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Top 6 Digital Marketing Courses in South Delhi

Top 6 digital marketing courses in south delhi

Searching for the best digital marketing courses in South Delhi?

Don’t worry! We have got you covered. In this blog post, we have covered the top 6 digital marketing courses in South Delhi.

This blog post will assist:

  • Freshers/Students looking to start your digital marketing career and navigate career options after graduation.
  • Working Professionals seeking to enter the exciting world of digital marketing.
  • Marketing Professionals seeking to upskill and gain better job roles.
  • Freelancers looking to add and gain more holistic skills to attract more freelance projects.

Why Learn and Understand Digital Marketing Skills?

If you’re living in South Delhi or nearby areas, taking digital marketing courses can be incredibly valuable. The knowledge and skills you gain from learning digital marketing can have a significant impact on your life.

According to a report by GroupM, more than half of all ad spends in 2023 to be digital. The rise in digital advertising has led to an increase in the demand for digital marketing jobs.

Digital marketing jobs in south delhi


The number of jobs digital marketing jobs available alone in South Delhi is immense. When you learn digital marketing skills, you open yourself up to a world of opportunities and a high digital marketing salary. There is a high demand for these skills, and by acquiring them, you can secure good job prospects and thrive in the online world.

To get these rewarding and high-paying jobs, you can enroll in a digital marketing course as per your necessity.

Scope of Getting a Job after Learning Digital Marketing

  • Digital marketing job opportunities are booming, with a projected 10% annual growth rate. (Source: Forbes)
  • 80% of businesses plan to increase their digital marketing budgets, creating more job openings. (Source: CMO Survey)
  • The average salary for digital marketing roles is $63,000 per year. (Source: Glassdoor)
  • Digital marketing skills are in demand across industries, from e-commerce to healthcare. (Source: McKinley Marketing Partners)
  • By 2025, the global digital marketing industry is estimated to reach $389 billion. (Source: Statista)

Jobs in Digital Marketing

Building a Career in Digital Marketing can be highly rewarding with the following jobs roles available.

  • Content Marketing Specialist: They create and manage compelling content to attract and engage audiences.
  • SEO Specialist: They optimize websites to improve organic search engine rankings and drive traffic.
  • Social Media Manager: They oversee social media accounts, create content, and engage with audiences.
  • Digital Marketing Manager: They develop and implement marketing strategies across various digital channels.
  • Email Marketing Specialist: They design and execute email campaigns to reach and engage target audiences.

Top 6 Digital Marketing Courses at a Glance:

S.No Digital Marketing Courses in South Delhi Course Duration Course Fees Placement Assistance Contact Details
1 Digital Marketing Bootcamp by Digital Vidya 3 to 4.5 Months Rs. 29,900 + GST + 2 months salary + 18% GST Guaranteed Placement with a min Package of Rs 4 Lakhs per Annum Contact No: +91-80100-33033
2 Certified Digital Marketing Master Course by Digital Vidya 3 to 6 Months Rs. 49900 + 18% GST 100% Placement Assistance Contact No: +91-80100-33033
3 Masters in Digital Marketing by Delhi School of Internet Marketing 3 to 6 Months Rs. 49900 + GST Assured Placement Assistance Contact No:+91-8800290309
4 Digital Marketing Course by Digital Inventive 3 to 6 Months Rs.26000 N/A Contact No:+91-7838474312
5 Advanced Digital Marketing Course by MISD 3 to 6 Months N/A N/A Contact No: +91-9950305055
6 Digital Marketing Course by NSIM 3-6 Month Rs. 45000 N/A Contact No: +91 -9811020518


We have created the perfect list of the best digital marketing courses available in South Delhi with the Institute’s Details.

The list is created on the basis of the following factors:

  • Course Fees
  • Course Curriculum
  • Course Duration
  • Institute’s Reputation
  • Course Trainers
  • Post Training Support
  • Placement Support

So without further delay, let us take a look at the Top 6 digital marketing courses in South Delhi along with necessary details such as course duration, fees, and curriculum.


6 Best Digital Marketing Courses in South Delhi

1. Digital Marketing Bootcamp by Digital Vidya

Digital marketing bootcamp mentors

The first course on the list is presented by Digital Vidya. The course is created by industry experts for students looking to enter the digital marketing industry with a starting salary package of Rs 4.5 LPA CTC.

Digital Marketing Bootcamp is an endeavor aimed at equipping individuals with valuable skills and reducing unemployment disparities.

The Bootcamp focuses on increasing expertise in Digital and Performance Marketing, providing participants with comprehensive training and the most important factor, guaranteed job placement.





Everything to know about our Bootcamp:

Course Name Course Duration Training Mode Key Highlight of this Course Course Fees When is the Course starting from? Contact Details
Digital Marketing Bootcamp 3 – 4.5 Months Online Guaranteed Job with a min Package of Rs 4 LPA Registration Fee Rs. 29,900 + GST + 2 months salary + 18% GST 29th May, 2023 +91-80100-33033



Who the Course is For?


Who is it for?



Google & Meta Certifications


Google & meta certifications



Key Highlights:

  • Guaranteed Job Placement – Minimum Rs. 4.5 LPA
  • Industry Relevant Certifications – Meta and Google Ads
  • Online Classes
  • Pay After Placement
  • Led by Industry Leaders
  • Personalized Mentorship
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Hands-on Projects
  • Lifetime Access to Updated Content

How You Can Enroll in Digital Marketing Bootcamp?

As the Digital Marketing Bootcamp is a program that ensures the placement of the student, it is necessary to be eligible and crack an entrance test to enroll.


  • The candidate needs to have a graduation or post-graduation degree. (Candidates in the final year of graduation and ready to join a full-time job can apply as well).
  • The candidate needs to be fluent in speaking and writing in the English Language. (The primary mode of the Bootcamp is in English.)
  • The minimum age for the Bootcamp is 21 years, and the maximum age is 28 years.
  • The candidate must be willing to work in any of India’s metro cities and hence must be okay with relocating if necessary.

Application Process

Step 1: Multiple-Choice Questions
The Multiple Choice Questions are based on logical reasoning and English Passage Comprehension. The MCQs assist in the identification of the candidate’s fluency in the English language and basic aptitude.

Step 2: Online Video Interview and Application Submission
The online video interview is conducted to check and evaluate the fluency of the candidate in speaking the English Language. It also assists in understanding the knowledge base of the candidate.

Along with the interview, the candidate is required to fill in the application with the right details.

Types and Duration of Digital Marketing Bootcamp

1. Day Bootcamp – 3 Months Program

Evening bootcamp


2. Evening Bootcamp – 4.5 Months Program

Artboard 1 100 5


Course Fees and Duration:

Pay After Placement Fees
Option 1: Pay the registration fee of Rs 9,900 (+18% GST) + fee equivalent to 3 months of your Salary (i.e. CTC) [+18% GST]
Option 2: Pay a registration fee of Rs 29,900 (+18% GST) + fee equivalent to 2 months of your Salary (i.e. CTC) [+18% GST]

Day Bootcamp: 3 months
Evening Bootcamp: 4.5 months

Phone: +91-80100-33033
Email Address: [email protected]

Digital Marketing Bootcamp Success Stories:


2. Certified Digital Marketing Master [CDMM] Course by Digital Vidya

The next course on the list is the Certified Digital Marketing Master [CDMM] Course presented by Digital Vidya. The course’s primary focus is to create a complete understanding of digital marketing.

The course is focused not only on providing job opportunities via skill building but also equips entrepreneurs and businesses to upscale using digital marketing techniques.

This course has been a reason for the success of more than 95,000+ professionals from over 55 countries since 2009 and a Choice for Digital Marketing Online Course in Delhi.

Digital Vidya has an expert panel of over 70+ digital marketing trainers, with most of them having a valuable experience of more than ten years.

Each module is led by an expert, providing immense insights and tips and tricks of the industry.

Digital vidya course leaders


Course Module
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 4 Modules
Search Engine Marketing (SEM/Google AdWords) 5 Modules
Social Media Marketing (SMM) 5 Modules
Email Marketing 3 Modules
Inbound Marketing 4 Modules
Web Analytics 5 Modules
Facebook Marketing 2 Modules
Specialized Digital Marketing Topics 15 Modules



At Digital Vidya, the end goal is fulfilled when the students secure prestigious positions in their desired roles.
With the dedicated Placement Cell, Digital Vidya ensures seamless arrangements to facilitate successful placements for the students.
With a track record of over 20,000 candidates placed in startups, SMEs, and MNCs, DigitalVidya’s impact is definite. Notably, some of the alumni have gone on to become thriving entrepreneurs, carving their path to success.

Guaranteed job interviews


Rs 8000 Incentive on Course Completion

The Government of India, in collaboration with Nasscom, has introduced an exciting Incentive scheme for individuals pursuing technical education.

As an esteemed official partner of Nasscom, Digital Vidya offers a remarkable opportunity to all participants. By completing the course and applying through Nasscom, individuals can receive a cash incentive of Rs 8000 upon successfully passing an online test.

Internships on Course Completion:

Internships play a crucial role in bridging the gap between theoretical concepts and practical applications for students. They provide valuable exposure to the professional world, fostering a deeper understanding of industry dynamics.

At Digital Vidya, we recognize the significance of practical experience in the field of Digital Marketing. That’s why we offer extraordinary internship opportunities to our students.

These internships serve as a platform for participants to gain hands-on knowledge and skills in the Digital Marketing domain.

Upon successful completion of our course, participants have the opportunity to engage in three exciting internship programs currently available at Digital Vidya.

Don’t miss out on this chance to enhance your practical expertise and kick-start your Career in Digital Marketing.

Key Highlights

  • 100+ Hours (Online) & 70+ Hours (Classroom ) of Live Classes.
  • 140+ Hours of Hands-on Assignments.
  • Placement Support for Freshers & Professionals with up to 2 Years of Experience.
  • 15+ Industry Certifications (including Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn).
  • 72,000 INR + free worth of Digital Marketing Tools
  • 24 x 7 Support through Q&A Platform
  • Lifetime Access to the Latest Content


Training schedule


Course Fees and Duration:

CDMM Fees: Rs. 49,900 + GST


  • Weekday: 4 months
  • Weekend: 7 months

Phone: +91-80100-33033

Email: [email protected]

3. Master’s in Digital Marketing Course by DSIM

The Master’s in Digital Marketing Course by DSIM focuses on empowering the candidates with the right skill set and making them industry ready.

The course is offline in a classroom training format providing the best-personalized mentorship available in Delhi.

If you are a young marketing aspirant or someone looking to upskill, seeking to promote your business, or seeking freelance opportunities, a Master’s in Digital Marketing is the course to enroll in.

Who is it for?


Course Curriculum

Core Modules: The core modules will help the students get practical exposure to Digital Marketing.

You would be creating a website and promoting it practically in the training program itself using Digital Marketing measures like- Search Engines, Social media, Google Ads, Email-Marketing, Lead-generation, etc.

Core modules

Specialization Modules: These modules allow learners to delve deeper into specific aspects of the field, align their skills with career goals, meet industry demands, and gain practical experience.

Specialization modules

Key Highlights

  • Course Curriculum Designed by the Industry Experts
  • Classroom Training
  • Lifetime Access to Updated Content
  • Live Projects
  • Exclusive Internship Opportunities
  • 24*7 Support Offered
  • Guaranteed Placement Support
  • Industry Recognized Certifications


Course Fees and Duration

Fees: Rs. 49,900 + GST

Duration: 4 & 6 months

Phone: 8800290309

Email: [email protected]

Address:  B-26, Shivalik, Malviya Nagar, Nr Malviya Nagar metro station, New Delhi, Delhi 110017

4. Digital Marketing Course by Digital Inventive

Digital Inventive, recognized as a leading Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi, offers an exceptional and advanced Digital Marketing Course to cultivate expert professionals.

The course takes pride in providing comprehensive training that equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the digital marketing field.

Furthermore, they are committed to the success of our students and offer a 100% placement assurance guarantee upon completion of the training program.

This ensures that the students have the opportunity to secure promising job placements and embark on successful careers in the digital marketing industry.

Course Highlights:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • WordPress Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Google Ads (PPC)
  • Lead Generation for Business
  • Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing

Course Benefits:

  • Digital Marketing Tools worth Rs 45000 absolutely free
  • 15 Certifications from Hubspot
  • Assistance in Job Placement

Course Duration and Fees

Not Mentioned

Address and Contact Details:

Address: 1798, 2nd Floor, South Extention -1, New Delhi, Delhi 110003
(150m away from Metro Station)

Phone No: 91-7838474312

Email Address: [email protected]


5. Advanced Digital Marketing Course By MISD

The Advanced Digital Marketing Course by MISD provides a resource where you can develop practical digital marketing skills for executives and managerial jobs.

The comprehensive career support, including help with writing resumes, prepares the student for interviews as well.

The course provides access to industry-relevant tools, technology, and innovation affording you with an ideal learning environment.

Course Highlights:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Planning
  • Website Creation
  • Content Writing
  • Keywords Research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • E-commerce SEO
  • E-Commerce Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Local SEO
  • Video Optimization
  • Shopping Advertising
  • Google Webmaster

Course Benefits:

  • 55 Modules
  • 8 live Projects
  • 6 Months Course
  • 15+ Certifications

Course Fees and Duration:

Fees: Not Mentioned

Duration: 3 to 6 Months

Email: [email protected]

Address and Contact Details:

Address: 29 Link Road, Lajpat Nagar-3, New Delhi-110024

Phone No: +91 – 995030505

Email Address: [email protected]

6. Digital Marketing Course by NSIM

NSIM presents a cutting-edge digital marketing course designed specifically for entrepreneurs and business owners. This comprehensive training program aims to equip participants with a deep understanding of every aspect of digital marketing.

Our primary objective is to provide clarity on leveraging digital marketing strategies to yield profitable returns for your business.

The primary advantage is that you can acquire expertise in all digital marketing tactics within a few months. With this knowledge, you will gain the ability to independently manage your business in the digital realm.

Digital marketing holds the potential to elevate your business to new heights, and our course empowers you to harness that potential effectively.

Course Highlights:

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • Web Designing without Coding
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Re-marketing Parameters
  • Creating Marketing Strategy
  • Lead Generation for Business


Course Benefits:

  • Live Online Classes
  • Internship with Companies
  • 100% Practical Course
  • 50+ Modules
  • 15 Certifications
  • Earn while you learn
  • Backup Classes
  • Campus Placements


Course Duration and Fees:

Course Duration: 3- 6 Months

Fees: 45000 + 18% GST

Address and Contact Details:

Address: South Extension-1, New Delhi, 50 M. Away From Metro Station Gate No-2

Phone No: +91 -9811020518
Email Address: [email protected]


These are the best digital marketing courses available in South Delhi for you to upskill for your own benefit. Make sure you understand and recognize your needs before selecting a course.

Digital Marketing Course gives students and professionals a competitive advantage to build a Career in the Digital Marketing sphere.

If you want to start your career and earn a good salary you can enroll in the Digital Marketing Bootcamp and start your career in Digital Marketing with a starting package of Rs 4.5 LPA.


Question: Which is the best Digital Marketing Course in South Delhi?

Answer: According to our list, Digital Vidya is the best digital marketing course in South Delhi. As a pioneer in online instructor-led training, this institute has consistently made significant investments to enhance its courses.

Additionally, the institute provides 100% internships to participants who successfully and promptly complete the course, along with comprehensive placement assistance to maximize their career prospects.

Question: What are the fees for a digital marketing course in Delhi?

Answer: The cost of a Comprehensive Digital Marketing course can range from Rs. 20,000 to 50,000 depending on various factors such as the chosen institute and the level of the course.

Question: What is the eligibility for a digital marketing course in Delhi?

Answer: The requirements for enrolling in a digital marketing course can vary among different institutes. Generally, for certification courses, a class 12 passing certificate is required.

For postgraduate digital marketing courses, a graduation degree from a recognized institution is necessary.

Question: What is the average salary of a digital marketer in Delhi?

Answer: For freshers (1-2 years of experience), the annual salary of a digital marketer in Delhi typically falls within the range of INR 2,50,000 to INR 5,00,000.

As for Digital Marketing Managers with 5 years of experience, their annual earnings can vary between 8L and 15L. The actual salary is contingent upon factors such as the size of the company, the individual’s level of proficiency, and their expertise in the field.

Question: What is the duration of the digital marketing course in Delhi?

Answer: The duration of the digital marketing course in Delhi typically ranges from 3 to 6 months, while certain courses may extend up to two years.

Institutes commonly offer both weekday and weekend classes to accommodate the schedules of participants.

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Digital Vidya is one of the biggest and leading digital marketing institution in Asia. Since 2009, 120,000+ professionals, entrepreneurs, 16000+ brands (Google, ITC, CNBC,etc.) have joined Digital Vidya training batches from 55+ countries. Digital Vidya researches and analyzes online marketing techniques for producing effective internet marketing training materials. With 14+ years of experience, 120k+ students, 7,200+ online batches, Digital Vidya is building a community with successful startups and working professionals using effective digital marketing educational ecosystem.

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