Pure Collection Used Search Engine Marketing Tricks To Increase Its YoY Brand Reach By 42%

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Pure collectionCompany Pure Collection:

Pure Collection, an online cashmere fashion retailer, started its business in 2002. Their aim was to provide high quality Cashmere at an affordable price not only in the UK, but all across the world. In a span of just 11 years, it has become one of the largest direct online Cashmere retailer in the world.

Business Objectives Of Pure Collection:

As the company had just started business, its brands were not known in the markets. In this fast competitive fashion retail world, sales were not as high as the company had wanted. Hence, a new approach to PPC campaign had to be adopted to increase sales. Pure Collection wanted its revenues to increase without increasing its costs.

To achieve these objectives a UK based Digital Marketing Agency was engaged by Pure Collection. The target given to Stickyeyes was to increase volumes and revenues, with an overall CPA of less than 5 pounds.

Strategy / Approached adopted By Pure Collection:

After studying the competition, and doing a detailed analysis of the audience, Stickyeyes realized that:

  • The PPC campaigns had to be directed to the right audience.
  • Criteo dynamic re-marketing was introduced such that the visitors to the site would get retargeted. Criteo Dynamic Remarketing platform had started in 2005. It was a  technique helping companies in increasing ROI through internet marketing. Stickyeyes effectively used this platform to increase ROI for Pure Collection.
  • Wide range of clothes were offered. This increased conversions at a reasonable rate as the variety offered was large. (Stickyeyes had observed that when the range of clothes was less, traffic would reduce).

Results Achieved By Pure Collection:

  • 42% Year on Year increase in brand reach.
  • 30% increase in year on year revenue.
  • 32% increase in sales volume.
  • CPA was at 2.15 pounds, which was less than half of the given target.
  • Cost increased by just 40,000 pounds in the year.
  • The activity done through Criteo alone helped in giving second highest volume of revenue after branded sales. This was possible even though Criteo was operational for only 8 out of the 12 months.
  • At the UK Search Awards, because of the success of the campaign, the award of ‘Best use of Search – Retail’ was given to the company.


In today’s competitive environment, Remarketing is a good technique to be used on the internet to increase ROI. Apart from Criteo, there are other Retargeting / Remarketing platforms like Google, ReTargeter, Triggit, AdRoll, Chango etc. which one could use to advertise on the internet.

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