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If you own a business and are promoting it through online platforms then you must be knowing the video marketing. YouTube is one of the most used social media platforms for videos and learning how to promote YouTube videos like an expert will for sure be highly product in boosting your reach and conversions.

Promoting your business by posting videos on YouTube is a very effective way to get the best out of your business.

As per the stats, YouTube ranks as the 2nd most popular search engine after Google.

So, posting regular and relevant video contents on YouTube will definitely boost your business but is it enough?

First of all, you can’t just post irrelevant and silly videos on your channel because it is a video media platform hence it should only be used for serious marketing. It can become a highly beneficial tool for your business; hence you should use it wisely in order to get the best results.

You will develop user credibility by posting genuine contents. You can’t get the desired results by just posting contents on YouTube; you will have to promote your videos in order to make it to reach a wide range of customers.

If you are just focusing on making videos and investing your entire time in creating and posting videos on YouTube, then you might get good results but not up to your expectations. Without marketing and promotion, your content will not reach the majority of the targeted audience.

According to reports, it has been found that in every single minute 300 hours of video is posted on YouTube worldwide, hence you know the competition.

Video promotion is not a very complicated process and you can simply do it by following some general rules. Here in this article, we are providing you with strategies to promote your YouTube videos effectively and get the best out of them.

All the tips mentioned below are tried and tested; you can follow them to enhance your business on YouTube.

Let us learn how to promote YouTube videos effectively-

Top Hacks to Learn How to Promote YouTube Videos Adeptly

1. Use Keywords & SEO to Promote YouTube Videos

How to Promote YouTube Videos Source- Backlinko

Use Keywords and SEO to Promote YouTube Videos

If you are marketing your business online then you must be aware of the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you want to rank well in search engine then you can’t ignore SEO at any cost. You will have to make your video keyword-rich.

In order to make your video content keyword rich and rank well in search engine, you can opt for writing a good and relevant description which includes keywords.

Don’t overdo with your keywords and don’t just stuff the whole description with keywords only otherwise there are high chances that Google will disqualify the post.

You can also use video tag box to make your video content rich in keywords which we have explained in next point. Mastering this concept will help you learn how to promote YouTube Videos like an expert.

2. Video Tags

Videos tags are one of the most crucial elements of your video content on YouTube. Most of the people who post videos on YouTube commit this mistake of using the incorrect tag.

Most of the guides on ‘How to promote YouTube Videos’ suggest video tags one of the most important parts of promoting videos adeptly.

Tagging in a blog post is much different than YouTube tagging hence you will have to pay extra attention to it. Below we have mentioned certain rules for YouTube video tags:

  • It is advised to use your unique branded tag in all videos.
  • You must use a variety of keywords as a tag.
  • The main keyword must be there as the video tag.
  • Take ideas from top YouTuber’s video tags.

3. Customization of Channel to Comprehend How to Promote YouTube Videos

 How to Promote YouTube Videos Source- AccessVideoTips

Customization of Channel to Comprehend How to Promote YouTube Videos

Presentation really matters a lot, and you will have to pay attention to it. Your first impression can leave a huge impact on your users. Your YouTube channel must not look dull rather it should be well customized by using different images, logos, colors and so on.

Posting a trailer video is also an effective way to impress users on your channel. You can add a short video on your channel for first-time visitors.

Design a good channel logo at it will also lay a great impact on visitors, you don’t want to disappoint the first time visitors on your channel hence focus on creating a unique and good channel logo.

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4. Sharing on Social Media for YouTube Video Promotion

You must be asking yourself how to promote YouTube videos a number of times, here is one of the best answers to your questions; using social media.

You can never ignore the power of social media. It can make anything viral in no time. You should use different social media platforms to promote your videos.

This will help your video content to reach a wide number of users. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can best help you to achieve your goals. A lot of people are confused about how to promote YouTube videos on Facebook; it is as simple as sharing any post on Facebook.

You can share your video contents on Facebook with a slight description and let the Facebook do wonders for you. You can share your contents to a wide range of users and this can help you get more views on Youtube, fetch good number of, likes, comments, and shares on your videos.

5. Understand the Role of Title of the Video in Learning How to Promote YouTube Videos

 How to Promote YouTube Videos Source-Wondershare Filmora

Understand the Role of Title of the Video

Title of anything is the most crucial part when it comes to attracting users. Your video’s title can play a deciding role whether a user will watch your video or not. Sometimes, not so worth content ends up earning a huge number of views and good content fails to earn enough views, this all happens due to the title.

Do proper research before deciding the title for your video, and find out what users are searching most. Your videos will only earn views if the users will feel there is any helpful content for them. Your video title must be short and simple, it should be comprehensive and not stuffed with complicated words.

It would be great if you will add “current year” at the end of your title like; Best videos of 2018. The title should be enticing and the primary keyword should be there at the start of video’s title. It is advised to use powerful (Awesome, Best, etc.) as well as emotional words (Lovely, Sad, etc.) words in your video’s title.

6. Custom Thumbnail & Their Role in Mastering How to Promote YouTube Videos for Free

 How to Promote YouTube Videos Source-Fiverr

Custom Thumbnail & Their Role

We have already discussed the role of appearance in promoting your video content. Once you have become a verified YouTuber, you can use customized thumbnails on your videos.

Whenever a user will come across your video thumbnail will be the first thing that will attract him/her, hence you should focus on using a thumbnail that will provide users with the suggestions about your video content. While creating a thumbnail keep following things in your mind:

  • It should have a resolution of 1280 x 720.
  • The minimum width should be 640 pixels.
  • The format of the image should be in .JPG/.GIF/.BMP/.PNG.
  • Aspect ratio should be 16:9 and the size of the image should be less than 2 MB.

In simple words, the thumbnail must be suitable for desktops as well as mobile. There are a number of tools on the internet that can help you in creating desired thumbnails for your videos.

7. Embed Call To Actions (CTAs) for Promoting YouTube Videos

It is an effective way to promote your YouTube videos. You can direct users to other essentials on your videos like; information, downloadables, etc.

It can serve the purpose for you in promoting your videos. CTA possibilities are non-ending and you can get the best results.

8. Priorities on Branding to Optimize the Presence of YouTube Videos

While creating videos for your YouTube channel focus on branding in order to stand out of others. Intro, which is usually of 3-5 seconds in any video must talk about your brand and showcase it.

Whereas Outro which runs at the end can show the other videos related to your channel or brand which will entice the users to like and subscribe to your channel.

If you are not sure about creating a good intro and outro for your YouTube videos then you can either hire an expert from any freelancing website or you can use different tools available on the internet.

9. Be Consistent & Create a Playlist to Promote YouTube Videos

Being a YouTuber you will have to focus on your consistency. In order to develop a good relationship with your users and increase your credibility.

Your subscribers have subscribed you for a reason and they want to see you more often hence you will have to understand that and upload regular contents that are relevant as well. You will have to fulfill your subscriber’s demand by offering them matching video contents.

You can schedule the time of your upload and it will help in building credibility. Once you have uploaded a number of videos on your channel you can arrange them in the playlist. Many people ask this question on how to promote YouTube videos?

First of all, you will have to focus on your channel only, then you can shift your attention to promotion. Arranging the videos in the form of the playlist will help your viewers to navigate through your channel easily and it will increase their interest in your video contents/channel.

One of the best features of the playlist is that if a user gets to indulge in any of the videos in the playlist then he/she will be enticed to watch all other videos in the list.

10. Create a New Blog for Your YouTube Channel

If you are aiming towards becoming a full-time YouTuber then it is must for you to create your own blog, especially for your channel. You can create and a personalized blog for free and embed your YouTube videos on that platform.

You might have thought of this question; how to promote YouTube videos for free? This is probably the best answer to your question. You can create your own blog for free of cost and start promoting your videos there.

You can create a WordPress blog as well. Make sure that your contents in the blog are SEO friendly and focuses on the keyword related to your videos.

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11. Collaboration is the Key to Learn How to Promote YouTube Videos for Free

If you are tired of searching the same question on search engines; How to promote YouTube videos, then this method will surely help you out. There are a number of popular YouTubers, you can collaborate with them and earn great popularity.

Make sure that you choose a YouTuber with similar interest so that you can reach a targeted audience through this step. One major thing that you must keep in mind is that the YouTuber must not be your direct competitor otherwise it can adversely affect your promotion.

12. Start Interaction with the Audience to Learn How to Promote YouTube Videos for Free

When it comes to promotion, audience interaction is extremely crucial. Interaction helps in building strong relationships with your subscribers and viewers.

You can opt for multiple ways to connect with your audience; it can be either comments or Twitter or other communication platforms.

13. Rewarding Your Audience to Understand How to Promote YouTube Videos Without Paying

How to promote YouTube videos in the best way? Here is one of the best answers to your question, reward and appreciate your audience. People are by nature enticed to rewards.

If you will offer a reward to your audience then there are high chances of conversions. You can reward them for sharing your videos in their circle. You can appreciate them in order to get the best out of your promotion.

14. Using TubeBuddy Account to Promote YouTube Videos

 How to Promote YouTube Videos Source- Google Chrome

Using TubeBuddy Account

You can use TubeBuddy platform to get the most out of your YouTube campaign.

The tool will help you to fetch new potential viewers.

15. Learn How to Use Forums for Promoting YouTube videos

If you are wondering about how to promote YouTube videos without paying, then this is probably the best method. You can use different platforms like Quora and other forums to promote your video contents in the best way.

While answering questions on these platforms include a relevant link of your YouTube video in the answer.

16. Learn How to Promote YouTube Videos on Facebook

 How to Promote YouTube Videos

Promote YouTube Videos on Facebook

As we all know that Facebook is one of the most powerful Social Media Platforms. So, it can be very profitable if you learn and master how to promote YouTube videos on Facebook because this will multifold your reach, lead generation and conversions in the most limited time possible.

Some of the techniques that you can try for this are creating Facebook fan page and start branding for your YouTube videos. You can use YouTube logo on your Facebook page. Getting more likes on your Facebook fan page will also be quite useful for you in promoting your YouTube videos.

You should schedule YouTube video posting on Facebook after doing proper audience analysis and their presence. Posting should be done on the time when they can receive most number of the views.

Along with YouTube videos, it is very important that you continue posting different types of engaging, entertaining and relevant contents on your Facebook page. It is very important to maintain an effective Facebook presence for ensuring effective promotion of YouTube videos on Facebook.

Final Words  

YouTube is a great platform to get the maximum out of your business. If used correctly your business will reach sky-heights in no time. You can’t get the best results by just posting videos on your channel rather than you will have to focus on the promotion of your videos as well.

You can follow the above-mentioned tips to promote your YouTube videos in the best way.

Joining Social Media Marketing Course can enable you to learn and master YouTube marketing in the most effective and dexterous manner possible.

To know more about YouTube marketing for your business, write us in comments.

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