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5-Step Content Writer Job Description Guide

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You are a writer and looking for best Content Writing Jobs, or you own an online business and looking for a writer who can set your brand tone, having the most in-depth Content Writer Job Description with you will empower you to make the most informed and fruitful choice.

Actually, content writing is the pillar of successful Digital Marketing Campaigns.

From connecting with audiences to converting them, content plays the most significant role.

Channelization of SEO, SMM, PPC, Email Marketing, etc. depends on the quality of the content that a site has. Good content on a site paves the path to increased traffic and boosted returns.

Therefore, professionals who want to make a career in Content Writing, great opportunities are there for them. Businesses always look for an individual who has great command over the language and can compose persuasive content that compels readers to take the favorable actions.

The one thing that can be beneficial for both (Content Writing Job Aspirants and Employers) is Content Writing Job Description.

We are providing here a free 5-Step guide that will empower you both to make the most result-driven choice-

5-Step Content Writer Job Description Guide

1. Content Writer Job Summary

Content writer creates unique and quality content for the required niche after a thorough research within deadlines.

A writer is expected to write an engaging content for the company’s promotion. He or she would also be responsible for planning and create content for print, reviews, product descriptions and digital media. Producing well researched, engaging and audience-oriented content on tight deadlines is part of content writing jobs.

Based upon the requirements of a particular business niche, different job profiles of writers can be-

  • Digital marketing content writer
  • E-commerce content writer
  • Creative content writer
  • English content writer
  • SEO content writer
  • Senior content writer
  • Technical content writer
  • Web content writer
  • Copywriter
  • Content Manager

2. Responsibilities of Content Writers

Next thing that come in Content Writing Job Description is the responsibilities that a writer needs to handle-

  • Developing unique and attractive headlines and body
  • Introducing proper facts
  • Brainstorming with team to come up with engaging ideas
  • Creation of original content after doing competitor analysis
  • Developing a good network over social media
  • Taking inspiration from other’s innovative contents
  • Writing variety contents which are on different niche and of various forms
  • Having discussion with managers, designers and creative team

3. Content Writer Requirements and Qualifications

Now, you need to know what skill set and qualification a good writer should have. We have enlisted some of the most important things here-

  • Command over verbal and written skills
  • Great hold over English language
  • Innovative with work
  • Confident and motivated
  • Managing different strategies and ideas
  • Excellent in teamwork
  • Management of work with time
  • Bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism, Communication or related field
  • Experience of working with reputed agencies or companies
  • Adaptability according to requirements
  • Proficient computer skills with Microsoft Office Suite and Google Docs
  • Disciplined
  • Should possess a detailed knowledge about the company’s work
  • Knowledge of SEO

4. Duties of a Successful Content Writer

As per the Content Write Job Description Guide, a content writer must be able to compose:

  • Quality and fact-filled content that can convince readers to do the favorable actions
  • An engaging and highly creative piece that can set brand tone in a convincing manner
  • Use of proper subheadings to make the content interactive and appealing
  • Right use of External and Internal link in Content Piece
  • Ensuring SEO compatibility of content with right use of keywords
  • Knowledge about Content Management System
  • For freelance writers, time management is the key

5. Common Content Writer Jobs Profiles

Content Writer Job Description

As discussed in first step, there are different job profiles based upon Content Writer Job Description. So, let us directly go through them and understand their key idiosyncrasies-


When you search on google for any information, internet is flooded with lots of information. Web contents let all those pages rank over there. It is the most effective way to deliver a message hence it should be short and stick to the point.

Web Content sets the brand tone of any business and that is why it has to be innovative and engaging.

Web Content Writer Job Description

The responsibilities of a Web Content Writer can include the following

  • Writing high-quality web contents with consistency for websites, portals and online magazines from scratch
  • Writing, editing and proofreading copy for client projects based on research and background information supplied to them
  • Tracking each web page and ensuring content is the best fit with the responsive design of that page
  • SEO Content Writer Job Description is also comprised in this one

Profile and Skills of a Content Writer  

Companies look for following skills while hiring a Web content writer-

  • A graduate with proficiency in the English language
  • Able to assess what internet demands
  • Teamwork spirit
  • Unique, engaging and varied writing styles with good proofreading and research skills
  • Write varied contents
  • Knowledge of keywords, meta tags, SEO and basic writing terminologies
  • Experience will be preferred

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Writing relevant copy is never easy, as the tone should match the website’s goal. A copywriter is expected to develop a creative and eye-catching copy that also fulfills the needs of the company or brand.

Website Copywriter Job Description:

Responsibilities of a Copywriter include the following

  • Develop quality and unique copy for an excellent promotion.
  • Interact with clients for regular updates.
  • Develop contents for the targeted audience.

Profile and Skills of a Copywriter  

  • Proficiency in the English language
  • Writing and proofreading skills
  • Creative and innovative
  • Knowledge of digital marketing is preferred
  • Able to a variety of contents
  • Excellent thinker, disciplined and punctual


 A creative writer writes creative and unique copies that can instantly connect with target audiences. Creativity is very important for cajoling readers and companies expect their creative writers to have the adaptability for a wide range of audiences.

Creative Writer Job Description:

  • Write creative and quality content to deliver a message effectively
  • Inspire yourself with other’s ideas

Skills of a Creative Writer 

  • Unique and quality writing skill
  • Creative and excellent thinking ability
  • Confident and self-motivated


Ghostwriters can help with writing irrespective of your requirements. Ghostwriter writes for someone else like if a person wants to draft his ideas but has no writing skills he can hire a ghostwriter and he will do the job.

Ghost Content Writer Job Description:

In simple words, ghostwriting is a mutual consent of two people; one of them has an idea while the other one will frame it in words. Ghostwriters are hence expected to work on almost all niches.

Skills of a Ghost Writer

  • Quality and unique writing skills
  • Frame ideas in words
  • Excellent in communicating


A copy editor is a person who edits copy and plays varied roles in ensuring flawless content pieces for the organization.

Copy Editor Job Description:

The responsibilities are as follows–

  • Editing and proofreading various contents
  • Stick to the guidelines and prepare to the point content
  • Able to assess weak links of all material

Skills of a Copy Editor

  • Graduation degree in the required field
  • Good with research works
  • Efficient with team
  • Identify weak spots and correct them


Almost all writing works are proofread before publishing. Written work is thoroughly analyzed for errors like grammatical, spelling, etc. Hence, proofreader does a very important job.

Proofreader Job Description:

  • Proofing and editing text
  • Report management
  • Correcting the errors and make the content better

Skills of a Proof Reader

  • Graduation degree in the required field
  • Proficiency in English language and grammar
  • Excellent with spotting errors
  • Understanding or proofreading


A travel writer writes reviews and traveling guides about different destinations. Mostly there are freelance travel writers. Writers visit places, then write reviews, and guide for others. They do proper research and create alluring contents with proper guidelines.

Travel Content Writer Job Description:

  • Writing reviews and guidelines about travel to different destinations
  • Research and write about nearby hotels, restaurants, etc.

Skills of a Travel Writer  

  • Travel writers must be able to write excellent and engaging reviews
  • Travel enthusiast
  • Experience will be preferred


A Research Writer does a research on various information and then drafts them in words. Their written post has to be comprehensive and suit the specific needs of readers. Including facts, stats and data are very important for research writers.

Research Content Writer Job Description:

  • Research and study the information
  • Manage the researched information in case studies, documents, and reports

Skills of a Research Writer 

  • Excellent writing skills
  • An excellent analyzer of information
  • Able to research through various resources


Different people understand and speak different language hence content should be in multiple languages. A Translator hence does the job of translating contents into different languages and vice-versa. English Content Writer Job Description also includes best jobs for translators.

Job Description of a Language Translator:

  • Understand any material easily
  • Translate the text into the desired language
  • Make sure the work is free from errors

Skills of a Translator:

  • Knowledge of different languages and its grammar
  • An excellent writing skill


A technical writer understands the working of techs. They have the scientific and technical knowledge and can make others understand the technical aspects.

Technical Content Writer Job Description:

  • Prepare technical reports
  • Interact with technical persons

Skills of a Technical Writer

  • Excellent technical knowledge in the required field
  • Ability to write in an easy and concise manner
  • Excellent researcher

Master Content Marketing!

To make a better career in the field of Content Writing, it would be highly useful to master Content Marketing.

According to top Content Writing Job Description Guides, to get the jobs like Content Marketing Manager, Content Marketing Consultant, Inbound Marketing Manager, or Content Marketing Head, it is very important that you are a pro in content marketing. This will also help you learn and master how to become a Content Writer.

Business owners should also learn Content Marketing, so they themselves can gauge the performance of their Online Marketing Campaigns. This will also empower them to finalize the right Content Marketing Strategy for their business.

Joining the Digital Marketing Course will let you learn and master Content Marketing Module in association with LinkedIn.

Still, have any doubt concerning Content Writer Job Description and related career scope? Feel free to ask us in comments.

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