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We at Digital Vidya launched an Internal Capstone Project Contest in February 2018, on the topic “Identifying Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Brain Patterns”. All the course participants in the Data Analytics stream were encouraged to participate in the competition and the students who participated were greatly in praise of it. While Nandeep Nasnodkar won the contest by developing some exciting solutions for the problem at hand, Ashok Philips secured the prize of the first runner-up.

Expressing jubilation and contentment, Shweta Gupta the Vice President of the Technology Vertical at Digital Vidya, she stated, “Data Science aspirants need to be doing continuous problem-solving. It is very satisfying to see that those on their journey, and are committed, in a few months of their training are willing to try a complex data problem and in the process climb another steep curve. Kudos to the winners for sharpening their saw.”

Nandeep – Winner

Since progress in Data Science is all about practising and sharpening your skills by working with more and more Data Sets, students continuously need to work on problems and think about faster and effective results. However, it is difficult to keep yourself motivated and repeatedly do this. To build a sense of interest and competitiveness, we designed this internal competition to help students sharpen the saw of their Data Science abilities. The winner was promised a Fitness Band which made the competition even more interesting.

The results that students came up with were determined on the basis of focus on approach, clean code, analysis, algorithms, training, and testing. Mr. Nandeep Nanoskar who won the competition when asked about his approach in dealing with the problem said that, “Write the code in such a way that others get some clear insights and tips.” The runner-up Mr. Ashok Philip sharing his thoughts about the challenge he faced stated that, “From my perspective, the biggest challenge is just getting started. Understanding the problem and getting started. Once you get over the initial phase it gets much easier.” 

Ashok Philips – Runner-up

They further shared a few learnings for the benefit of the students who are going to participate in our next level of capstone projects. Nandeep was of the opinion that even if you are baffled at first, reading more about the methods/approaches/concepts helps. As soon as your code lines start working, you would gain clarity. On the other hand, Ashok was impressed with the learning he enjoyed. Expressing amazement, he stated that, “The biggest learning was the kind of visualizations that are possible with python.It was an eye-opener into the kind of visualizations that might be possible for a healthcare project. Here we had visualizations of the head with the position of the electrodes and their corresponding voltages and even made a movie out of the different pictures.”

This capstone project focussed on EEG data analysis, giving an opportunity for students to learn through complexities in dealing with such complex real-world data. As Healthcare is an industry that has shown greater acceptance to Data and Analysis throughout history, the course designers considered it befitting that the problem was from this space. We at Digital Vidya plan to have similar contests to help our course participants develop real-time competitive skills.

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