How LSI Keywords Will Improve Search Engine Ranking

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If you are into online marketing then you must have heard of the word LSI keywords, do you what it is and what it can do to your SEO campaign? If you don’t know then worry not, here in this article we will let you know what actually LSI keyword is and how it can impact your SEO campaign.

SEO has gone too far these days and people are using a number of ways to get a better rank on search engines. They create contents and use a number of keywords get better ranking but how to do search engines will know if there is a relevant content according to the search input or not.

Here comes the role of LSI (Latent Semantic Keywords). Let us understand it a bit deeper.

LSI keywords are a medium through which search engines get to know about the relevancy of the page to that of the search input. LSI keywords are basically those keywords which are similar to your main keywords or in other words, they are semantically related.

Here don’t get me wrong, I am not saying LSI keywords are a synonym of your main keywords rather they are just similar according to the context.

As per stats, LSI Keywords decrease bounce rate by 49%.

If in an article you are using ‘Microsoft’ and ‘Windows’ word as well then these are known as LSI keywords as they are based on a similar context. Here note that these are not the synonyms of each other. There could be a thousand example like using ‘Intel’ and ‘Processor’ at the same time.

Since there are a number of pages that talk about the similar kinds of stuff as the search input but it is not easy for search engines to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant pages. Search engines are making your browsing experience better and better, the concept of LSI Keywords is one of the ways to that.

Let us take another example to understand it; suppose if you have written a blog about ‘love and relationships’ and no doubt it has the quality.

But if someone makes a similar input in the search bar of any search engine then how would the search engine know if your page is to be displayed or not; if your page is relevant or not.

If you have used the keywords like ‘bond’, ‘friendship’, ‘feelings’, ‘emotions’, etc then search engine will easily be able to recognize your page as a relevant one. These keywords are actually LSI keywords which help search engine to make decisions about the relevancy.

Why Google Uses LSI Keywords?

Gone are those times when you could just make your page stuffed with keywords and Google would consider it as a relevant page.

Keyword density was only a measure for Google to test the relevancy of the page to the search input. Google found out that people started using it very negatively and then Google came up with a solution and brought the concept of LSI keywords in SEO.

People were using cheap tactics to fool Google and were just filling their page with keywords besides making the content relevant.

Users were not able to get relevant search results and were getting disappointed, Google found LSI keywords as an only solution to this. There was one more reason as well behind the concept of LSI keywords; Google was better able to understand the meaning of the web page and search queries through LSI keywords.

Now Google is better able to match the search input with the search results.

The Relation Between LSI keywords & Hummingbird

The semantic algorithm or Hummingbird algorithm was introduced by Google in the second half of 2013. It helps Google to better understand the context of the page and also focuses on synonyms.

LSI Keywords

LSI Keywords and Hummingbird

Google has introduced this algorithm with an intent to provide users with better search results. Algorithms that were used earlier were only focusing on specific words that were present in the search input but hummingbird algorithm checks for each and every word that falls under the radar of the search input.

Google is better able to match the search inputs with the search results due to the Hummingbird algorithm.

LSI Keywords & Better Ranking 

LSI Keywords

LSI Keywords & SEO

You must have understood the concept of LSI keywords in SEO but you might be thinking of the queries like how LSI keywords can help you in getting a better ranking on search engines? Don’t worry we will let you know that as well;

Since Google is trying to provide its users with better search results and is focusing on the whole context of the page rather than just density of the keywords hence your page which is containing LSI keywords will get a better ranking because Google will be able to understand it in a better way.

Crossing the keyword density limit might be the concern of every writer because the content can get punished by Google on crossing the keyword density limit. Here come the LSI keywords to help you, you can keep using LSI keywords even if you have reached the keyword density limit. This will help you in getting better ranking as well.

Since Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords are similar to your main keywords hence providing you with a better ranking on search engines. You can conclude that you can get benefited from LSI keywords in SEO as well.

Hence LSI keywords can really help you in getting better rankings on the search engines and is an effective tool for online marketers.

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Where Can You Get LSI keywords | LSI Keywords Generator

You might now be thinking that where will you find these LSI keywords for your content; let me help you with that and let you know the LSI Keywords tool which will fetch you with the LSI keywords.

1. Google Search

You can get LSI keywords from Google search where you can just type your main keyword and you will find that Google will bold the LSI keywords in the search results.

This is one of the best ways to get your LSI keywords. Google search will provide you with the exact results of what people are searching on Google and thus you will get the LSI keywords.

You can further use those keywords in your contents to get benefited.

2. Google’s ‘searches related to’

While searching for any stuff on Google you must have seen that in the bottom of the search result page there is a special column for ‘searches related to’ and there you can also find LSI keywords for your content that will fetch you better rankings.

Here also Google provides you with the results that people have searched and those searched items are in trend and you can further use them as your LSI keywords.

3. Google Auto Suggest

LSI Keywords

Google Auto Suggest

This is an effective LSI keywords tool which can fetch you desired LSI keywords for your content. Just start making an input in the search box and you will get suggestions where you can find LSI keywords.

The suggestions that you get in the search box are what people have searched similar to your input. The algorithm of Google comes into play here and help you in finding LSI keywords that are similar to the main keyword that you have inputted in the search box.

4. Google Keyword Planner

When you are searching for LSI Keywords you can never ignore the efficiency of this tool; Google keyword planner. This is one of the most used tools for keyword researching all over the world. Make any search input and you will get a bunch of keyword ideas which are actually your LSI keywords.

The ideas or the LSI keywords that you get in Google Keyword Planner are actually the synonyms or certain variations of your main keyword.

Here you have to play smart as Google Keyword Planner will provide you with a wide number of keywords and you have to choose smartly among those results. Pick only those which you find most relevant.

One of the best features of this tool is that you can also do an LSI keyword researching (of your competitor’s page) by putting your competitor’s page link. Google Keyword Planner will scan the entire page and will provide you with the LSI keywords that are being used on the page.

5. Niche Laboratory

LSI Keywords

Niche Laboratory

It is another free LSI keywords generator where you can just input your main keywords and you will get the LSI keywords.

You can rather get a full list of relevant LSI keywords but you can’t just rely on the tool and you will have to use your intelligence as well in order to distinguish between which keyword is helpful for you and which is not.

You will have to match all keywords with your main keyword and you will get what you want.

6. LSI Graph

LSI Keywords

LSI Graph

It is a free LSI keywords generator where you can input your main keywords and in no time the tool will provide you with all the possible LSI keywords. You can choose from them according to your preference and use them to get benefited.

This tool also comes up with a premium option where you can pay a certain amount and get more benefits.

7. LSI

This tool is much like LSI graph and works in a similar manner. You just type the keywords that you want to rank and it will provide you with all the relevant LSI keywords that you can use in your content to get a better search engine ranking.

One of the best features of this tool is that it is completely free which means you can do LSI keywords research without paying any amount. When compared to the LSI graph, this tool provides you with closer results and since it is free as well, it is more preferable.

8. Ultimate Keyword Hunter

LSI Keywords

Ultimate Keyword Hunter

It is basically a software that you can download on your PC and use to get LSI keywords based on your main keywords. The software is free to use but it is only available for Windows.

Here you can make a search input of your main keyword and Ultimate Keyword Hunter will provide you with a bunch of results. Choose smartly among the provided results, select the matching keywords and those will be your LSI keywords.

9. SEOPressor Plugin

LSI Keywords

SEOPressor Plugin

It is one of the most helpful LSI keywords tools on the internet where you can also get the LSI analysis. You can get benefited from this tool in terms of SEO and it will help you to boost your page’s rank on the search engine.

Just input your primary keyword and make a search, this tool will provide you with a bunch of results among which you have to choose those which are most relevant and those will be your LSI keywords.

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10. Keyword Tool

This tool uses Google Auto-complete or Google search to provide you with the LSI keywords.

You can find the exact LSI keywords through this tool and use them in your contents. One of the best features of this tool is that you will get a bunch of keywords here which provides you with better usage options.

11. Google Snippet Description

Google Snippet Description is another efficient way to find the desired LSI keywords from Google itself. Whenever you make any search on Google you must have found that Google bolds some words in the snippet description of your results, these are LSI keywords.

Google not only bolds singular words but also phrases that match your searched keyword. You can use these keywords and phrases as LSI keywords in your content and get better search engine ranking.

12. Google Correlate

Haven’t heard of this? Yes, you might have not heard of this because it is a long forgotten tool by Google and it has not been updated since 2011. But when you are talking about efficiency, you can never doubt this tool. This will provide you with the bunch of LSI keywords that you are interested in.

Since this tool is from Google so credibility is of top-notch. The only issue with this tool is that you will get a few funky results while searching for LSI keywords. We suggest you ignore them and pick only those which are relevant.

How Can You Use LSI keywords?

You might be laughing on this question, it is really simple to use LSI keywords in your content, isn’t it?

Yes you just need to sprinkle these LSI keywords in your content but you need to take care of a very important thing; is your input relevant?

You need to input your LSI keywords at the right place. Make sure the context of the content and LSI keywords are in the same frame. The keyword input should be natural and done with wisely.

While making a quest for LSI keywords you will find that a number of LSI keywords are actually the synonyms of your main keyword and in that case, you can simply substitute these LSI keywords in the place of your main keywords and this will prevent you from crossing the keyword density limit as well.

Using synonyms can actually help you to get better ranking on search engines and you can understand that very well if you are into online marketing.

You can input your LSI keywords at different places in your content:

  • Title of the page
  • In H1 and H2 tags
  • The URL address
  • In the META tags
  • Images alt text
  • Initial paragraphs of your content
  • Last paragraph

So these are recommended places where you can use your LSI keywords and wait for the magic to happen. Remember the golden rule; your input should be natural and appropriate, it should not look like a forced one. The quality of your content will leave a major impact on your audience’s mind and you don’t want to ruin your reputation.

Should You Avoid something?

Yes, as said above the input should be natural and the content should not look over-stuffed with LSI keywords. It is a simple rule; also with your main keyword, you can’t fill in your content with your keywords only as it will not look genuine and is a cheap tactic to drive traffic.

You can also get punished by Google for over-using LSI keywords in your content. It is recommended to use one LSI keywords only once in a page.

Final Words

You must have understood the concept of LSI keywords and how they can be used to get better ranking in search engine. You can use LSI keywords in order to avoid over-stuffing of main keywords.

They can be used in order to improve your SEO and you will not have to use your main keyword multiple times.

For those who write long posts like around 2000 words, LSI keywords become a lot helpful as you can’t get good ranking only with your main keyword. Just make sure that you are using LSI keywords naturally and nothing looks forced. So use them wisely to get benefited.

Join SEO Course to learn and master right way of using LSI keywords with utmost effectiveness and precision.

How are you going to include LSI keywords in your SEO strategy? Share with us in the comments below.

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