Key Difference Between Sales and Marketing that Marketers Should Know

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Curious to know the key difference between Sales and Marketing?

Being a business owner you must have heard about these two terms daily and every minute but can you differentiate between these two on the basis of different grounds?

If not, then here we are to help you out with this.

In this article, we will let you know the difference between sales and marketing in a broader way that can productively influence your marketing campaigns.

No business can have a future in the absence of sales and marketing. These two come together to increase the overall sale of the company.

To a number of people out there, it might seem that these two are actually the same where we target to increase the customer base of the company but that’s not the truth.

As per the stats, 67% of B2B marketers consider increasing sales’ leads via marketing their #1 goal.

To run a successful campaign, streamlining Sales and Marketing is inevitable. There are a few grounds where these two are different from each other and we will be discussing that in the latter section of this article.

Let us first understand what is the difference between sales and marketing-

What is the difference between Sales and Marketing?

Now if we talk in simple words then the basic difference between sales and marketing is that marketing is an indirect process where we attract a user base in many different ways to let them buy our products or services.

On the other hand, sales work in a much direct way.

Undoubtedly both the two terms have only one end goal, i.e. to attract the users at their best and convert them into potential customers.

The two terminologies of business aim to increase the company’s overall revenue.

Now, we hope you would have understood what is the difference between sales and marketing.

There is no doubt about the fact that in order to make a business successful, there are many different factors that often tend to come into action these days.

There are some terms that we are familiar with and there are some terms that we haven’t really heard about before.

However, sales and marketing are some of the most common things in the business. These are the factors which are responsible for making a business successful online.

However, there are many different people who seem to confuse sales and marketing to be the same thing.

But that is not the case. To be honest, these terms are pretty different and each one of them has a different role to play in the growth and success of the business.

Hence, we are going to talk a little bit about the difference between sales and marketing. So, stay tuned and read till the end if you want to know more about it.

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Still not clear about the difference between the two terms? Let us discuss this in a more in-depth manner-

Difference between Sales and Marketing based upon their Activities

The major difference between sales and marketing actually lies in the activities that they choose.

Sales are more about the activities that actually lead to the selling of products and services whereas marketing talks about the activities that are responsible for attracting people in the company’s products and services in a number of ways.

That’s simple, isn’t it?

If the businesses start working with these two terms collectively then they may reach sky-heights in no time.

In sales, people are actually working to enhance their relationship with the people who have the potential to become their customers.

At any cost, their only aim is to enhance the sale of the company at its best. The people who are involved in the sales team work their best to provide the solutions to their potential client’s problems so that they can lead the process of increasing revenue.

Marketing is a lot more interesting job. In marketing, people are actually working their best to understand the different aspects of the market and their audience.

They try to relate the two and then reach a conclusion where they find a way to actually influence them to buy the products or services of the company.

So, what do you think is the difference between sales and marketing, people? Well, marketing is something that would inform the leads and then attract them to the company.

Marketing is an effort that is done by the company in order to make sure that visitors of their online store and website can be turned into potential customers in the end.

Marketing is done in order to promote any particular product or service that is provided by the company.

However, when it comes to sales, the concept is entirely different.

To be honest, sales completely and directly go in relation with the prospects in order to reinforce the current value that the company has and it is a solution which helps in the conversion of prospects and turns them into faithful customers in the end.

Now, this sounds pretty simple to you, right? However, this is where people tend to get more and more confused. While these amazing two functions have one common goal of getting prospects and then turning them into customers, these are pretty different for sure.

The main goal of the business is to generate the revenue which can, in turn, make the company more and more successful. With the help of these two methods, the businesses try and achieve the goals that they want to in the long run.

Undoubtedly there are other grounds as well where sales and marketing differ from each other. Let us understand that as well –

Difference between Sales and Marketing with Example

Difference between Sales and Marketing Image Source Koderey Techstack

Difference between Sales and Marketing

If we are trying to find out the difference between sales and marketing in all the aspects then we will have to consider different aspects and examples one by one to figure out how sales and marketing differ from each other, so let’s get started right away –

1. Target

Let’s keep it very simple by first talking about the slight similarities between the two and then we will try to break them apart.

Undoubtedly the end goal of these two terms is to increase the revenue generation of the company at its maximum. Let us try to understand the target of marketing and sales differently.

Target Marketing Process Image Source SmartSheet

Target Marketing Process

In marketing our main target is to promote the company’s products and services in a number of alluring manners.

Our main goal under marketing is to increase the reach of the business to a wide variety of customers and then consider all the factors to influence them and lead them to purchase our products and services.

Yes, the marketing department is actually responsible for the pricing of the products or services in a number of ways.

They try their best to understand the customers and market and after then only they put the two things together and understand how can they actually influence their potential customers.

The goals of a marketer are actually long-term because their majority of campaigns are meant to last for the long term.

In sales, we have a defined target before us and our main job is to lead them to the purchase. Here we talk about short term goals; monthly/weekly and so on.

Their job is to measure the quantity that their sales team needs to sell in terms of achieving the target set by them.

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2. Process

We have talked about the target of both the two terminologies but what about the process? How do they differ over here, let us understand that –

Undoubtedly, the basic plan of both the two terms is to consider the company’s history and how it reached its goals. What were the major shortcomings, after that the two departments part their ways and do what suits their profile?

Company Sales Process Image Source - iSixSigma

Company Sales Process

Marketing talks about the product, the pricing of the product, where it is going to be sold and to whom it is going to be sold.

Now after this the marketing team sets its goal and lays out the plan for the entire process and after that, the campaigns are started which targets the audience in different ways.

Marketing Process Overview Image Source - SmartSheet

Marketing Process Overview

The plans of the sales team actually talk about the process involved in sales, about their team’s structure, their market and the sales target set by them. They further analyze their plans to actually meet these targets.

So, now we are actually clear about the difference between sales and marketing on the grounds of their target and process. Let us now understand how differently they take the help of resources and tools to enhance their working –

3. Resources

Before talking of the tools and resources that are used by sales and marketing teams differently, we will first let you know what are the tools that they use collectively –

Social media is one of the major resources that is used by both marketings as well as the sales team. Marketing people use it to attract their audience whereas salespeople use it to strategies their social selling process.

CRM Database is also one of the major tools that these two use collectively. Here they use it to maintain a healthy relationship with their customer base.

Now let us talk about the tools that they use differently –

Tools used in Sales

(i) Scheduling and meeting tools.

(ii) Tools to prepare invoices.

(iii) Tools to manage Emails.

(iv) Document preparation tools.

(v) Tools to manage their orders.

Tools used in Marketing

(i) SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools.

(ii) Tools to create content.

(iii) CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) tools.

(iv) Tools to manage their projects.

(v) Tools to prepare their data report.

So these are the tools that they use specifically.

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Let us now talk about the difference between sales and marketing with an example that talks about how both of these differ on the grounds of strategy making and execution.

Barrett Sales Strategy Model Image Source Barrett Sales Blog

Barrett Sales Strategy Model

For the marketing team, their strategies depend a lot on the type of campaign that they are going to lead and what are their target customers.

The major strategies of a marketing team are – Internet Marketing, Blog Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and so on. They use all these together to attract their audience to purchase their products or services.

On the other hand, the strategy of sales team depends a lot on the type of industry, the method involved in the selling, type of products, market and so on.

Their major strategies are – Solution Selling, SPIN Selling, SNAP Selling, N.E.A.T. Selling and so on. These strategies actually help the buyer to solve their problems and further increases the overall sales of the company.

Are Sales and Marketing Different

The answer to that question would be a Yes for sure. There is no doubt that marketing and sales help in the generation of leads and also assist in the increase in revenue.

But then these functions are different because these use different tools and processes in order to achieve the one common goal that they share.

Sales can be used in order to promote activities such as selling the services and the marketing of the goods. Marketing can be used in order to increase the interest regarding the company in the minds of the users. So, in a way these two are pretty different.

Sales and Marketing put Together

We have been talking about the difference between sales and marketing but let us now talk about their alignment.

There’s no doubt if any company wants to grow itself at its best when it will have to ensure that both these terms go hand in hand.

Sales and Marketing Strategies Image Source - Four Quadrant

Sales and Marketing Strategies

If they are working in alignment then there are high chances that conversions and revenues will witness a great leap.

The business runs in a poised manner when these two go together and in an aligned manner. So we should more focus on putting the two terms close and letting the teams work aligned.

If we say that spark in any business is actually generated from the marketing process then it won’t be wrong. But on the other hand, the sales team’s job is equally important to enhance a business. Hence they should work together.

Role of Mail Marketing in boosting Sales

As a conventional form of marketing, direct mail still rules supreme for most businesses of small and medium in size. There is a wide range of reason that has businesses fallen in love with this age-old form of marketing.

How Email Marketing Boost Sales Image Source - Mongools

How Email Marketing Boost Sales

As a matter of fact, direct mail marketing does what it is meant to do – grab customer attraction and boost sales. And it does so with fewer costs and efforts from the part of the management.

Read on to know more about the benefits of direct mail marketing and why it can still be referred to in a generation where social media is the prime mode of marketing.

Why Direct Mail Marketing is essential even in the Social Media Generation

1. Affordable

Irrespective of the mode of delivery, direct mail remains highly affordable for most business. For less than a dollar, it still reigns as a supreme way of reaching to customers directly and securing their attention.

Direct mail has proven to be an outstanding way of spreading news and information about upcoming activities and programs which could perhaps be lost without securing attention in social media.

The cost of printing and stamps are also known to way cheaper than they what they are assumed to be. There are special postage services for direct mail marketing with distinct stationery that are cheap and available in bulk quantities.

2. Effective

Direct mail marketing enjoys an average response rate of 1% to 3% which proves to be a great helping hand for small businesses that want to attain publicity without busting their budgets.

Compared to the cost of running a social media campaign, direct mail is far more effective in securing real customers and converting into them possible sales volumes easily.

Moreover, it gives a personal touch to the whole marketing activity unlike other social media and other digital forms of marketing.

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3. Can Determine Exact Conversion Rate

A large number of companies are resorting to the services of direct marketing companies because it gives an accurate and precise measure of sales conversion.

Being physical and direct in approach it is possible to find out how many customers actually respond to the mails and aid in boosting sales volumes.

A good copywriter and tailor-made content can go a long way in improving the conversion rate of a business. Moreover, they can be used for all types of businesses and are not restricted to any specific industry.

4. Sales in the Digital Scenario & its New Face

Sales on the same side are taking a new turn and hence it is also taking the shape of social media and digital scenario.

Although social media has become the buzz word in new generation sales, and it is still a great way of publicizing a business.

It poses great benefits for small businesses which cannot afford a huge budget for sales activities. With affordability and good response rates, online sales still its reign as a noted form of marketing.

Final Words

So this was all about sales and marketing where we talked about the difference between sales and marketing with examples.

It will be easier for you to understand the working of the two terms if you are well versed with the major differences between the two. Execution of plans becomes easier if you know how they differ from each other.

Use the above-mentioned tips and tricks of both the terms to enhance your business.

Digital Marketing Course enables you to learn the difference between sales and marketing with example and case studies, so you can adeptly run digital marketing campaigns for generating more leads and boosting sales.

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