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How To Use Digital Marketing To Promote Your Business

Why is digital marketing important for business? Any business requires promotion for its growth. Promotion involves communicating the existence of your  business to maximum number of people and also to convince them to buy your products and services. Television, Radio and Newsprint advertisements, Hoardings, Fliers, Leaflets, Direct Marketing  are some of the traditional methods of […]

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Top 5 Alternative Tools To Google Analytics

We are describing top 5  alternative Web Analytics Tools to Google Analytics here. 1. Chartbeat If you are in the publishing business, then Chartbeat is the Web Analytics platform for you. Chartbeat has developed a very detailed and insightful web analytics tool for online newspapers having high readership. Newspaper Editors are always on the look […]

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About is an American website which answers visitors’ queries related to Law, Automobile repairs, Electrical appliances repairs, Healthcare, Veterinary queries, Computers and many more topics. Just Answer has a panel of experts and professionals in various fields and depending upon the nature of the query, the question is forwarded to respective experts who […]

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Learn To Track Data With KISSmetrics

Kissmetrics Kissmetrics is a web analytics and conversion tool which was launched in 2008. We will see some unique features of Kissmetrics which distinguish it from other players in the crowded space of web analytic tools. Person based tracking system Kissmetrics uses a person based tracking system rather than a sessions based or pageviews based system. […]

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Top 4 Tips To Optimize Non-Branded Paid Search Campaigns

Branded and Non-Branded Paid search campaigns Branded Paid search campaigns are PPC ad campaigns that have a brand name or a variation of a brand name as keywords. Eg. Jet Airways, Dell Laptops, Wadilal Ice cream etc. Branded paid search campaigns are aimed at customers who already know about a brand, have a fair amount of […]

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Accessing Google Analytics Premium Enabled Wiggle To Get Accurate Report

About Wiggle Wiggle is an on- line retailer of swimming, cycling, running and triathlon equipment and gear in the United Kingdom. With triathlon gaining popularity as a mainstream sport in the world, Wiggle is continuing to grow and post good performances in recent years. In order to maintain their advantageous position in the field of […]

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The ABCs Of Universal Analytics

Universal Analytics Universal analytics is a customer centric web data collection system launched by Google. In the earlier version, Google Analytics used to track web data by visits. But a user could visit the same website from different devices. These visits to be counted as two different visits by different persons. In Universal Analytics, visitors […]

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Avoid The Biggest Mistake Web Analysts Make

The biggest mistake web analysts can do is to work without a purpose. Web analytics tools are extremely powerful and they can churn out a lot of data. But if the basic purpose or objectives of the website and hence the web analytics project are not defined prior to the start of the project, it would have […]

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IM Report Suggests Indian Telecoms Should Boost Web Browsing And Mobile Search

Mobile internet users have overtaken desktop users in the USA in the year 2015. The year 2015 is considered to be a tipping point in favour of mobile usage of internet worldwide and the number of mobile internet users is expected to continuously grow in the next 4- 5 years. Indian internet consumers are ahead […]

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Learn To Use Data To Create Relevant Content

” Nothing is more powerful than the idea whose time has come “                                                                                     […]

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