Best SEO Techniques to Rank on the First Page

by Sahil Arora | Updated on: December 22, 2018 | 10 Min Read.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization popularly referred to by the acronym SEO is a technique of direct marketing employed to rank a webpage on top results to increase the number of the visitors on website. Search Engine Optimization is done through writing SEO optimized content for a website. An optimized content means writing the content of the web based on popular searched by the users. Let’s learn more about SEO techniques. 

Why Do you need SEO?

SEO techniques


Many small business owners and emerging entrepreneurs who do not have in-depth knowledge of SEO techniques might wonder why they need SEO. The answer is simple, you want to be remembered by your current and potential customers. If you are not visible to them you cannot be remembered the next time they make a purchase. According to statistics of 2016, approximately 3.5 million searches are processed by Google daily, and those searches could be on variety of topics. In order to be visible to customers as a business you need to adapt the latest SEO techniques for following reasons:

  • Increase online visibility

Through incorporation of best SEO techniques, you can increase your online visibility greatly, which will rank you amongst the searches on first page, and maybe with the right techniques you can even outrank your competitor. Why is increasing online visibility important? Because people about 95% to be accurate, mostly including myself do not go beyond the first page when they search for something. So if your page is not ranked among the first few then the chances of people finding your page through online search and purchasing your product or service are not very high.

  • Lead Generation

As mentioned earlier approximately 95% of general population does not move beyond the first page SEO search results, so as a business you need an in-depth knowledge of the latest SEO techniques and start incorporating them in your business today. If you do not have the knowledge of the best SEO techniques, you don’t need to worry because we will be talking about them shortly in this article. Going back to why do you need SEO, one of the popular ways for effective lead generation now a day is through the inquiry forms people fill when they visit your website. Although it is a secondary technique it is definitely a powerful one. Moreover, if as a business even if you are cold-calling as a business if you can give the potential lead your website and they see you are ranked on top they are likely to remember your name and your product. 

  • Customers are Changing

By now you might be wondering why are we talking about SEO techniques when you already have customers and you are fine with using traditional marketing in reaching to them. If you are still wondering why you need SEO techniques in the contemporary business environment to succeed, then you need to analyze your customer base and how they are changing. Customers are becoming more information centric, and they like knowing what they are purchasing before they make the purchase. Their first interaction with you might be through your website, and don’t you want that first impression to be good with content that is optimized using the best SEO techniques? And a page that shows up when customers search for the product?

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So, in your 2017 business goals, gaining in-depth knowledge of the latest SEO techniques gaining in-depth knowledge of the latest SEO techniques and using them should be your top priority to increase your visibility and profitability. In order to give you a jump start we have made a list of 8 latest SEO techniques:

On-Page Optimization Strategies

As indicated from the name, on-page SEO techniques are based on how you can improve the live page of the website to improve its rank, the key to on-page SEO Optimization techniques should be user experience and all the strategies should revolve around first getting visitors to the website and then providing them with the best experience possible so that the page can rank better: 

Think from Users Perspective

Whenever I am not sure about what I need to do next for my business I think from users’ perspective. Best SEO techniques are not only based on writing content based on popular search keywords but it also depends on the responsiveness of your website. As a telecommuter and entrepreneur, I need to constantly be on the run sometimes and whatever I am looking for I search on my mobile. So in addition to adapting the SEO technique of writing content based on keywords, it is important for businesses to build a responsive website, both for mobiles and computers.

Apply the rule of Quality vs. Quantity

One of the misconception about SEO is that it all depends on writing the number of keywords a certain time. You need to let go of that notion right now, because a quality content with focused keywords in low numbers will always win over quantity. Users’ happiness is also a great factor, that’s why one of the best techniques for SEO is to cut down on as much content as you can and only write necessary information with necessary words to make the website super-fast for users.

Use the latest technological features

As mentioned earlier, businesses could not make a bigger mistake than thinking that best SEO techniques only depend on content, because the latest SEO techniques you need to adapt depend on a lot more than just content. It’s actually all about the user, so add features such as voice search, contact us plug-ins etc. to improve user experience and increase your views.

Although personally I am not a fan of voice search, but a high percentage of people are so for updated on-page SEO optimization, add features such as voice search, email plug-ins such as ability of users to just click on the email and send it, call plug-ins and other modes of communication such as Skype.

Remember there is Always a Room for Improvement

In order to have an effective website in addition to having strong content, responsiveness and a strong website structure it is important to constantly stay updated with latest SEO-techniques and your target market. So, to improve your on-page optimization strategy research regularly and post valuable content regularly. One of the way to do that would be to provide users with interesting articles or blogs to read every day, this will make them visit your website frequently because it’s providing something valuable to them outside the company products.

Thus, if we summarize all of the above we can create a well-rounded on page SEO optimization technique: 

Eye-catching and relevant title: 

One of the many techniques of SEO are the page’s title. It should clearly deliver to your readers what the context contains. One of the best SEO techniques suggest that your title should be concise and give a clear view about your article. For example, if you are writing an article about the latest SEO techniques and your title is “read, its important”, well, believe me it wouldn’t sell well. Your article must contain the focus keyword so when anyone searches the related topic your article will come to light and will have more chances of being read or viewed.

Employ Meta- Descriptions

Another one of the essential on-page optimization techniques are meta descriptions. Many people take them for granted and this may be their biggest mistake. Every article should contain a meta description with the appropriate focused key words. Through this technique of SEP, when someone searches for the certain keyword the search engine studies the meta description of the articles and places the most relevant ones on top. So, if your topic is for tech save people, include as many keywords as you can in your description to help more visibility. Each meta description should be different from other and should be written in html.

Alt tag in images:

It is important for on-page SEO techniques to have a single image that has an Alt text in it. That image has to be eye catchy and attractive to the viewers of readers. It must contain and Alt text. Alt text is not visible to the readers but it is use for the search engine purposes. In 2017, with the introduction of new SEO techniques it came to light that using an Alt image can proof to be very effective in upgrading your ranking in Google.

Don’t forget the link; URL structure:

One of the best techniques for SEO is including search engine friendly URL links for each and every page that you have written or you will write. Shorter URL performs better but URL with targeted keywords is equally important. The location of the keywords also matter. So, try your best to contain one or two relevant keywords in your URL and see how rapidly your traffic improves.

Keyword density has to be major:

Keyword density is a major thing in SEO optimization, however, to increase the density you cannot ruin the quality of the content. However, keep one thing in mind don’t repeat or overuse the keywords because by doing so you will give a warning to the search engine robots which can cause your site to be banned.

Off-Page Optimization Strategies

SEO techniques


The General Law of Link-Building

Yes, you heard it right, I just called it a law, because building quality back-links is essential for off-page optimization, and of the best off-page optimization strategy you can adapt is focusing on quality of back-links not the number of links you are creating. So, invest time and money in building the right quality content for your website with the right key-words rather than building higher number of links with poor content.

The more the Merrier

Think of user perspective again, online directories are popular among users to search for suppliers and products they are looking for. So, post your website on popular directories and post correct information there about company so that users can fine you from there and visit your website.

Build a Strong Social Media Presence

Interacting with customers through social media can increase the number of visitors to your website easily and help you built strong relationships, your search result ranks will automatically improve when the number of visitors to your website increase. So, direct marketing of your website is an indirect but one of the best SEO technique you can use to rank on the first page in search results. Social media pages of company can be created with company’s website, and the website can be promoted through the process of social book-marking.

Affiliate Marketing

As mentioned earlier users follow blogs, different media and other mediums of information that can help them make informed decisions about the products they are purchasing. So in addition to creating quality backlinks, building a strong social media presence and posting your web-links on directories, one of the latest SEO technique used for off-page optimization is to form strategic relations with similar businesses and promote your website through their work.

Be a part of a greater talk:

Through this I would like to give a little briefing about forum marketing. Find a forum that relate to your community and participate. Engage with people who could be your target audience and create threads with your web links on such forums to increase traffic to your website.

Bookmarks? Not limited to books only:

In case if you are wondering what this is? Social bookmarking is another great way to optimize your blog. Submit your post and pages to the popular book marking sites such as Reddit, Digg etc. Search engine favour these sites as they contain the latest posts which are likely to be updated almost every day.

Link baiting:

Link baiting is another popular way of promoting your site. If you produce a really popular unique post for your site, then other people may want to link to it. Perhaps you have copied/published another website’s content on your site, don’t forget to place their website link as a reference. Do it for others and, if your content is trustworthy, let others do it for you. This is another way to increase your link popularity.

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Article submission:

If you write articles yourself you can send those articles to any article directory sites such as E-zine, go articles, now public etc. They can help derive traffic to your site while you can also develop link for your site. The traffic from these site is low but it is worth trying along with other techniques.

Answering questions:

One of the most effective off-page SEO techniques is meeting your audience and answering their questions.  In this you can take help of the sites as yahoo for meeting your audience and answer their questions according to the relevant niche you can also leave your link to those sites. Remember, don’t spam.

Business reviews:

Another technique is to ask your friends to write reviews about your site on blogs such as rateitall, shvooing etc. You can write reviews about the other businesses. The main idea is you have to tell people that you exist. You have to let your presence be felt.

Take a selfie:

If you have used any of your own photos or images on your site, then you can share then on many of the major photo sharing websites like Flickr, Picasa, Photo Bucket, etc. Other people will be able to see them and comment on them, hopefully following a link to your site.

Now that you have read some fine on and off page SEO strategies, it is important to go back to basics again and remember the rule, “customer is always right” because in SEO and to rank on the first page it’s all about what customers want and what they are looking for. Consider your website an asset that will increase your profitability and keep it growing using the latest SEO techniques mentioned above. 

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