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8 Web Analytics Tips To Work Perfectly With Google Analytics Tool For Your Website

Most of the people do not get insights into data after installing Google Analytics, since they always stick to basics of it like page views or number of visits or data reports and doesn’t try to look what is there beyond at it compared to their competitors. Though all the features can not be learnt […]

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SFMOMA Used Web / Google Analytics To Experience 15% Better Measurement Accuracy

About SFMOMA: SFMOMA i.e. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art founded in early 1935 to be the first museum of contemporary art work and later in 1995 again became the first museum to launch its institutional website In this website, there are almost 9000 artwork along with famous archives of video and audio contents […]

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5 Important Web Analytics Tips To Succeed With Google Universal Analytics

Google is planning to roll out universal analytics to all Google analytics account and this might be bit scary for online business owners since they are not sure what to expect and what this mean to their organization. The post is all about making the process of transition quite simple to understand. So why universal […]

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6 Ways Google Analytics Can Be Used To Earn Better ROI

With slightly removal of keyword data and more focus towards visitors database by Google, the meaning of looking at data is changing. But the good part is analytics has helped in many ways to dig out what is required out of data in the form of information. Here are some great, very unusual ways of […]

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Shoes Of Prey Used Web/Google Analytics To Attain 10% Hike In Sales

About Shoes of Prey:  Shoes of Prey is all about a shopping experience through an online shoe festival, where a login to simple retail website allows all fashionista girls/ women out there in world to design their own shoes, customize in a perfect way that they want for wedding or any other event and then […]

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2 Great Web / Google Analytics Tips You Can trust Completely

There are thousands of tricks and tips talked about by now and by people, but only some are relevant for all businesses. Here are simply 2 out those thousands of tips and tricks, which were first being a tip and second being a trick to use Google Analytics effectively for your website. First one is, Sorting […]

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Westwing Leveraged Web Analytics For Reducing Average Page Load Time By 18 %

About Westwing: Westwing is an online eCommerce business established in 2011 in Germany. The website  offers international eCommerce services for home and living categories of products. It caters to around 11 various  countries within 3 continents. It offers a premium product line of home décor and dining on daily basis from designers and top most […]

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4 Web / Google Analytics Tips For A New User Interface

Nowadays, Google is trying to improve its GA interface in order to help users to focus more on data rather than navigation. Hence,  Google has come up with a new version of its GUI. There are some important steps for web analytics to help improve the process of analysis and decision making by noting down little […]

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About Ligne-en-ligne: Since 2007, Ligne-en-ligne is the France’s leading diet & well-being website. It caters to people through fitness program and highly interactive diet session. A team of nutritionists also guide their members to achieve unique goals. It has also developed a new method which is called as “Chocolate method” and is a successful new diet […]

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3 Web Analytics Tips For Businesses Operating Offline

Many of us think that when it comes to web analytics, it is meant for measuring website traffic. However, some of the web analytics applications has helped many companies to measure the outcome of traditional advertising efforts. It is important for small and medium sized businesses to extract actionable insights from the endless reach of […]

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