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Lifecycle of a Data Science Project: Webinar Recording

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Data Science projects are an assured way to get exposed to the practical aspect and applying the theoretical understanding in the best possible way. If you are an aspiring Data Scientist willing to learn how to implement the practical application of a Data Science project, you’ve landed at the right place!

Mathangi Sri, Data Science Lead at Phonepe led an intriguing session to help us understand & know:

  • what does it take to build a Data Science project
  • the different stages through which a Data Science project passes through
  • that every step in the lifecycle of a Data Science project depends on various data science skills
  • the best Data Science tools to finalize the Data Science project

So, if you are further curious to know the different stages through which a Data Science Project passes through so as not to fail and how to optimize the model for a better performance, access the webinar recording:

Hope this webinar added to your knowledge. To attend more such webinars and learn from the recordings, stay updated with the upcoming and trending webinars.

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