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Anyone who has little insight into how the digital world functions, knows that content is the king here. Further, anyone who wants to leverage this fact wants to know how to create content that the audience loves. ‘Answer the Public’ is the key tool that will help you with your content marketing strategies.

According to the Company-

Answer the Public is the most powerful keyword research tool that helps you by creating simple visualizations from the suggested search terms that Google and Bing provide.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to this powerful free tool as well as acquaint you with how to use answer the public so that you achieve your marketing goals.

Let’s start with knowing about ‘Answer the Public’

What is ‘Answer the Public’?

Answer the Public is a tool that enables one to get an insight into what their customers are searching for on the internet.

It is a goldmine of information for content ideas as this tool combines the suggest results from both Google and Bing.

As one types in this tool, one can get the list of questions that people ask in the two major search engines in the world. This enables marketers to understand the emotions and motivations behind the questions asked by their target people.

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The best part of this content marketing tool is that it presents the results in a visual form which is termed as a search cloud.

From the search cloud, marketers can get the result classified into categories corresponding to the 5Ws and the ‘can’, ‘are’, ‘how’, and ‘will’ questions.

Let’s take an example to better understand how this tool can help you. Suppose you run a digital marketing agency and cater to different clients. One client from the automobile industry hired you to increase their sales.

You can know how to do keyword research journey from this tool to find out what the potential customers are looking for in their next car and later use tools like SEMrush to select particular keywords. This will help you design your content to increase conversions (here car sales).

Why ‘Answer the Public’ is important for marketers?

Answer the Public - Dashboard

Answer the Public – Dashboard

Now, that you know what ‘Answer the Public’ is. Let’s highlight why marketers should consider using this.

Marketers must integrate ‘Answer the Public’s in their content marketing research because:

  • It helps you understand your audience
  • Optimizes your keyword research
  • Helps in getting more organic traffic
  • Increases conversions
  • Improves content marketing strategies

We will elaborate on each of these points in the following sections-

Benefits of using Answer the Public Keyword Research

1. Helps you understand your Audience

This is perhaps the most important aspect of drafting content or designing a content strategy. You need to first know your audience before you attempt to lure them to your offerings. Knowing them, particularly their needs are essential to attract them to your brand’s products.

Answer the public is the tool that enables you to do that. This tool enables you to include the exact information that your audience is looking for. It provides a very unique insight into the customer’s needs that you won’t be able to get from other tools like Google analytics.

Whenever you are starting the work of a client you can easily conduct brief market research on their existing customers and their competitors to create effective marketing proposals.

Note that, when people turn to the internet for answers they look for information that is very personal. A tool like Answer the public can present you with these searches so that you can include the information they have been searching for. This will allow you to provide value to your audience and will help you get more attention.

2. Optimize your Keyword Research

Use ‘Answer the Public’ to gather the questions that people are asking related to your product. When you have obtained the list, narrow down this list by deciding which questions you would like to answer.

One way of narrowing down the list of questions is by doing keyword research. For the questions that appeal to you most conduct keyword research by using tools such as Ahrefs or SEMrush. This will enable you to get the monthly search volumes.

Once you get the monthly search volumes for particular keywords or queries you can decide which queries you would like to answer. You can go with both generic keywords and long-tail keywords to get more traffic. Remember that while generic keywords may have more search volume, long-tail keywords may get you quality traffic that maybe lead to more conversions.

3) Optimize long-tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are great both for newbie bloggers as well as established sites.


For newbie bloggers, long-tail keywords offer the benefit of low competition, whereas for established websites long-tail keywords can bring in relevant traffic. Now, if you can optimize long tail keywords this will reap more benefits regardless of who you.

Answer the Public keyword research that can do that for you.

Let’s take an example to understand how this tool can help. Suppose you want to write an article about cervical cancer. You can use ‘Answer the Public’ to get the questions people are asking related to this. Some questions may be:

  • What are the symptoms of cervical cancer?
  • What are the treatments for cervical cancer?
  • How to prevent cervical cancer?
  • What causes cervical cancer?

From this list of questions, you are getting a list of long-tail keywords such as symptoms of cervical cancer, treatment options for cervical cancer, and causes of cervical cancer.

Another great benefit of using this tool is that you can directly implement the search queries into your content. The search queries can be included in the subheadings to better optimize your content.

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4. Get more Organic Traffic

For certain keywords like ‘software sales,’ you may find that the cost is a bit steep for paid advertisements. Again, a bit more research will show you that people are actually clicking more on organic listings for the ‘software sales’ keyword rather than on the paid advertisements.

If you want to bring in more organic traffic to your website than ‘Answer the Public’ can help you with that, as it can provide you some amazing content ideas. It can also provide you with long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords when used properly in the content can attract organic traffic.

Just consult the list of questions people are asking and see the phrases that they are using.

These phrases are nothing but your long-tail keywords. These can be included in your landing pages, FAQs, and Guides to generate organic traffic.

5. Get your Articles in Google’s Featured Snippets

It is quite possible you have come across Google’s featured snippet.

Whenever someone enters a query in Google, it pulls out a small bit of information from websites. These are excerpts that Google collects from websites and presents it to the user. Google snippet tries to provide answers to the user’s query without the need for the user to visit a website.

For example, if I search for ‘How to play the guitar?’ Google will generate a snippet highlighting the steps to do the same. It looks something like this:

  • Identify the guitar parts
  • Hold the guitar in the correct manner
  • Tune your guitar

It will also highlight the website from which it pulled the information. In this case, it’s wikiHow.

Getting featured in Google’s snippet can skyrocket your organic traffic because it is the first website the search engine is highlighting. Needless to say, getting in the snippet will also position you as an expert on what the user asked.

Now the question is how can you get featured in Google’s snippet? The first step would be to craft your content in the form of a list. The second step is to have clear and concise content under each heading of the list. Remember, it is highly important that you optimize your content for both generic and long-tail keywords.

Again, if you are able to provide a short glimpse of the answer the user is looking for it improves your chances of getting featured. There are also some technical requirements (SEO) to get your website on Google’s snippet. You can take the help of your SEO experts for that.

6. Increase conversions with Answer the Public Keyword Research

You can be sure that people are looking for the answers to the questions that Answer the Public tool is generating.

This helps you create articles, blogs, and guides to give these people the answer.

Just to make sure that you give an eye-catching title to your blogs so that when people search for the relevant questions they find your web page and click on it. After coming to your landing page they must find what the headline promised.

If the landing page is successful in answering the question the user searched for they are more likely to convert and take your desired action.

Your landing page must provide:

  • A viable solution to the challenge that the user is facing.
  • Valuable information to your audience.
  • Story of your product or service to make them interested in buying them.
  • Good testimonials to gain credibility.
  • Structured content for easy navigation and readability.

All these points will increase your conversion rates.

How to use ‘Answer the Public’ to increase Traffic

‘Answer the Public’ is not an all in one keyword research tool.

However, it is a great starting point for keyword research. Let’s give you some pointers to help you with your keyword research journey with this amazing tool.

First, if you find the default visual format of this tool hard to follow then you can switch to the easier to read version by selecting the ‘Data’ tab.

How to use ‘Answer the Public’ to increase Traffic

How to use ‘Answer the Public’ to increase Traffic

This will generate tables with values that are easier to understand.

Now, you will find tons of questions in the Answer the Public tool. However, not all of them are useful. You need to identify the specific questions that have the potential to generate more traffic or conversions.

For this, look for questions with prepositions such as can, is, near, to, with, etc. Questions with these words present more commercial value. Another set of words to look for are the ones that indicate comparison. These are verses, like, or, and vs.

Answer the Public Daily Limit

Answer the Public Daily Limit

Answer the Public Daily Limit

With Answer the Public, you get two versions. One is Free and another one is the Pro version.

With Free version, you will get a handful of content ideas but it will offer limited daily searches, while if you opt for Pro version by paying $99 per month, you will get unlimited searches with some additional features like-

  • Unlimited searches
  • Compare data + see new suggestions
  • Language + Location-based results
  • High-resolution images
  • Priority customer support
  • Saved reports
  • Unlimited team members
  • Hide unwanted sections
  • Hide individual suggestions

So, all in all, Answer the Public is a tool that every content marketer needs in their arsenal. Answer the Public daily limit is only 3 search reports per day.

The free version of this tool may suffice the need of only individual marketers and bloggers. Others need to opt for the paid version. The pro version of this tool comes with a price tag of $99 per month.

Final Thoughts

On the concluding note, we can say that the Answer the Public will help you find the real search terms that your target audiences are using.

Plus, it will also offer you low competition opportunities to optimize the ranking of your blog content.

Learning how to use Answer the Public in adept fashion will enable you to create content that will enjoy optimized ranking on SERPs. Such content is also read more, plus they play a key role in generating more organic traffic.

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Answer the Public is going to be one of the top-performing tools for optimized SEO.

In case you want to learn how to perform Answer the Public Keyword Research, SEO Course would be highly useful for you.

Do you still have any doubts about the usability of this amazing tool? What is your take about the performance of Answer the Public tool? Do you want to suggest any alternatives to Answer the Public? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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