River Pools And Spas Used SEM To Increase Its Web Traffic By 120% With 50% Lesser PPC Cost

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About River Pools And Spas:

River Pools and Spas is one of the largest inground pool construction companies in USA, serving Virginia and Maryland. Marcus Sheridan is the owner of the company.

River Pools And Spas Business Objective:

The company has realized that the traditional marketing strategies like radio, direct mail and yellow pages have become ineffective and have been taken over by online marketing. River Pools and Spas wanted to ensure its online presence.

Strategies/Approaches Adopted By  River Pools And Spas:

Though Marcus (Owner) had taken steps towards online marketing but he was not confident enough of adopting this medium as a 100% source of advertising. This was because in his opinion he did not have ‘the keys to his store’ i.e he had limited control over the website operations.

In year 2009, Marcus started using Hub Spot’s CMS. This helped him to develop content for his website which was valuable and informative for his customers. Even though he had no prior experience of running a website, he took full control of his company’s online marketing.

Marcus used Hub Spot’s marketing analytics understand his readers behavior in the sense of tracking the customer’s activities on the website and this helped him to distinguish high quality leads. He focused on writing high quality content and optimizing his blog posts.

Results Achieved By River Pools And Spas:

  • Organic Traffic Increased By 120%: In February 20o9, when he first started using HubSpot, his organic traffic was 176 searches which grew to 6930 within a year.
  • Expanded Blog Readership: Marcus has accumulated a blog following of 6400 visitors and 260 subscribers.
  • Increase In Referrals and 50% Reduction in PPC Spending: The company had a tremendous increase in referrals, from 210 in October 2009 to 830 in February 2010. This made the company to focus on quality content to grow organic leads. Hence, they spent 50% less compared to 2009 on the PPC .


  • Key to success in SEM is optimization.
  • Content marketing attracts readers and valuable information helps in conversion.
  • Market analytic tools should b used to track the performance of the website as well as the behavior of the reader.
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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    Hello Priya, the business objective must be some statements which are goal oriented and measurable and contributes directly to the revenue, growth and development of the company. The statement depicts the weakness and threat analysis by the company. Do you agree?


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