Couture Rugs Leveraged Search Engine Marketing To Enhance Its Conversion Rate By 10%

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About Couture Rugs:

Couture Rugs in United Kingdom’s is one of the most popular online rug stores which specializes in Modern rugs, Oriental rugs and Traditional rugs. The company sources most of its business from online promotions and sales.

Couture Rugs Business Objectives:

Couture Rugs wanted to achieve the following :

  • Increase its online sales through PPC advertising
  • Increase its online sales and converting  leads through phone calls
  • Increasing online visibility of  Couture Rugs

To achieve these objectives, Couture Rugs hired a Search Engine Optimization service provider SEONEXT.

  • The budget allocated by the Couture Rugs was  limited so SEONEXT had to  keep in mind that it has to increase the traffic of the website and also have to keep the cost per click low so as to improve ROI to client with low cost of acquisition.

Strategies / Approaches Adopted by Couture Rugs:

SEONEXT did a thorough study of the Couture Rugs website, learnt about its products and also about the competitors who  were using PPC  marketing. They  studied various offers and discounts which the competitors were offering and convinced the Couture Rugs management to incorporate the similar  offering which can be highlighted in the ad copy.

Then, they did a research work on keywords by using different keywords with all the variations of relevant searches. This helped them to come out with a set of keywords and used them in ad copies. After getting management’s approval, they went ahead and launched the campaign.

For two weeks, SEONEXT analysed the performance of the campaign. They concluded that the traffic to the website has increased but the conversion rate was still low which made cost per click very high.  To overcome this problem, they researched on less costly and more  converting keywords and tried A/B testing on ad copy along with that they did bid tweaking too.

Results Achieved By Couture Rugs:

This effort resulted in increase in number  of phone calls through PPC advertising but conversation through shopping cart was still not improving. SEONEXT  analysed  that the number of visitors to shopping cart were increasing but it was not resulting into final sale. Company advised the client to make changes  in the shopping cart and query forms based on its (SEONEXT) high performing shopping cart designs.

All this helped Couture Rugs in increasing its growth rate by 10% within a period of 5 months only.


Search Engine Marketing is a continuous process. There is no single  fixed formula to achieve the success in the campaign, one needs to analyse and improve the shortcomings which in turn surely brings out the positive results.

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    Can you please split up the long sentence into at least two? “The budget allocated by the Couture Rugs was limited so SEONEXT had to keep in mind that it has to increase the traffic of the website and also have to keep the cost per click low so as to improve ROI to client with low cost of acquisition.”


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