Home Base Used Email Marketing To Multiply Its ROI By 45 Times

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brandAbout  Home Base

A leading UK based home enhancement retailer which sells a range of products for the home and garden. It is a part of the Home Retail Group, a leading home and general merchandise retailer.

 Home Base’s Business Objectives

Home base wanted to promote its kitchen range of products amongst its existing customer base. To highlight their kitchen range of products and thereby boost their sales revenue, they wanted to make use of email as a marketing channel for effectively targeting the prospective customers.

Strategies / Approaches Adopted By Home Base

Home Base partnered with eCircle, an online marketing specialist and based upon their suggestion, decided to track the number of email recipients who clicked on the kitchen based product links in their newsletters.Based upon this they targeted them again through a series of follow up  email communications. Below are the series of personalized follow up email categories which were send using the eCircle’s email software program, known as eC-messenger:

  1. The first email consisted of message with the objective of creating an awareness among the prospective customers about the range of Home Base kitchenware. A  clear Call To Action (CTA) link was made available in the email  as ‘ View Range’ where customers can view and understand the kitchen offerings.
  2. The second email focused on generating appointment bookings, with a CTA link pointing to the website landing page. The landing page shows a booking  appointment form.
  3. The third email was designed as a combination of the first two emails with an additional in-store expert video. The aim was to make a successful conversion out of the prospective customers if they failed to act on the previous emails communications.

Results Achieved By Home Base

Home Base realised its objectives with 48% email recipients booking  in-store appointments to meet Home Base consultants; 40% average conversion rate from appointment to purchase and finally multiply its ROI by 45 times with an additional revenue of GBP 1 Million.


Home Base found out that there was 20% higher click through rates (CTR) and open rates when employing the technique mentioned above than the earlier usual email communication. The reason was Home Base customers responded well to targeted communication based on click activity than usual one.

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    Very comprehensive and compact writing. Well done John. I’ll share it with my students.

    • John Abraham

      Thank you Dr. Goswami


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