Intuit Leveraged Google Analytics To Optimize Site Performance

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Google AnalyticsAbout Intuit

Intuit is a leading provider of innovative business and financial management solutions. They serve small and medium-sized businesses, consumers, accounting professionals and financial institutions. Intuit’s flagship products – QuickBooks, TurboTax and Quicken – have been created to upset the way individuals deal with their own accounts, run small organizations and pay employees. The organization’s lineup of tax preparation products assists individuals and entrepreneurs to effortlessly and precisely file their own taxes.

The Channel Marketing Team (CMT) at Intuit is a common team that serves three businesses — Financial Management Solutions (FMS), Employee Management Solutions (EMS) and Payment Solutions. Each of these portals give several flagship products, taking into account the needs of SMEs. As of late CMT settled on a key choice to utilize Google Analytics Premium to accept the information nature of its channel examination and overcome existing holes in channeling information. Intuit needed to have increased understanding of their organic search traffic and conversion rates, to have optimized site performance, and to be able to provide marketers with a self-service analytics model.

Google Analytics – Goals

Intuit worked with Blast Analytics & Marketing, a Google Analytics Certified Partner and Google Analytics Premium Reseller, to help make an solution that could be used for all business sections in a short window before the organization’s peak season. The account, web property and profiles were all configured so as to reflect the Intuit corporate structure. This guaranteed that every business section group could concentrate on its own system of page to perform analysis, while the CMT group could look over all businesses to infer shared learning. Intuit and Blast had the capacity execute the arrangement over the business segments within a month and broaden the arrangement crosswise over worldwide locales inside of a week.

Google Analytics – Approach for Implementation

Intuit in tandem with Blastam implemented Google Analytics Premium across multiple verticals of the organisation and then scaled the same to their global websites. They promoted rapid adoption of Google Analytics through custom reports, dashboards and training for their employees at all levels. With intensive training, it became easier for everyone to adopt the new technological changes and provide with better reporting. The implementation of Google Analytics Premium immediately saw a variety of significant insights into the business workings. At the outset, traffic and data conversion quality improved vastly. Intuit found that before the implementation of Google Analytics, they had been grossly under-reporting the achievement of their website traffic alluded by SEO by almost 50% for FMS and 27% for EMS, and website conversions attributed to SEO had been under-reported by around 200% for FMS and 65% for EMS. All this added up and helped Intuit make better business decisions in time and achieve even higher success rates.

Result of implementing Google Analytics

With Google Analytics Premium, it became feasible for the Intuit channel analytics team to give exact information for SEO customizations as per each different business need, and to give knowledge insights equipped for affecting business choices in as near possible real time. Since the time Google Analytics was deployed by Intuit, the team no longer takes two days to give the knowledge insights – data and analysis requests are now completed within two hours. Google Analytics Premium additionally fits into the key vision that CMT had as far as democratizing Intuit’s data. Since Intuit’s solution is in view of a self-administered model of web analytics, all marketers throughout the organization are able to review data and see insights in real time and bring up any issues or concerns to the analytics team promptly.

Platform adoption and data accuracy was the crux for Intuit’s investment into Google Analytics Premium. Blast gave on location preparing to more than 100 business clients to guarantee high adoption of the platform. Custom reports, dashboards, and sections were developed that could be shared across the organization. Furthermore, on-going support is provided by Blast to support their business needs as and when the organization requires it. Intuit analytics needs are evolving in a fast paced market scenario and so they needed continuous backing. By and large, Intuit has heightened the level of trust in the company’s data quality by introducing Google Analytics Premium into its toolkit. Intuit also has a governance process to periodically approve and review the data to check for any gaps or discrepancies in quality, and works so as to ensure that the solution is consistently meeting the changing needs of each business segment.


On using Google Analytics Premium, it is possible to get reduce data retrieval from days to hours. For Intuit it reduced from two days to two hours. They were able to include all global websites in the new analytics solution in under a week, which is testament to how easy it is to implement Google Analytics Premium with support. It is further possible to increase data accuracy across channel analytics to enable better business decisions.

Thus, if you are looking for a quick analytics implementation with good accuracy and timely reporting then you should possibly look at Google Analytics Premium as an option with a Google Analytics certified partner support.

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