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Wondering how one of your friends accurately measures the ROI of his Digital Marketing Campaigns? Wish to know how he adeptly tracks his website’s performance? It can be accomplished by undergoing Google Analytics Certification.  

Google Analytics Certification

how to get google analytics certification

-Believe me, he must have cleared his Google Analytics Certification Exam, & do not get surprised if soon he gets a job offer from Google.

      However, you too can be an Analytics Experts and have the same kind of expertise and recognition. Google Web Analytics Certification helps you accomplish that competency. The best way to be an Analytics expert is to train for Google Analytics Exam 2017 and become Google Analytics certified. This not only helps you be an expert in Analytics but also aids you have a certificate from Google that establishes you as a master of Analytics, and ensures better recognition and career opportunities for you. Before going in details of Google Analytics Certification, let us first understand what Google Analytics is & why as a search specialist you need it.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a powerful service that aids marketers track their website’s performance on paid and organic search results. It is useful in understanding how visitors of your website react to your products and services. It also lets you track the performance of your current Digital Marketing Campaign; while its analytical details and competitive analysis help you channelize profitable digital marketing campaigns. By taking a good evaluation of GA, webmasters will realize how it is an invaluable visitor tracking solution for them.

  • Wondering to know the previous site, your visitors logged on to, before visiting your site- Google Analytics gives answer of all such queries & let you track and improve performance of your website.

Reasons why you need Google Analytics (GA)

  • Google Analytics updates you on which of your SEO campaigns are delivering the best return on investments. It tracks down important user information for you that fulfills your website visitor-tracking mission.
  • With GA, you can know where your visitors leave the sign-up process of your website, which lets you amend your signup process to be more user-friendly and interactive. If you face problems of losing leads, then this will stop it.
  • GA lets marketers identify pages and links visitors click on most. By knowing this, they let these pages be more interactive and position them and their links in a more appropriate and convincing manner.
  • GA also aids you know popular keyword that users type in the search bar of Google to find websites related to your company site. By knowing these keywords, you can channelize effective SEO campaigns.
  • Google Analytics helps you have end-to-end visibility for your digital marketing campaign. It also helps you track non-search-engine marketing efforts and despite being free, it matches the functionality of other costly visitor tracking tools.
  • Visitor segmentation is another prime feature of Google Analytics that will let you classify loyal, converted and new users, their geographical details and other related referral source. Such insights help you improve your digital campaign.

    Google Analytics Certification

    benefits of google analytics

GA is quite flexible and offers a wide range of significant and valuable reports that let track and improve your digital marketing campaigns. With, Google Analytics, you can track multiple sites. Some of the top benefits of Google Analytics are-

If you manage an online store, e-commerce business, web property, or internet marketing campaign, it is must for you to be an expert in Google Analytics. Gaining befitting Analytics skills will be quite benefiting for you in channelizing more target-oriented SEO campaigns.

Now time has come to know everything about Google Web Analytics Certification. I created this Google Analytics tutorial to let you walk through the complete process of Analytics certification in a detailed and goal-oriented fashion. At the end of this article, you will get to know the best tips to clear Google Analytics Exam and benefits to become Google Analytics Certified professional.

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What is Google Analytics Certification Exam?

Google tests your knowledge and skillfulness in Google Analytics through Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) Exam. Once you clear this exam, you get a certificate from Google that proves that you are proficient in the use and understanding of GA. To take the exam, you need to go under “Partners” area in Google, and create an individual profile. Once you signed up, click on “Analytics” (see left menu), then click on “Take Exam” given on the right bottom corner of “Partner” section.

How to take your Google Analytics IQ Exam

  1. Firstly, you need to go to
  2. There, just click on- “I’m an Agency” on the top right of the page.

    Google Analytics Certification

    how to get google analytics certification exam

  3. Then, you need to click on the button- “Join Google Partners”.

    Google Analytics Certification

    google analytics certification exam cost

  1. Now, you should read and follow all the given instructions. After that, you need to sign in with your Google Account.
  2. Then, click “Sign up” and click “Agree” on the terms and conditions.

     Google Analytics Certification

    Sign-up for google analytics certification exam

  3. Once you are signed up, click “Analytics” on the left side.
  4. Then, you will see an option of “Take Exam” on the right side. Click on it, if you are ready to take the exam.

    Google Analytics Certification

    take Google Analytics Certification exam

Be aware- you need at least 80% marks for passing your Google Certification Exam

How to Pass Google Analytics Certification Exam

  • To access your free GAIQ exam, you need to sign up for Google Partners following the step given in ‘How to take your Google Analytics IQ Exam’
  • In GA exam, there will be 70 multiple-choice questions chosen at random, and to get certified, you need at least 80% mark, which means you need to correctly answer at least 56 out of 70 questions.
  • Once your exam starts, you will have 90 minutes to complete it- means you will have a 1.5 minutes/question (approx). You need to be prompt and well prepared for your exam, as the timer will continue to run even if your PC shuts down.
  • Passing the exam will allow you receive your Certificate that has your name listed in Google’s list of Qualified Individuals. There is nothing to brag, but seriously speaking, it lets your resume speaks volume for you and ensures great career growth. 
Google Analytics Certification

how to get google analytics certification

  • GA exam includes questions related to Knowledge of how to use GA, Knowledge of how GA works (cookies, etc.), analytic vocabulary, theory, application, knowledge of Google Analytics platform itself, ability to think logically, etc.
  • At Google Testing Center-, you can take a sample exam that you can access free and understand the pattern of the exam. However, the difficulty level of this GAIQ test may vary. 
  • Once you pass the exam, you have the foundation to exactly understand critical analytic practices and concepts along with a Google Certificate. This will let you share the status of your individual qualification with others.
  • Now you will have the ability to determine the important metric for your business and develop charts, funnels, and dashboards around that metric.
  • Congratulations! Now you are Google Analytics Master.

How long your GAIQ Certificate is good for?

Your GAIQ certificate is good for 1.5 years and you need to renew your certificate at the end of this period. Once you pass the exam, Google sends you an email with your official certificate but that certificate will only be valid for 18 months from the passing date of your exam. 

What if you fail your GAIQ Exam?

GAIQ exam is free, so no monetary loss. You just need to practice and learn hard again as you can take the exam as many times as you want. You need to wait for 7 days to reapply for your next exam. 

Benefits of Google Analytics Certification

Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool in the hands of an expert Digital Marketer. As a certified professional, you can effectively leverage Google Analytics to fulfill your marketing goal. GAIQ aids you establish a solid foundation of understanding applications related to testing, channelizing, growing, and improving the result-oriented working of your online business.

Once you are a Google Analytics certified professional, it will naturally mean that you are competent enough to traject constructive and productive digital performance by applying principles, theories and maneuvers of Analytics to track and improve the digital performance. GAIQ exam will authenticate you as a master of Google Analytics. Some top qualities that you will get equipped with your Google certifications are-

  1. Besides the obvious, Google certifications will just look great on your resume. For SEO professionals, it is a must to have this certification to ensure the kind of career growth that they always wished for.
  2. Adding a certificate on your LinkedIn and other professional profiles is a cool thing that also adds value to your company as your certification can let your company become a Google Analytics Certified Partner- for a company to be a Google Analytics Partner it is must to have at least 1 Google Certified employee.
  3. Companies that wish to create a corporate culture of measurement and prefer to maintain a standard of quality in their functioning make this certification mandatory as this exam sets a bar for one’s knowledge of Google Analytics

    Google Analytics Certification

    Google Analytics Qualified Individual Exam

How to Prepare for Google Analytics Certification Exam 

  1. Google Academy Courses

You can take Analytics lessons from Google experts by joining Google Analytics learning community. Google Analytics Certification Cost is free, and some of the top Analytics Academy courses are-   

  • Digital Analytics Fundamentals
  • Google Tag Manager Fundamentals
  • Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals
  • Google Analytics Platform Principles
  • Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions
Google Analytics Certification

Google Analytics Academy courses

You can join the Google Analytics Academy G+ community to get updates on existing and new course content from Google. Google Analytics resources include all kinds of interactive mediums to help you, for example- 

  • Google Analytics Academy
  • Google Analytics YouTube Channel
  • Google Analytics Blog
  • Google Analytics G+ Community
  • Google Analytics Demo Account
  • Google Analytics Help Centre

    Google Analytics Certification

    Justin Cutroni

In Google Analytics Academy, you get to learn from instructors like Justin Cutroni, who was named as the Digital Analytics Industry’s Most Influential Contributor by the Digital Analytics Association. He is the publisher of blog ‘Analytics Talk’ and has authored or co-authored 3 books on Google Analytics.

  1. Training Institutes

If you wish to learn more best practices and advanced strategies about Google Analytics for your exam, then you can take one of our live Google Analytics Training workshops. Digital Vidya is one of the top-rated Digital Marketing Training Companies in Asia, and we have worked with some of the tops brands in Asia and have trained thousands of Digital Marketing Professionals. Our course will prep you in the most interactive, effective and result-oriented fashion. DV offers Google Analytics course that covers everything related to the GAIQ exam. Features of Google Analytics Certification are-

  • Live Instructor-led Sessions
  • Lifetime access to Latest Content (Presentations & Videos)
  • Research-Based Internship
  • Hands-on Projects and Assignments
  • Placement Assistance for Freshers & Digital Marketing Experts
  • 24X7 Trainer’s Support on Discussion Forum
  • Govt. of India Certified Course

Download Detailed Curriculum and Get Complimentary access to Orientation Session

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Google Analytics certification course covers all the topics essential to prepare and pass the Google Analytics Exam with good score. Some of the topics that are important for GAIQ exams are listed below-

Topics Important to give Google Analytics Certification Exam Answers

  • Campaign Tracking & AdWords Integration
  • Event Tracking & Virtual Page Views
  • Internal Site Search
  • Motion Charts
  • Custom Reports
  • Domains & Subdomains
  • E-commerce Tracking
  • Regular Expressions
  • Cookies
  • Advanced Segments
  • Filters
  • Funnels
  • Goals
  • AdWords
  • Traffic Sources
  • Interpreting Reports
  • Tracking Code
  • Interface Navigation
  • Accounts & Profiles

Qualities of Google Analytics Certified Professionals

  • GA Certification helps professionals have the competency to make impressive business decisions through Empirical Data of Google Analytics.
  • The ability to track the impact of mobile users and measure the performance of mobile apps in the company’s ROI is another feature of Google Certified professionals.
  • As a Google Analytics Certified professional, you can know who is visiting your site, how they are getting to your site, what they are doing on your site and other related details.
  • GAIQ Certification ensures that you are qualified enough to competently track conversions. GA Certified professionals know how to optimize marketing campaigns, improve website usability, identify target audiences, allocate budget, etc.
  • GAIQ certificate certifies that you can find out deficiencies in your site, and customize your site as per the interests of your target audiences. Google certified professionals would be able to do competitive analysis and repackage site accordingly to ensure better ROI.
  • Google certified professionals could measure the productivity of their Social Media Engagements. Google Analytics Certification course lets you track all your social media activities on different social networks.
  • Google certificate proves that you can accurately track demographic details of traffic source, keyword terms, bounce rate, number of returning, average time your visitors spend on your site, etc. – important to channelize well-targeted DM campaigns.

Final Words-

Before taking your Google Analytics Certification Exam, it is important to make sure that you are using new version of Analytics, as individuals who use the old version of Analytics face more difficulties in clearing their certification exams. Google has made many changes to Analytics over the last few years and despite fundamental materials being the same, there are many new things you need to pay due heed to score good percentage.

While giving your exam, stay calm and composed. You are a pro SEO and this exam is not as daunting for you as it may seem for others. Also, have a look at this Google AdWords Exam for additional information.

As long as you have had an experience of Google Analytics and paid due heed upon the above tips to brush up GAIQ idiosyncrasies you were unfamiliar with, it will not be too difficult for you to pass the exam. Just listen up all the Google Analytics lessons watchfully and go through practical sessions of Analytics training. I wish you nothing but the best of luck for your certification exam and career growth as a certified Digital Marketing Professional.

Have any queries regarding Google Analytics & its Certification Exam? – Do update me in the comment section below.

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Already taken the Google Analytics exam? – Share your experiences with us. 

Best of luck for your Google Analytics Certification!


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