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4 Email Marketing Tips That Will Help You Improve Your Campaigns Continuously

Email marketing campaigns are the most effective channel through which marketers can attain important information about customer’s interest and behavior as well as establish a relationship at a personal level. If utilized in a proper manner with attention to the audience behavior it can help in boosting your sales whereas if it is exploited in bad […]

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About TUIfly A german based airline company which is part of TUI Travel PLC, London. The Hanover headquartered company is the third largest airline in Germany with a passenger traffic of 12.5 million a year. The website is seeing an increase in online bookings as a result of TUIfly’s  investment in optimization of digital […]

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6 Email Marketing Tips For Continuous Success

Emails as a marketing tool has several great advantages like building up brand loyalty, generating leads, establishing good relationship with the customers, increasing the traffic to your web page, boosting the sales etc. It can make or break your business based upon how you are putting this wonderful marketing channel to use. To be successful […]

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5 Sound Email Marketing Tips For A Modern Day Business

These days when social networking platforms are ruling the roost, marketer are forgetting the importance of the most powerful and widely used marketing channel Emails. Its very important to give equal importance to email marketing campaigns since it is one of the proven channels which can boost the customer loyalty and increase traffic to  your […]

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3 Email Marketing Tips To Design A Great Welcome Mail

Most marketers design their website pages, social media page, blog page so meticulously in order to create a big impression with the prospective customers and successfully engage them. But the same kind of approach is not adopted by the marketers when it comes to email marketing. It is of utmost importance since email is a […]

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The Centre Leveraged Email Marketing To Achieve 555% ROI In 4 Months

About  The Centre A London based training company which provides training courses in areas like communication, management, administration, personal effectiveness etc. The company has been providing affordable and effective training for the past 18 years to organizations in all sectors. The Centre’s Business Objectives The company wanted to explore new marketing channels besides the traditional […]

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Top 3 Silly Email Marketing Mistakes That Must Be Avoided

For email marketing campaigns to be successful, there are a lot of prerequisite measures that needs to be taken care. The success of any email campaign depends upon the deliverability of the emails send across to the prospective customers, open rates and finally the conversions that happens. The marketer should be well versed in all […]

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5 Great Tips For SMEs In Email Marketing

Email marketing when compared to other traditional marketing campaigns provides a lot of benefits to your enterprise. The email marketing has many great advantages if incorporated into your marketing plan which can boost your overall sales and improve user engagement at a very low overhead cost. Reduced time and  effort to market the messages,ability to […]

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4 Easy Steps To Create A New Email Marketing List

Developing an email marketing list is of foremost importance before starting a email campaign. Creating a subscriber list which is validated and updated on a regular basis is a bit challenging but if done on a consistent basis can reap huge returns.There are a lot of offline and online tactics which can be adopted for […]

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5 Best Email Marketing Tips For Accelerated Business Growth

Email is the one of the best marketing channels which helps marketers to connect with the customers on a personal level.This channel if used with respect to the customer’s privacy (permission based marketing) can reap great benefits and a lifelong loyalty, but if approached in an intrusive manner can result in the marketer’s email being […]

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