An Interview with Vikas Kundu, Sales Executive turned Web Analyst

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Vikas KunduVikas Kundu
started his career as a sales executive. During his job, Vikas felt that Digital Marketing is dominating prominently, especially in e-commerce sector wherein customers simply take products’ information & buy later from 
e-commerce portals such as Flipkart and Amazon. As everyone wants to secure the future & embrace growth; so, Vikas decided to learn Digital Marketing. Thus, previously a sales executive, Vikas is now deeply involved in Digital Marketing from since last 1.5 years. Currently, Vikas is working as a Web Analyst with KindleBit, IT Park, Chandigarh.

Which course of Digital Vidya you participated in? How did it help you acquire new skills related to digital marketing?

Vikas: I did Certified Digital Marketing Master (CDMM) Course with Digital Vidya. In this course, I learned some new aspects of Digital marketing like how to perform a detailed analysis of digital marketing and other tasks such as Analysis and working on Google Analytics and Google Adwords.

Why did you choose Digital Vidya’s course?

Vikas: Before joining Digital Vidya’s course, I also pursued a 6-months course but that was a total waste of money as I did not get any learning from there. After that, I searched about the Digital Marketing institutes and it was then that I came across Digital Vidya. Further, I discussed about the course with one of the sales executives at Digital Vidya. 

Only after getting completely satisfied, I joined Digital Vidya’s Digital Marketing training course and I found it 100% worthy.


Digital Marketing Course by Digital Vidya

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Date: 27th Jan, 2021 (Wed)
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How has the course contributed in your career growth including new job opportunities?

Vikas: After doing the course I am capable of answering certain technical questions related to SEO, AdWords, Analytics and SMO.

Why do you think it’s important to learn Digital Marketing today?

Vikas: Today’s era is the digital era and you can’t think about the business growth without digitalizing your business. Today 195.2 million users on Facebook, 23.2 million users on Twitter, 30 million active users on LinkedIn only in India and nobody wants to ignore these figures. And these numbers are increasing as the use of internet  is increasing.  

Share about the benefits you can foresee about building a career in Digital Marketing industry.

Vikas: I am seeing high growth in coming 2 years in all perspective like knowledge, designation and of course salary as well.

How do you stay updated on the latest trends in Digital Marketing? Which are the Digital Marketing resources (i.e. blogs/websites/apps) you visit regularly?

Vikas: I keep myself updated via experiments and by analyzing the change in my results. Apart from this, I read several blogs like SearchEngineJournal, SearchEngineLand and Digital Vidya’s blog & forum to solve my problems and keep me updated.

Which are your favorite 3 digital media channels (e.g. Twitter, Google etc.) and why?

Vikas: My favorite Digital media channels are:

  • Facebook: I prefer Facebook due to high number of users, various modes (Text, Picture, Video and Emoji) to convey your message to users.
  • Twitter: I prefer Twitter because it is easy to use and share the content. Compared to Facebook, it is lively.
  • LinkedIn:  LinkedIn is primarily used by professionals and job-oriented people. To convert this elite class into future clients; I use LinkedIn.

Which are your 3 favorite Digital Marketing Tools?

Vikas:  Right now, I am using only 2 tools. One is “Screaming Frog” for website analysis and another is “Google Keyword Planner” for Keyword Research.

Share the names of 3 people you respect when it comes to Digital Marketing.

Vikas: I respect 2 people when it comes to Digital Marketing. They are:

  • Abhishek Jain – My Team Leader and first mentor when I started my career in Digital Marketing)
  • Kulwant Nagi – One of the biggest Bloggers in India, who interacts with users despite holding a prestigious position in the community. 

At the third position, I want to put my Digital Vidya trainers who solved my queries every time and helped me when I needed them. During the 6-months long association, they shared their priceless knowledge and experience as well.

 What is your advice to newbies who want to build career in Digital Marketing?

Vikas: My advice is that SEO is nothing but experimenting day-in-day-out. So, don’t be afraid of doing experiments. In fact, do experiments as much as you can and for other things you have to read and turn that learning into practical implementation. Here, smart work plays a crucial role over hard work. Last but not the least, don’t forget to update yourself with the latest trends and updates; otherwise you’ll loose.

What are the challenges a person is likely to face when s/he enters into Digital Marketing industry? How can s/he overcome those?

Vikas: According to me, there are two major challenges that a person is likely to face when s/he enters into Digital Marketing and their solutions are as:

  • Starting as a newbie doesn’t reap much benefits from the seniors if we leave some exceptions. I mean nobody is ready to share their knowledge or experience that how can you do the right things. So, I’ll advice to do as many experiments as you can do yourself; read as much as you can and then practically apply the learnings. 
  • Another challenge is getting a good job or internship with good salary package. This is one of the most crucial aspects for any newbie. At the start, most of the employers are not ready to take freshers and if they hire freshers then they don’t give them a single penny or very less stipend. To tackle this problem, my advice is to find a freelancer who can provide you some work and guide as well. By this you earn some money while you learn. 


Digital Marketing Course by Digital Vidya

Free Digital Marketing Webinar

Date: 27th Jan, 2021 (Wed)
Time: 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM (IST/GMT +5:30)
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For someone who’s looking at full time or part time job or an internship in Digital Marketing, what approach would you advice?

Vikas: For this, use your contacts and post your resume or CV on all major job portals. Apart from this, as you are in Digital Marketing field so don’t leave social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn behind. Join various groups and follow the pages for latest job updates. If you are not getting any response then don’t lose heart. Join Digital Vidya’s training programme, completing after which their Placement Cell extends job support. These guys are excellent and they surely help to match right job according to the profile. 

Digital media especially Social media channels such as Facebook can eat up a lot of your productive time if not used wisely. Do you agree? What all can one do to efficiently leverage these channels for personal growth?

Vikas: Yes, I totally agree that social media channels such as Facebook, etc. eat up a lot of your time if not used wisely. If you want to use these channels in a productive way, then follow the pages and join groups related to your field, ask your queries from professionals on their pages or the respective groups. And most important, put your cellphone on silent mode when you are doing work. Otherwise, you can’t focus on your work.

If you were given a chance to rebuild your career, what changes you would have made to have even better growth and fulfillment?

Vikas: If I will get such a chance then the first change that I will prefer to make is shift from Chandigarh to any IT city like Bangalore, Hyderabad or any local city. And, I will start my Career with AdWords and PPC only (No SEO) if I will get a second chance.

How do you see Digital Media evolving in future?

Vikas: Entire future is now dependent on Digital Media. You can’t think the future without Digital Media, the use of which is increasingly rapidly with the increase in use of internet. 

Would you like to share few words about the work we are doing at Digital Vidya in educating others about Digital Marketing?


You guys are doing a fantastic job in providing Digital Marketing trainings. Good luck team Digital Vidya..!!

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