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Thousands of businesses of all sizes utilize Email Marketing Campaigns, and create high earning Email Marketing jobs for marketers.

Email Marketing is one of the oldest yet most effective methods of advertising and some of the important reasons why email marketing is seen by businesses as vital marketing tool are-

  • Low Cost
  • Effective fan targeting
  • Segmentation and calls to action
  • Easy to create, share and track
  • Global, ensures immediacy and guaranteed ROI
Email Marketing Jobs

Email Marketing Benefits

Eternal existence and powerful significance of Email Marketing have been the prime reasons behind booming popularity of Email Marketing Jobs. This post is written to guide you about everything related to Email Marketing- From Email Marketing Job Description to the skills needed to get best Email Marketing Jobs- So, let’s start the process with Email Marketing Job Description-

Email Marketing Job Description

  • Managing email campaigns and result driven communication via email marketing
  • Analysis of current email marketing campaigns and related recommendations
  • Handling trigger email campaigns throughout the customer lifecycle
  • Doing segmentation of the database and channelizing remarketing strategies
  • A/B Testing, MVT Testing on email marketing campaigns
  • Tracking and reporting and ensuring all email campaigns comply with latest Email Marketing trends
  • Working with Head of CRM

Email Marketing Jobs Salary

Rough range of Salary associated with Email Marketing Specialists based on their educational qualification, certification and professional background.  

To get a best suited Email marketing job, you need not to have exceptional educational background, any certified Email Marketing professionals working in high growth startups or reputed business may earn over Rs 10 Lakh annual salary as Email Marketing Manager. Below given is the salary range of Email Marketing Jobs-

Email marketing jobs

Email Marketing Jobs Salary

To get a high earning Email marketing job, there are a few skills that you need to have, and I’ll walk you through 10 skills that are basic to email marketing jobs-

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10 Skills to get a High Earning Email Marketing Job

1. Ensuring Deliverability of your Emails

On the off chance that your email doesn’t get delivered, then the Email Campaign is of no any use.

Ensuring your messages meet their last goal is the primary thing of an Email campaign, which makes deliverability a must skill to get Email Marketing jobs.

Different factors that influence deliverability are ISPs, throttling, MTAs, bounces, span issues, bulking, content quality, etc. Some rules that you should follow to ensure 99.5%+ deliverability are-

Keep away from Spam objections

  • You should not spam and should try to use double opt in
  • You need to set expectations upfront to let your subscribers understand how frequently they will hear from you

Keep Away from hard bounces

In case you do not use double opt-in, you should verify validity of all the collected email addresses-

  • In case you collect emails via freebie, you should send that freebie to their inbox and should not provide that on a thank-you page
  • In case you collect email in a giveaway, you should send first email to participant form other account to impede the impact of bounces and unsubscribes to your main account

Remove your list on a regular basis

  • You should delete all your inactive subscribers regularly
  • If a prospect has not opened any of your last 10-30 campaigns, there are rare chances that they would open the next 50
  • You need to understand that neither you need such subscribers not they need you

Understand working of Gmail Promotions tab 

The Gmail Promotions also aid in email deliverability and things like bulky images, excessive links, fancy styling, different reply-to address, email header markup, etc. play significant roles in Email deliverability.

2. Know how to do effective list building

Having well organized email list is the most-discussed subject in email marketing and successful Email advertisers ought to have a hold of various subscriber acquisition mechanisms, such as-

  • Content marketing that includes blogging, Guest blogging and Lead magnets
  • Webinars
  • Social Media
  • Giveaways
  • Opt-in tools such as Slide-in forms,  popups,  and top of page ribbons

3. Know how to do Social media Integration

Web-based Social Media Marketing is not just useful for building your brand and optimizing brand presence; it can likewise enable you to add endorsers and subscribers to your email list database. Fortunately, you can use social media channel for developing your email list.

Some of the Email Marketing Techniques via Social media Integration-

  • Use of Call-to-actions + sidebar apps on Facebook page of your company
  • Use of Twitter lead generation cards
  • Using your Instagram followers
  • Offering sneak previews of  emails in Snapchat stories
  • Use of Email-gated content upgrades on Periscope
  • Using Slideshare for collecting leads
  • Using Pinterest for driving traffic

4. Ensure Subscriber Engagement

Only having well organized email list is not a panacea for e-businesses. Email lists work more effectively if they are ensuring engagement. Engaged subscribers open more, want more, click more, and purchase more.

Once you figure out how to draw in and engage your email subscribers you can apply that to a list of any size to improve its viability. While offering something to your subscribers, you need to be more helpful and deliver on regular basis.

When you set up trust with your new subscribers, you should proceed with your correspondence remembering why individuals join and remain on email lists- they cherish the pampering offered by you. It is important here to cultivate that inclination by making them the first to hear all your new declarations and sending them special content that is not accessible to others. You can also offer special deals to them.

To engage your subscribers-

  • You should segment your Email list and send more applicable data
  • You should never lose your personal touch in automated emails
  • You need to find the befitting “send” frequency but you should never irritate
  • You need to channelize email campaign in a conversational fashion

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5. Know the factors Email Open Rate depends upon

Email open rate relies upon an entire host of factors, including:

  • “From” name
  • Preview text
  • Sending time
  • Email list quality
  • Email content

You need to adeptly optimize your emails for a higher open rate, as the more individuals open an email, the more individuals click, and then the more individuals make the purchase.

6. Understand Email Click Through Rate idiosyncrasies

Email Marketing jobs

What is Click Through Rate?

Emails trigger some actions, regardless of whether you need individuals to purchase, share, or connect with your substance. Any activity in an email is measured by the click on your Call to Action i.e. Click Through Rate (CTR)

CTR is a definitive metric in email advertising. Accomplishing a high click rate depends on your main offer. So, if your main offer is great, couple of tips given below will enhance your click rate:

  • Use Completely Clear CTA
  • Utilize one CTA per email
  • Bring out intense feelings in your email copy- To evoke powerful emotions, you need to use content that create feelings like Scarcity, Authority, Curiosity or Social Verification, etc.

7. Be adept in using Data & Analytics

To get best email marketing jobs, you need to feel good while handling analytics dashboard of Email Service Provider (ESP). Different Email Marketing Stats comprised in Analytics are-

  • Open and click rates
  • Bounces
  • Unsubscribers
  • List Growth
  • Conversion Rate, etc.,

Such stats can give effective bits of knowledge at what’s working (and so forth) in your email marketing campaign.

  • Paying heed upon the numbers and seeing patterns, and with that, conducting tests (A/B tests) is an Email marketing skill that helps you be an expert Email marketing professional.
  • The initial step to a more insightful email campaign is figuring out what precisely you need to accomplish — your main objective.
  • In view of that objective, you need to choose what your essential and optional analytics metrics ought to be and track them fastidiously.

8. Effective use of Email Marketing Automation

Knowing email marketing automation is another important skill for getting best Email Marketing jobs. Also, Automated messages are customized, relevant and timely. They ensure better open and click rates and constructively influence engagement of subscribers.

Email Marketing Automation is very effective in ensuring more income for your business. Most of the Email Service Providers have automation features, and you need to know how to use them.

Regardless of what Email Marketing Tool you’re utilizing, you ought to have the capacity to set up basic email work processes that get activated in various distinctive ways like

  • When any subscriber gets added to a email list or clicks a link in an email
  • When a subscriber views a page on your blog or click on your Ads
  • When a subscriber becomes a qualified lead or downloads freebies, etc.

9. Know how to use Segmentation

Segmentation lets email marketers subdivide their email list in view of a specific characteristic. You would then be able to send exceedingly focused mails to subscribers. According to eMarketer,

  • 39% of email marketing professionals who practice list segmentation enjoy better open rates
  • 28% see lower unsubscribe and opt-out rates
  • 24% enjoy better email deliverability and greater ROI

There are various ways you can segment you email list. Take a look at the following groups and perceive how you can serve them more effectively:

  • Segment list for subscribers who open most of your emails but never click
  • Segment list for subscribers who click but don’t convert. You can send such subscribers  a new campaign with more reasons to influence them to make a purchase.
  • Segment list for subscribers who didn’t open  your last email
  • Segment list for subscribers who have replied to your emails
  • You can also segment the list based on past purchases, demographics, interest level, and much more.

10. Know how to use Email Attribution

Email Marketing Jobs

Email Attribution

Attribution is a standout amongst the most exceptional subjects in email advertising. A decent email marketing manager needs to know the correct result of every digital marketing strategy they utilize. Knowing how your advertising endeavors convert will help you be better educated to grow in a result-driven fashion.

In spite of the fact that email advertising is very trackable, email attribution is not so simple and even for so many organizations, running a straightforward Email attribution is highly uncommon. Below given example will help you understand Email attribution marketing-

  • You hear about an ad in a podcast and then Googles the company
  • You are not ready to buy the product yet, but you still sign up for the newsletter
  • Then, once you receive an email from the company and you forward the same to one of your friends who is interested in that kind of product
  • Now, you friend walks down the street and sees the product in a store
  • He remembers your email and goes into the shop to buy the same product

It’s clear that conversion via attribute marketing is a little messy but email marketers need to use attribution to keep settling on the correct choices when they break down reports and create strategies.

To have the aforestated skills, enrolling in an email marketing certification course is considered highly beneficial. Certified Email Marketing professional also has better chances of getting best Email Marketing jobs.  Available email marketing certifications are-

Email Marketing Certifications

Email Marketing jobs

  • Govt. Certification- VSkills certification is a Govt. of India Initiative and once you find yourself adept in Email marketing, you can appear in this exam and be a certified email marketing professional.
  • Google Certifications- Google conducts numerous certification exams in Digital Marketing Domain and you can choose the one that suits your skills and get certified.
  • HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification- HubSpot offers Inbound Marketing Certification that covers different segments of Email Marketing such as segmenting, targeting, attracting and converting visitors.


Aforestated Email Marketing skill sets, course and certification will let you be a talented Email marketing specialist who can ensure lead generation and conversion through email campaigns.

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Enrolling in an Email Marketing Certification Course will help you have the expertise and skills to impress recruiting managers of best Email Marketing Jobs in Noida, Bangalore or anywhere in India.

Want to master Email Marketing? Join Email Marketing Master Certification to learn advanced email marketing strategy and tactics that help you get the best email marketing jobs.

Still in search of some specific information concerning how to get best email marketing jobs in India- ask us in comments.

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