Digital Marketing: The Most Entrepreneurial Career In Marketing

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Why Digital Marketing?

It would be no exaggeration to say that digital marketing is a buzzword today. When Internet became global nearly two decades ago, people had no idea that it will impact us so deeply. Today it affects almost every aspect of our life, including the way we conduct marketing. Marketing is being redefined and businesses are no more targeting customers through billboard ads. Though billboard ads do exist even today, but it’s an expensive option and not viable for every business.Digital_1

Furthermore, there are more startups today than it used to be earlier, simply because you need no brick and mortar infrastructure for most of the online businesses and hence you don’t need to invest in plant and machinery to start a business. There are lots of e-commerce sites and online businesses today and the percentage of successful online businesses is much higher as compared to the previous decade. Increasing penetration of smartphones is also giving it the needed momentum. So, a career in digital marketing is both entrepreneurial and rewarding.Digital_career

Digital marketing and entrepreneurship

If you run a digital marketing business, or work for one, you think like an entrepreneur. You need to think and act independently and face the competition as an entrepreneur does it. Things change faster in the digital world as compared to the brick and mortar businesses. There are certain striking similarities between an entrepreneur and a digital marketer. Both may or may not have any relevant experience yet both work in fierce circumstances fighting against all odds and obstacles.Digital_2

Ready to wear different masks?

When you establish a digital marketing agency, you strategize like an entrepreneur. You focus on small teams, cost cutting, ROI, innovation and your budget constraints. Similar to an entrepreneur, sometimes you need to be ready to step in someone else’s shoes and play diverse roles. For example, you may have to work as a content developer, SEO professional and also as an MIS executive preparing reports on Excel sheets. Digital_3

You need to make sure that your customer’s business has online visibility across all the popular channels. Therefore your core responsibilities include the following:

1. Maintaining your presence across difference channels and touchpoints, wherever your customer can interact with you. It’s including but not limited to websites, SEO, Wikihow, Wikipedia, social platforms etc.

2. Creating the best content for both digital marketing and content marketing mapping the customer journey. It includes text based content such as blogs and articles, visual content such as infographics and pictures and audiovisual content such as videos, podcasts and Slidesharepresentations etc.

3. Running paid advertising campaigns on different digital channels for maximum outreach. These can be social ads, native ads, and influencer or buzz marketing etc.

As an entrepreneur,you try different strategies, perform analytics, measure results and tweak your tactics based on the outcomes. Similarly a digital marketer also needs to understand their business thoroughly and compete with the rival marketing. Yes, you also execute product launches, product modifications, and creating events similar to what an entrepreneur does. You would also need to respond to customer queries.

Need to change and innovate for maximum ROI

The biggest challenge for the digital marketers include responding to ruthless change and market dynamics. The fiercest things you can imagine in an entrepreneurship are the sudden changes in market patterns, entry of new competition, and price-rise, etc. You have to be swift and agile to respond to these changes otherwise soon you might be out of the business. Digital_4

A digital marketer has to confront with Google algorithm changes, emergence of new social media sites, changing online behavior of the visitors, and sourcing quality and volume of content required. You must keep on innovating and improving accordingly.

A career for those, who love challenges

Testing and measurement are something we all hate as individuals, but we can’t escape it. You need to be extremely fast with testing and adopting, so that you can redesign your strategies according to the changing market dynamics. Both entrepreneurs and digital marketers work independently and they are expected to have sound analytical skills. So, first they sketch a digital marketing strategy and then plan the campaigns. There is no rule book or guide book for success in a specific field, but you can ensure success by swiftly addressing the emerging needs and new challenges. Digital_5

Digital marketers have to aggressively sell their ideas in order to be in the market, because there are lots of people who basically don’t understand digital marketing or a new concept in business. You have an uphill task convincing your clients, investors and media people. Sometimes, you can’t assure a time bound and direct ROI and therefore the bosses or clients may not be interested in the deal.

Experience is not a roadblock

Digital marketing is very entrepreneurial career as experience is not a roadblock here. You can start young and without any experience. Yes, your insights and innovative streak works and helps you get ahead of the pack quickly. It’s constantly changing, so the new people with striking and innovative ideas can make it big in no time, unlike other industries where you need to spend at least a couple years in order to understand how things work.Digital_6

Career and job prospects

There are excellent career prospects in digital marketing. Regardless of how innovative you are, you can’t execute your digital marketing strategy on your own. You need people to work for you and that’s the reason there are lots of vacancies in this field. Even undergrads can join internships and learn the ABC of digital marketing in order to take it as a full time job after their graduation. In a digital marketing agency various positions are available and the skillsets required are good knowledge of SEO, search engine marketing or Google AdWords, social media marketing, influencer marketing, designers and content developers.


In the last decade, marketing has shifting from traditional to digital & no doubt Digital Marketing has proved its worth by providing growth options for businesses and career options to individuals.

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Guest Author: Nashaat Quadri is a content marketing professional from Techmagnate. Techmagnate is India’s top digital marketing agency and SEO services company. It’s based in New Delhi, India and provide full-suite Internet marketing services. Subscribe to the blog for digital marketing updates.

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