Impact Of Internet Revolution On Todays Online Generation

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It has been predicted that in 5 years time, everybody is going to be on the Internet. Be various types of companies, everybody who is searching for more data. To me, today the time starts now. Everybody is either on google, the social media websites or publishing their very own website for more exposure. Even for most of those who have internet access at home and the office, the internet has proven to be more of an addition to their lives. The Internet has developed mass-market potential for todays online generation.


The Internet is both over-hyped and undervalued. You will know that the Internet is the most transforming invention in human history. It has the capacity to change everything from the way we work and also the way we learn and play. Somehow it also tells us how to sleep and it is doing so faster than the speed of electricity.

Everyone’s getting smarter. Everything’s getting smarter, too.

There are different variety of things to do on the internet in todays generation. There is the e-mail, Google site to keep searching for whatever needed. If you are a student, you can do your homework online. Also, you can start up a website for your company for more exposure. Best of all, you can even market your products online using the PPC (Pay Per Click) mode by using Google Adwords. Not forgetting Social Marketing Sites too.

Today almost everyone is shopping online. Whether they are looking for books, CDs, Shoes, Clothes and so on.

It has become convenient and economical and it is popular now.

E-business is something which is much more important which is happening behind the scenes today. The Internet is turning businesses upside down and inside out. It has changed the way companies operate. This goes beyond buying and selling over the Internet or e-commerce and into the processes and culture of an enterprise.

Companies today have started creating their own websites and they use google Adwords to market their own website.  Using Google Adwords have allowed companies to do their own research and find out which keywords to use to better market their product. Best part of it is that they can also use Adwords to make their own website. It is such a friendly tool.

google-adwordsSearch Engine Marketing which includes of Organic and PPC, continues to be a huge part of any company’s acquisition strategy on the web. Like other online channels targeted, effective and accountable. Perhaps it is the most unique asset, being the ability to target relevant customer intent.

Your campaigns and ads are impacted by the many buttons provided by search engines, complex algorithms which determine if your ad shows up, and a bunch of things that search engines are doing.

Given that context measuring impressions and click through rates (CTR) and cost per click (CPC) and conversions are now merely price of entry. You have to focus on those in the first couple days and you would have to elevate your game.

Yet with tools like Google Analytics, we end up focusing on as Analytics Professionals. Partly because of the limitations of the data available in the tools, most Web Analysts don’t have the understanding of what Paid Search is all about.

It simply means that we can track to see how well is the company doing online today.

You can keep analysing to see if you are getting your moneys worth. If not, you can always modify your account, stop and get back on the train once done.

But of course it is a better option to get a PPC professional to handle the account for you. This is a full day affair. Since you wear too many hats as director of the company, you would not have the time to focus all your time on this.

It is important to also see if you are getting your return of investment otherwise it makes no sense even jumping on the PPC boat.

Profit is almost always the primary goal in the long term. Marketers have a lot more control over ROI therefore, programs are designed around KPI first.

Imagine you are a soda salesperson. You can sell ice to a vendor and run of network display media to a direct marketer.

Your price for a bottle of soda is $1. Now, you can sell that bottle for $100, but the problem is that it is going to take you a long time to move the product. In the meantime, your competition down the street is selling bottles at $1.25. He is not even close to a 2 to 1 ROI. However, it does not take a lot to move product at this price, and it turns out that your competitor can sell about 5 bottles a day.

After 90 days of a consistent 1.25 to 1 ROI execution, you meet and compare numbers.

The 100 to 1 ROI sounds good but at the end of the day, the second salesman ends up getting more profits. The first guy made a profit of $99. But, the second guy finishes the same 3 months with higher than 10% profit which is a handsome $112.50.

Bottom line, Profit matters.

As we can see how much of impact of internet revolution on todays online generation can make. From a retail industry, an e-commerce website company, social media sites and google. It makes a difference.

Image credits – Malawi  , Adwords

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