Content Writing Jobs: 10 Tips To Grab Jobs In Content Writing

10 Tips to get Best Content Writing Jobs

Content Writing Jobs are brilliant and a standout amongst the most pervasive methods of making money online.

Powerful and persuasive content is the backbone of any marketing campaign. It connects, convinces and converts prospects into loyal customers. Content fills the website pages, blogs, landing pages and also plays a significant role in all kinds of Digital Marketing Campaigns.

The right kind of content can optimize any brand online and the only thing needed is engaging and appealing. Content quality would put appropriate inputs to grab the best content writing jobs.

Business site owners and web advertisers hire Content Writers to deliver content for their marketing purposes.

If you are good at the English language and are inspired by composing content, choosing a profession among various content writing jobs would for sure be the most fruitful career option for you.

Before going into the tips that will help you land best Jobs for Content Writer, let us delve into different profiles of Content Writing Jobs in a company-

Profiles of Content Writing Jobs in India

Content Executive

  • One of the best Content Writing Jobs, this one demands you to do multitasking that includes creating basic SEO content, doing SEO (on-page, off-page), finding keyword for content creation, etc.
  • Proofreading of articles/ blogs along with generating ideas for content creation and deploying tools for measuring the performance of an SEO campaign would also be included in the responsibilities of such freelance Content Writing Jobs.
  • Monthly Salary of Content Executive: 16- 20k

Content Writer

  • The main task of a content writer is creating convincing and powerful content as per the given Keywords.
  • Keywords would be provided by Content or SEO Executive, and Content Writer would need to incorporate those keywords in their composed content as per the suggested density.
  • Quality of content decides the success of a campaign and that is why having a good hold over the language and great creative skills are required to be a successful Content Writer.
  • Monthly Salary of a Content writer- 25 -30k (starting salary)

Content Associate

  • Content Associates are responsible for actively creating and posting content on the virtual media.
  • They ensure usability and accuracy of the content that is being used on different online portals and they would also examine the overall layout of the website and then make sure that the content is composed, accordingly.
  • Creation of content as per the company’s business and clientele is the main responsibility of Content Associate and that is why they are ranked higher in the Content Marketing hierarchy.
  • Content Associate should have a basic understanding of HTML, JavaScript, sorts of languages to manage some portions of website programming.
  • Monthly Salary of a Content Associate- 30-45k

Content Specialist/Strategist

  • Such Content Writing Jobs demand the professional to create an online content strategy by checking the creation and execution of content with regard to SEO parameters.
  • Content Specialist or Strategist would be responsible for creating the company’s policy- legally and ethically. Plus, he or she would make sure the content used is SEO-focused, informative, strategical and promotional.
  • Monthly Salary of a Content Specialist/ Strategist- 35-40k

Senior Content Associate

  • An experienced Content Associate can get the job of Senior Content Associate and he or she would majorly control and monitor the comprehensive quality of the content.
  • Making web content updated and managing complete Content Creation & Optimization framework are done by Senior Content Associate.
  • Monthly Salary of the senior content associate- 40- 45k (variable)

Content Marketing Manager

  • A Content Marketing Manager needs to be well versed in Content Creation, SEO Copywriting, SMO, Inbound Marketing, Site Optimization, Proofreading & Editing.
  • He or she would manage and coordinate the entire content marketing team. A Content Marketing Manager manages the whole team of Content Associates, Writers, Executives, and SEO.
  • Content Marketing Manager is responsible for providing guidelines for content creation and promotion and he or she needs to be updated about all the latest Content Marketing tricks and techniques.
  • He or she would be head of the complete Content Department of a company and they are supposed to have complete knowledge about all the different divisions of Content Marketing.
  • Salary of the Content Marketing Manager- 45- 60k

Along with overstated Content Writing Job Profiles, good writers also have the chance to appreciate some of the best freelance Content Writing Jobs from Home.

Below given is the list of 10 tips that will help you get best-suited Online Content Writing Jobs. So, let us go through them and understand how successful writers make a rewarding career in Content Writing-

10 Tips to get Online Content Writing Jobs

1. Understand the role of Cold Pitching

  • In cold pitching, you need to contact clients directly.
  • It is a direct approach and you find best Online Content Writing Jobs when you Cold Pitch to entrepreneurs, startups, bloggers, companies, or businesses.
  • Cold pitching would let the recruiters know that you are available as a writer who can optimize their online presence via great writing skills.
  • When you draft your cold pitch, you need to tell ‘who you are’, ‘how did you know about them’ and ‘how you can help them’.

2. Know how Warm Pitching Works in Content Writing Markets

  • Warm Pitching is an indirect approach in which you need to build relationships with brands and businesses.
  • You can build relationships by following different businesses, influencers, entrepreneurs and startups in your niche on Social Networks.
  • You should engage with their posts and let them know that you are there to handle their freelance content writing jobs.
  • Making your own Social profile effective is also important to let you warm pitch that will help you get the best-suited Content Writing Job from home.

3. Understand how a Content Writer should do Job Board Ad pitching

  • Job Board Ad Pitching is another easy and effective way to find best online Content Writing Jobs India
  • Responding to job ads will also help you in finding consistent jobs for content writer
  • At Job boards, you will not find any bidding needs, and you would only need to give a quote about the rate that you would prefer
  • However, most of the time, the ad itself would let you know about starting rate
  • Some of the job ad boards for Freelance Content Writing Jobs are Problogger, STC India Jobs Boards, Blogging Pro, WorknHire, All Freelance Writing Job Board, Content, etc.

4. Having a Website always helps Content Writers get best Jobs

Content writing jobs

Website of a content writer

  • In case you want to attract high-paying clients then you must have a website for you
  • To get top freelance Content Writing Jobs, it is important for Content Writers to have a professional-looking website
  • Investing in a self-hosted WordPress site would for sure be a cost-effective and highly productive option for you
  • You can check the website of some of the freelancers to get the right idea about the key idiosyncrasies that a writer-website should have

5. Understand the benefits of following Job Board Tweets

  • Twitter is considered quite good to find Online Content Writing jobs
  • You should share useful stuff on Twitter and try to know your followers. Then you need to target prospects and troll the job listings
  • Checking the hashtags related to your niche would also help you
  • You can follow @Write_Jobs, @WahJobAgency, @WhoPaysWriters, @JJobs_tweets, @TweelanceWriter sorts of Job Board Tweets

6. Know how Social Networking with Freelancers & Marketers would help you

  • To get online content writing jobs, doing networking with other freelancers will also be helpful for you
  • It would be beneficial for you to reach out to a few freelance writer and ask them their opinion on working together
  • Such kind of association helps writers have wide range of freelancing projects, plus, in case you get a huge project that you cannot handle alone then you can take assistance of other writers
  • Other freelancers like SEOers, Designers, Marketers would also help you get more projects

7. Understand the importance of joining Social media groups

  • Social Media groups would also help you get some of the high paying Freelance Content Writing Jobs
  • Finding writing gigs on Fb is quite easy and by following some groups, you can do this as well
  • You should have the connection with different Digital Marketing, Content Marketing or SEO groups and your productive interactions there would help you land jobs in Content Writing
  • The Smart Passive Income Community, Blogger2Business, The Entrepreneur Incubator sorts of groups would help you in the process
  • LinkedIn Job Board is also one of the best places to find freelance Content Writing Jobs
Content writing jobs

Linkedin job board

8. Know how Guest Posting would help you as Content Writer

  • When you do guest posting on popular sites then millions of people see your writing that optimizes your online presence as an established writer
  • This makes your portfolio more impressive and hence converts more clients for you
  • You need to do a quick Google search- “niche + write for us”
  • This will help you go through different Guest Posting opportunities
  • See below an example of a Guest Post search- “parent blog + write for us”
Content writing jobs

How to get guest posting jobs

9. Learn how you can use a local Content Agency to get Content Writing Jobs

  • Local content agencies will also help you get some consistent and long-term freelance Content Writing Jobs
  • You will get better pay and convenient Working Mechanism with a content agency
  • You will also get 1:1 support and networking with other freelancers that will ensure better reputation and market for you as a Content Writer

10. Know the sites that offer Online Content Writing Jobs

  • Numerous online sites offer more than 100 different available types of freelance Content Writing jobs for writers
  • ContentMart is one such site that will help you in getting good content writing projects
  • Constant-Content is another such portal that is very popular amongst quality freelance writers
  • Freelancer is one of the most famous freelance job boards that offer good quality writing projects
  • Upwork is another top-rated contender for major Freelance Content Writing Jobs
  • Craiglist will help you get writing jobs in the easiest possible manner

Expand your Profile from Content Writer to Content Marketer Now!

On the concluding note, I would suggest you expand your profile from Content Writer to a Content Marketer, as this would empower you to get high earning online Content Writing Jobs also be aware of the best content writing tips.

To be a Content Marketer, along with good content writing skills, you need to learn the following aspects of Digital Marketing as well-

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Analytics

In addition to this, content writing & marketing also play a significant role in Email Marketing, SEM, and Inbound Marketing and that is why it would be more productive for you if you learn digital marketing holistically. For this, you should join the Digital Marketing Certification Course.

The advanced module of this course includes Content Marketing Module in association with LinkedIn that will help you become a certified Content Marketing Expert.

In case you have any queries regarding freelance Content Writing jobs & Content Marketing then feel free to ask me those in the comment section below.

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