset to become a successful blogger.
  2. My learning about various topics (sales, marketing, copywriting, affiliate marketing).
  3. Sticking to one topic rather than jumping about many niches.
  4. Treating my blog as a business.
  5. Maintaining the writing frequency in starting days.

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an-interview-with-kulwant-nagi-founder-blogging-cage, CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)

Which influencers and thought leaders you look upto when it comes to blogging?

Kulwant Nagi: All time favourite Neil Patel, Micheal Dunlop and Zac Johnson.

How do you keep yourself updated on the latest trends about blogging? Which are the top sites and blogs you visit every day?

Kulwant Nagi: I have subscribed to some big sites. So I keep getting updates in my inbox. Not following any specific sites these days.

Blogging or affiliate marketing to make money attracts a lot of youngsters these days. What’s your advice to those people? According to you, what are the top mistakes to avoid when they choose blogging as a medium to make money?

Kulwant Nagi:

  • Money is secondary.
  • First learn the basic.
  • I see newbies asking same question again and again – how to make money online? How can I generate income with affiliate marketing?
  • I recommend to read some good blogs who are sharing their income reports on their blogs. So what they promote, understand how they write about any product, see what is their marketing techniques and try to do exactly same things when you are a newbie. Soon after learning the techniques and making some money online, you will be able to take it to a new level.

Blogging is increasingly becoming competitive. Do you think it will be a good choice for newbies to opt for blogging in 2016 and further?

Kulwant Nagi: Blogging is becoming more professional with the time.

I am getting more calls from people this year as compared to last year. This means that more and more people are interested to start a blog and do a work from home business.

I think blogging would shift into more professionalism as Google it taking big actions to rank quality stuff.

And from the user perspective, the amount of attention span is decreasing. Rather than reading the whole article, we just skim through it. So the blog with the quality stuff are going to survive in future.

What are your future plans? How do you plan to leveraging your existing success as a Blogger?

Kulwant Nagi: I want to become a speaker. Till now I have delivered lectures in some of the reputed colleges in Punjab, Haryana and Delhi.

Last year I was speaker at the Payoneer event as well.

I opening more doors for myself to expand my business worldwide.

This year I started my world tour. I have traveled 5 countries so far, and going to travel at leat more 7-8 countries this year. So keep my readers updated about my travel, I have started a travel blog where my readers can read about my trips.

Digital Vidya is ranked one of the top 10 marketing blogs by SEJ. Would you like to share a few words about the work we are doing at Digital Vidya?

Kulwant Nagi:

Being ranked in top in such a competitive market is a huge achievement. So many congrats from the bottom of my heart. After going through the website and reading some of the stuff on your blog, I found that you guys are putting tremendous work to nurture digital marketing in a more professional way.

Keep putting best stuff.

All the best.

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  1. Dixit Dhinakaran

    Indeed, it’s a great share! Very motive and it will be inspiring many newbies too! Thanks again for the share 😀

  2. Rahul Pawar

    wow that’s so inspiring.

  3. Sagar Rai

    The interview is very precise with the topics. The question asked looks very well researched and good to read great response from Kulwant.

    Very inspirational one.

    • Kulwant Nagi

      Even I enjoyed each and every question. 🙂

  4. Pavitra Kumar

    Realy a great man Kulwant Nagi.

    Thanks digital vidya for sharing this interview with Kulwant Nagi.Very inspirational and informative interview.
    I am an avid reader of his blog, Blogging cage. He is one of the most popular and leading bloggers in India. I truly admire him.

    One thing with him is he’s very open to help and that makes the secret of success in blogging.

    Congrats Kulwant sir 🙂 Happy Blogging 🙂

    • Kulwant Nagi

      Thanks a lot, Pavitra.

      It means a lot to me. 🙂

  5. Amit Tripathi

    Very inspiring….. Keep it up kulwant sir

  6. Abhi ram

    very inspiring, thank u soo much for sharing this 🙂

  7. Yash Kumar

    Nice interview!

    Is it harmful to have multiple niches under one blog?


    • Kulwant Nagi

      If you are a newbie, I won’t recommend to have multiple niches under one blog.

  8. Jasleen Kaur

    Thanks Kulwant for your contribution to our community through this interview. Really happy to know your feedback about the work we are doing in spreading digital (marketing) vidya :).

  9. Sandeep sharma

    Very helpful & inspirational article indeed.. Keep up the good work 🙂

  10. Muthukrishnan

    Inspirational article for all the bloggers.

  11. Michael John

    very inspiring post for me, Thanks Kulwant for your contribution to this community.


  12. Kundan Sharma

    Kulwant Negi is one of my favourite bloggers.
    I learned lots of things from his blog and still learning.
    Thank you digital vidya for sharing his journey with us.


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