Mahima Laroyia Shares Her Experience And Learning At Digital Vidya

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Marketing has always been a generic concept for businesses due to the availability of numerous marketing channels today. Digital marketing is getting popular at a tremendous pace even being a present-day concept. Also, digital channels have now become primary means of marketing for businesses all around the world as they are measurable in terms of effectiveness and conversion. Another strong reason that makes digital marketing immensely popular is that, it doesn’t require any initial investment. And anybody with keen interest in leveraging digital marketing can learn and start working with digital channels, hassle-free.

Seemingly, digital channels have replaced traditional channels up to a certain degree as it is procuring a wide scope in the marketing sphere. Hence, it is more likely a requirement for every marketing individual to grasp the knowledge and practice of digital channels.

Here is a live example of one of our CDMM course participants, Mahima Laroyia who is the General Manager, India for a US-based company New Bio Lab. She handles operations and email marketing activities for the company. She always wanted to augment her digital marketing skills until she found Digital Vidya.

In this interview, she shared her experience with Digital Vidya and how her skill-set got elevated after learning digital marketing. She elaborated on the significance of digital marketing in daily marketing operations for every business. According to her, every business whether big or small should have presence on social and other digital channels to compete in today’s marketing world.

She also expressed her views regarding the CDMM course, which she found very informative as it is the gamut of all six segments of digital marketing like: Social Media Marketing. Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Web Analytics, Search Engine Optimization and Inbound Marketing.

Apart from this, she also considers live instructor-led training method very beneficial as it eliminates commutation effort for both instructors and participants. She brags about the great quality of sessions as they are very engaging and led by experienced trainers who address queries of participants extensively.

She ended up by advising others to learn digital marketing whether the purpose is running a business or finding new career opportunities.

If you are still unsure about learning digital marketing then watch the interview and hear it yourself.

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