Digital Vidya’s Research-based Digital Marketing Internship Program Helps To Become An Expert

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Bhaskar Saikia Bhaskar‘s professional background starts with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Communication engineering but not quite sure where it will end. Currently, he is pursuing MBA from IIT Roorkee, Uttaranchal. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Communication from Mahendra Engineering College, Namakkal, under Anna University Chennai. He calls himself as an explorer, it is because, the more he explores, the more he evolves. Love for the Digital World is not quite new for him. This is what made him opt for electronics to understand the working of both hardware and software devices which supports digital world. Marketing is something that helps him understand the world in a better way. Working as a part-time broker for second-hand items during last days of my engineering, made me to explore more into the field of Marketing and Sales, and this is what made me to go for MBA.

 What interested you in learning Digital Marketing?

Bhaskar: Digital Marketing is a cool area. This is like a bridge for me. A bridge that connects both my learnings in engineering as well as MBA. It is quite an interesting field to explore. Best part is, it is not just about analytical skill that one need, nor the experience. Even a newbie might defeat an experienced one, only if he can think out-of-box. Only thing that limits a Digital Marketer is his creativity, knowledge is easy to achieve with an access to internet.

Which module did you choose in Digital Vidya’s Internship Programme?

Bhaskar: Well, I opted for a 6-months Internship in Digital Vidya. During which I got an opportunity to learn 2 different modules. During my first 3-months, I researched and produced contents for the module Inbound Marketing. This module gave me an over view of the way one must proceed with a digital marketing strategy and made me understand how different it is from tradition form of marketing. In the last 3-months, I had a chance to learn the SEO module. This module gave me an in-depth view of using SEO and tricks used by different SEO agencies to fix their client problems.

Why did you choose Digital Vidya’sInternship Programme?

Bhaskar: To be honest I was randomly looking for an internship to add-on value to my career. But then I came upon something which seemed as if it’s just for me, I just went for it. The Internship Programme at Digital Vidya didn’t took so long, before it overwhelmed me by the vast and cool world of Digital Marketing. Soon I became passionate to explore more into the field of Digital Marketing.

Please share top 3-5 takeaways from the Internship Programme you participated at Digital Vidya.

Bhaskar: Internship Programme at Digital Vidya gave lots of opportunities to grab. This internship gave me a chance to not just to learn but also to explore the latest trends in the Digital Marketing world. It gave me a chance to study around 15-20 real life case studies which was quite educational, as it taught me all those tricks used by Digital Marketing agencies to solve live problems. It also increased my social authority in Social Media Platforms due to my frequent researched based contents.

Based on your learnings, what are the opportunities for Digital Marketing as a career?

Bhaskar: Digital Marketing is just the beginning of its era. I don’t think there will be any company who will survive without a Digital Marketing Department. There are recent cases of Accenture and many such companies who is expanding into this area. And the best part is that,it’s getting viral not just in large scale industries but also all kind of local and small scale industries as well. Recently Hubspot, expanded itself to Saudi Arabian Countries as well.  NEXA, a Digital Marketing company of UAEwill be taking care of Hubspot’s service in Saudi. So, we can see here how fast it is increasing so no doubt the career in Digital Marketing is quite promising. Along with those communication towers increasing speed of internet in different region, Digital Marketing will spread.

Please share your experience in learning through the Research-based Internship Programme.

Bhaskar: There is quite a difference in just leaning through online materials and video’s, and learning through research. It is quite easy to mug up things by going through materials. But to clearly understand something by analyzing the facts from the research and producing it in own words to make it simpler for others to understand, is something that I have got from this Research-Based Internship Programme.

What did you like most about Digital Vidya’s Research-based Internship Programme?


The best part of Digital Vidya’s Research-based Internship was the part where we become an expert. I got a chance to preach layman’s as well as experienced ones through my information collected by research on the modules of Digital Marketing. This is something that can create your own authority over the Digital marketing Field and gives a chance to be the expert.

Do you suggest any changes to Digital Vidya so that the value of its Internship Programme can be enhanced further?

Bhaskar: As this is my professional habit to study whatever interests me, I could not help myself without judging the internship progarmme. I will suggest to decrease the assignments and increase the word limit of the contents. Teach them to analyze a particular topic in detail with numerical data and facts collected from credible source. It takes at least two days of good research and analysis to produce an exceptional content that can drive huge number of visitors.

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