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Digital Vidya’s Training Programme Gave Practical Knowledge Of Digital Marketing Arena

Digital Vidya’s Training Programme Gave Practical Knowledge Of Digital Marketing Arena

IMG_20150424_232720Varun Kotwal has worked for his own school: Sai Shraddha School till 2014 for 2 years. before which he completed his MBA in 2012.

Digital Vidya: What interested you in learning Digital Marketing?

Varun: I’ve been very curious about Digital years for a few months. I thought I could make a career in this. I read some positive reviews on some websites about Digital Vidya and then I registered.

Digital Vidya: Which course did you participate at Digital Vidya?

Varun: I participated in the Certified Digital Marketing Master Course (CDMM) and I completed that in 3 months.

Digital Vidya: Why did you choose Digital Vidya’s course?

Varun: I choose CDMM Because it teaches you variety of aspects about Digital Marketing from Inbound marketing to Search Engine Marketing. It gives in-depth knowledge about Digital Marketing. I chose Digital Vidya because I read a lot of good things about Digital Vidya on various websites. Digital Vidya has done a good job of SEO too I guess 🙂

Digital Vidya: Please share top 3-5 takeaways from the course participated at Digital Vidya.

Varun: I didn’t know a lot about Digital Marketing before joining. It was almost like starting from the scratch for me. Today I consider I have a very good knowledge of all the modules taught in the course. But, I am better at SEM, SEO and Inbound marketing.

Digital Vidya: Please share your experience in learning through an instructor-led, online format.

Varun: I was a bit nervous about how this entire online instructor-led format would be. But it was as good as offline format. I’d say I was very comfortable with the format. All the instructors were very patient with the participants. They removed our doubts and if we had any queries they resolved it through e-mails.

Digital Vidya: What did you like most about Digital Vidya’s training programme?


The delivery method is very effective. All the trainers and organizers are very helpful. The syllabus covers a lot. Plus assignments give us some practical knowledge about the real Digital Marketing arena.

Digital Vidya: Do you suggest any changes to Digital Vidya so that the value of its courses can be enhanced further?

Varun: I can’t think of any. I think it is as good as it could get.

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