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A Winning Formula to Survive As a Cash-Strapped Startup Using Content Marketing and SEO

With the government-run Startup India programme, the market is flooded with startups that are being launched almost every month. It seems like India has become a global hub of startups. Surviving in the fiercely competitive marketplace is one of the biggest challenges for these startups. The initial phase can be extremely difficult and uncertain. The […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Using Quora for Marketing and Promotion of a Website

Quora is considered to be the favorite platform of the new age marketers. People think that it’s just a “questions and answers” site, but you’ll be amazed to see its potential as a marketing tool. Before we go on to evaluate the efficacy of Quora as a content marketing platform, let’s have an overview of how Quora […]

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3 Awesome Web Design Tips to Maximize Your Brand Identity

Judging by the number of queries Google receives every day, there seems to be a lot of confusion between people’s understanding of web design and brand identity and the co-relation between the two.  “Is web design a part of brand identity?” “What’s the difference between the two?” “How you can incorporate brand identity into your […]

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Digital Marketing: The Most Entrepreneurial Career In Marketing

Why Digital Marketing? It would be no exaggeration to say that digital marketing is a buzzword today. When Internet became global nearly two decades ago, people had no idea that it will impact us so deeply. Today it affects almost every aspect of our life, including the way we conduct marketing. Marketing is being redefined […]

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Volvo S60 Augmented Reality App & Generated 9.6% Interaction Rate

Big brands always play with innovative ideas and that’s the reason they sometimes end up doing a commendable job as far as digital marketing and promotion is concerned. There are many such instances where creativity led to extraordinary results in digital marketing campaigns. With big brands it’s like a gamble, because an innovative ad is […]

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