BT Financial Group Used Web Analytics To Increase Its Conversion Rate By 60%

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BT_LogoAbout BT Financial Group:

As a name suggest, BT Financial Group must have to do something with finance and financial services. So it’s true, BT Financial Group operating from Australia, shortly called as BT is division of Westpac, providing superannuation, investment & life insurance products, discount brokering products, etc. It’s subsidiary named as BT Super for Life and enables customers to manage their online superannuation and banking services through (Superannuation is kind of pension scheme where person pays beforehand for getting pension after his retirement)

BT Financial Group’s Business Objective:

The website for “BT Super for Life” specializes on usability & services with an application form to be filled online as one of the important tool getting conversions done. The main objectives to be focus on for BT are as follows:

  • Improve process of online application
  • To maximize lead conversions
  • To make website more user friendly for its visitors

For same it works with Google Analytics Certified Partner, called “Loves Data” to perform Google Analytics test and various optimization measures to enhance site visibility.

Approach / Strategy Adopted By BT Financial Group:

First of all, BT decided to conduct tests to identify which portion of website or application form needs improvement. Thus, first page to conduct test on to be on was “Apply Now” tab/page. After that, BT’s team with Loves Data formulated variations with different combinations for the landing pages to be tested. With the help of Loves Data, BT was able to select the different variations accordingly to test against the original online page. In short, following steps have been implemented by BT team:

  • Application form layout conversion testing
  • Online Application process conversion testing
  • Perform data analysis to generate further recommendations

Results Achieved By BT Financial Group:

The variation tests done on “Apply Now” page outperformed original page from the beginning. The result was so effective to increase its conversions around 61.70%. Some of the other minor recommendations from Loves Data and google analytics changes resulted to a 12.5 percent increase in number of visitors clicking on online application form. Thus, results can be summarized as following:

  • Application process became streamlined & Simplified
  • 60% increase in conversion rate because of refined Form layouts
  • 12% increase in clicks through Application Form because of usability achieved through optimization


Ben Hancock, BT’s senior website manager says that working with Google Analytics certified company and using web analytic was very crucial to run all of their successful test variations which ultimately led in effective progress of their online activates. They achieved their ultimate goal of getting customer engagement and conversions rapidly with easier and quicker completion of filling up of form details. The tools used from Google Analytics helped BT to decision makings for conversion test and in identifying key design layouts for landing page.

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    Very good Apurva. I was not very much comfortable while reading the first paragraph. I felt that it was pushing me to read fast. Some editing errors are there.

  2. Nikhita Reddy

    Good case study. Strategy adopted by BT Financial group could have been explained better. The results achieved by BT Financial group clearly shows the power of web analytics in real world applications. Learnings are explained well.


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